Auctions Gathering of the Juggalos 2002

  • Everything Underlined is a link to a picture of that item. If you have a picture, please send them to us.
  • Prices listed are not values, but the price they went for at auction. Actual value may be higher or lower.
  • The Official Descriptions are taken from the Gathering 2002 program.
  • Each person who won should receive a Certificate of Authenticity in the mail describing their item, and is signed by Alex Abbiss.
  • At the end, the winners competed in a dice game to narrow the field down for a winner of 25% of the money earned.

Gathering 2002, Peoria, Illinois. It was supposed to take place on the Saturday, but some pepper spray and cops in riot gear postponed it until Sunday in the JCW ring. It was still an epic event nonetheless. Netmaster Gordon and Jason handled the event, and did a damn spiffy job of it.

  1. Prototype Psychopathic Watch
    Final Price: $120
    Official Description: This cheap gold-colored watch was manufactured as a prototype when Psychopathic was looking to make some lower-cost items for their web store. It would have sold for under $20 if it had been made, but it was deemed below standards. It features the Hatchetman on the face plate, imitation leather band, and of all things, a peace sign as the hour hand.
    Notes: Interesting item, since not much is different from the version that I saw someone wearing. But this is an interesting item nonetheless that did not go that high.
  2. Prototype Great Milenko Jersey
    Final Price: $260
    Official Description: This strange-looking hockey jersey is definitely one of a kind, and will never in a million years be reproduced in any fashion. The winner of this bid will be the center of attention, as everyone will probably want to know where the hell you got it. It is a long sleeve blue and yellow Great Milenko hockey jersey that is made out of a mesh material and has a hood for some reason. There are also yellow Hatchetmen on the sleeves, and a yellow “4” on the back with the words “Great Milenko.”
    Notes: Here was an interesting jersey that had everyone saying, “Is.. that a hood on that jersey?” It also appeared to be smoother and lighter than a regular hockey jersey.
  3. Rejected Toy Diagrams
    Final Price: $200
    Official Description: These rather funny renditions of toy ideas were drawn up by a toy company, but for obvious reasons were never used. It probably cost thousands of dollars just to design and draw these simple ideas. There are six color illustrations in all, and they are testaments of some of the more silly decisions that Psychopathic has to make from time to time.
    Notes: I thought these were pretty sweet, personally. Luckily we had two PTers win and split this auction. And we have all 6 pictures for you – the Squeeze Boyz of both Violent J and Shaggy, the J Action Figure and Shaggy Action Figure, the Sparking Windups and the Wild Card Figurines.
  4. Many Faces Sign
    Final Price: $130
    Official Description: This slightly worn sign was made way back in the day, and has been been stores in the Psychopathic warehouse ever since. It has been featured both in the Piggy Pie video and ICP’s Shockumentary. It was made to hang above the cage of a popular stage character, called Many Faces, who used to be a part of ICP’s shows. He has two faces that were stacked one on top of the other, and he loved to chill and smoke cigarettes.
    Notes: This metal sign was probably about a foot high and 4 feet wide. This is a cool item to own if you remember when they had it on stage.
  5. Halls of Illusions Vinyl
    Final Price: $140
    Official Description: This 45-speed record features the Halls of Illusions single off of the Great Milenko album. It was only released in Europe, and is a treasured collecter’s item. Not many of these were ever made, and very few still exist today. This was part of a promotional tool that Island Records was using to push ICP in Europe.
    Notes: Ah, let us make this vinyl less rare by the minute. Still, 140 isn’t a bad price for this fairly rare piece of audio.
  6. Dark Lotus Clown Suit
    Final Price: $220
    Official Description: This handmade suit was created for the ICP stage show during the Hatchet Rising Tour. Barely used, it is in very good shape and constructed with high quality. The Dark Lotus crosses denote the beginning of the era it represents, and will bring the dark magic wherever the wearer goes.
    Notes: In the line of clown suits sold on the web store, here is the Lotus suit. It is Silver and Purple I do believe, but I do not know what size it is.
  7. Kill Clown Suit
    Final Price: $200
    Official Description: This is also a handmade suit created for ICP’s stage show during the Hatchet Rising Tour. Only used once or twice, it is in near-mint condition, and is a high quality item. Its unique “Kill Kill” pattern is very eye-catching, and is sure to make you the center of concern at any social event.
    Notes: This purple and gold clown suit will get some stares if you wear it in public, no doubt. Again, no clue on the size… but I don’t even know how sizes on these run. Ah well.
  8. Twiztid Prototype Merch
    Final Price: $2050
    Official Description: These three items are the bomb diggity, y’all! They were made in the hopes to be mass-produced, but for some reason never came to be. Of really special interest is the third item, which has a totally original patch, featuring a cartoon rendition of Twiztid with thick black beards and mustaches with an axe in the background… What? 1) Freekshow Black Football Jersey – Size: 4XL. Front: Black Freekshow Patch. Back: White ‘Juggalo 13’. Sleeves: White Hatchetmen.
    2) Twiztid Black Dazzle Jersey – Size: 3XL. Front: Black ‘Twiztid’. 3) Black Twiztid Hockey Jersey – Size: 3XL. Front: Unique Twiztid cartoon face patch that is fresh as hell. Back: Orange ‘Freekshow 2’. Sleeves: Yellow Hatchetmen.

    Notes: You read that right… over 2G’s for 3 jerseys. That breaks the record for most expensive auction item by a few hundred. Also, if you are wondering if that is the same dazzle jersey as last year… oh yeah. ONLY difference is the dot over the second ‘i’ is filled in this year.
  9. ICP Picture Disc
    Final Price: $140
    Official Description: This is a 45-speed records featuring a picture of ICP during the Great Milenko era. It was only released in Europe, and makes an awesome addition to anyone’s collection of rare ICP items. There’s no telling how many of these picture discs still remain from their initial pressing, and they were primarily used as a way to promote intrest in the band overseas.
    Notes: Wow.. for only being in Europe, everyone seems to have one of these. Hell, Hot Hits sold them for like 7.99. Regardless, I am sure dude who won is very happy with it, and it got him in the “lotto” for the prize money. I respect the gamble.
  10. Mystery Box
    Final Price: $850
    Official Description: What’s in this box anyways? We can’t say what it is right now, because it is a secret that must be kept until the time is right. All we can tell you is that it is not wack. The contents will be revealed once the highest bidder has paid for it in cash, and then the MC will open it for everyone to see. Surprise surprise!
    Notes: The box was opened, and oh yes, surprises a’plenty. In it were: A Gathering 2002 Backstage Pass, a Red Embroidered Fuck Off shirt, and an Orange/Blue new style Psychopathic baseball jersey. Pretty good idea for the Mystery Box I think. I hope they have one every year.
  11. Stage Set Diagrams
    Final Price: $550
    Official Description: These diagrams were made for the stage set proposals for both the Wicked Clowns From Outer Space tour and the Hatchet Rising Tour. They are a detailed look of the first step involved from a professional stage building company. There are nine blueprints denoting the measurements of all the key stage props and artwork showing how they should look. As many may well know, all of these diagrams were approved by the artists and have since been made.
    Notes: Another year, more Stage Set auctions. I think the same guy wins this shit every year, and he lives in the D. Dude, email me so I can grab pictures of all of them.
  12. Dark Lotus Prototype Merch
    Final Price: $1700
    Official Description: These items are mad fresh, and almost made it into full production, but for whatever reason would never be. Two of these jerseys are very similar to their counterparts that were manufactured, but their colors are reversed. The first item was actually made in small numbders so that all the artists on the Hatchet Rising Tour could wear it during the Dark Lotus set. The third item is one of the best items up for auction, because of its special Dark Lotus pumpkin logo. It was suppose to be manufactured for the 2001 Hallowicked show, but for some reason never came to be. 1) Dark Lotus Black Football Jersey – Size: XXL. Front: Silver/Red Lotus Patch. Sleeves: Silver Hatchetmen.
    2) Dark Lotus Black/Silver/Red Hockey Jersey – Size: XXL. Front: Silver/Red Lotus patch. Back: Black ’01’. Sleeves: Silver Hatchetmen. 3) Hallowicked Black Dark Lotus Hoodie – Size: XXL. Front: Unique Lotus pumpkin patch. Back: Silver Hatchetman.

    Notes: People still insist that the blank-backed Black Lotus football jerseys were sold, but this is THE only one out there that I know of. The hoodie was probably meant to be sold instead of the Hallowicked hoodie that was sold, but it didn’t make it. I believe this was split between three guys, so you have three people to track down to find them.
  13. Sexy Female Slave
    Final Price: $275
    Official Description: This young hottie is without a doubt bangin’. She is all woman and all yours on Sunday from 11am till 6pm, if you can bid the highest. There’s no intimacy involved (or other acts that may go against her morals), but she will be your personal escort and your slave, performing whatever tasks you want to lay out for her. Do yo uwant her to get your drinks, massage your back, comb your hair, and listen to all your orders? Well, here is your chance to be in control and experience all the benefits and then some.
    Notes: The young hottie turned into two skanks, err… lovely ladies. Anyways, Vince from Detroit won them, and he seemed very happy indeed. The only thing I saw them all doing was in the Make Your Own CD Booth, where all three were on the cover. Dammit Vince, hook us up with that cover so we can post it.
  14. Debonair Male Slave
    Final Price: $550
    Official Description: This strapping young stud is here to please anyone who can bid the highest for his services. Whatever you want him to do will become reality on Sunday, 11am to 6pm, as long as it doesn’t violate his own personal moral codes. Pimp him to do everything from holding your bags to holding your place in line – the limits are almost up to your imagination. Who knows? You may even wind up with a friend for life of a soul mate!
    Notes: Ah yes. Well, Syn from Zug Izland was the Male Slave. Being somewhat confident in our heterosexuality, we joked about winning him. Chris, Mr. Suplex, did one better and won him for 300 bucks. He gets up there, and Blaze and ABK come out and bid him up. Hell, even Tom Dub was bidding. But Chris came through and won for $550. He got some autographs, he got to hang out with Blaze and cut into some lines. I would have made Syn bust out Cracked Tiles in the Make Your Own CD Booth, but whatever Chris wants to do with his strapping male slave is up to him.
  15. 2 Hallowicked Box Sets
    Final Price: $750
    Official Description: Only 2000 of these special box sets were made for ICP’s annual 2000 Hallowicked shows. Several of these boxes were never claimed by Juggalos because it got totally out of hand near the end. We present two of these boxes to be auctioned together. They are in mint condition, and each one contains special Bizaar/Bizzar CDs that have totally different inserts that one ones you can purchase in stores, as well as Twiztid’s Freek Show CD, 2000 Hallowicked T-Shirt, promotional flat and sticker, and a certificate of authenticity.
    Notes: Looks like we’ll have a few of these every year too. Anyways, nothing you don’t know about here… although they forgot about the Hallowicked 2000 CD in the description.
  16. Psychopathic Prototype Merch
    Final Price: $1100
    Official Description: These five items were made to see if they were worthy for production, but for whatever reason they were turned down. Here stands five clothing items that are high quality and unique unto themselves. To some thet are even more devastating than merchandise currently in full run production. 1) Psychopathic Black Hoodie – Size: XL. Front: White Hatchetman. Back: Psychopathic Wear patch. Sleeves: ‘Psycho’ on one sleeve, ‘Pathic’ on the other. 2) Psychopathic Long Sleeve Pullover with Hood – Size: XXL. Front: Red glossy Hatchetman. Back: Red glossy ’01’. Sleeves: Hatchetman and white Psychopathic Wear patch. Hood: Special Hatchetman
    3) Psychopathic Short Sleeve White Baseball Jersey – Size: XXL. Front: Red Hatchetman. Back: Red Hatchetman. 4) Psychopathic Red/Black Long Sleeve Jersey w/ Hood – Size: XXL. Front: Red/Black double Hatchetman. Sleeves: Hatchetmen. Hood: Special Hatchetman. 5) Psychopathic Red Windbreaker – Size: L. Front: Black Hatchetman.

    Notes: Again, two PTers split this auction. Keepin it in the PT Family is the way to go. And that means we got some dominant pictures. I believe they both decided to trade some of them, so they are spread out around the trading world now.
  17. Ultimate Psychopathic Photo Album
    Final Price: $1250
    Official Description: This is the biggest collection of one of a kind photos that we have ever assembled for the Auction. Over one hundred irreplaceable photos of ICP, Twiztid, and all the behind the scenes flavor of Psychopathic on and off tour. These photos go all the way back to the beginning of ICP and are a true treasure to behold. This will probably be the last time that we auction photos because they are very hard to part with. The photo album is also autographed by every artist on Psychopathic, and every employee as well.
    Notes: Ah, the Photo Album. A classic staple in the Auctions. And again, it went for a lot of money. And again, I ask.. if you won this, hook it up with some pictures of the photos for us or Yup.
  18. Framed Psychopathic Jersey
    Final Price: $700
    Official Description: Taken right from the walls of the Psychopathic Records office is this football jersey, expertly mounted in a very expensive and nice frame. On top of that flavor, it is also autographed by ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, Anybody Killa, and Syn! It is rather large, standing over 3.5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide, and would make a devastating conversation piece hanging in anyone’s house. This is one of the hypest pieces available at the auction this year.
    Notes: Here is just your regular Psy. football jersey, but autographed and mounted, so that is cool. All autopgraphs appear to be right on the Hatchetman, which is very cool. I would want the rest of Zug to sign that up, but hey… still cool.
  19. Web Banner/Page on
    Final Price: $250
    Official Description: What we are offering to the winner of this bid is the right to post a news article on about anything you desire. Also, even more hype than that, you will have a web banner prominently displayed on, and linked to your personal page for an entire week. This banner and page will be expertly designed by our own Netmaster Gordon to your exact specifications, using any pictures, MP3 files (3 max), or text you want. We have never allowed outside advertisment on our website, ever, and with 20,000 hits a day, we have estimated this benefit to be worth well over $10,000.
    It is a perfect opportunity to get the word out about a starting band, promote a website, or for someone to say something important that they want to get out to all the Juggalos.

    Notes: Not a bad auction at all. After losing a previous auction in the day, Ryan from was all OVER this one. When they do it up, JF will surely blow up more, if that is possible.
  20. Dark Lotus Mic Stand
    Final Price: $700
    Official Description: Violent J’s one and only professionally constructed mic stand that he used for the Hatchet Rising Tour. This item is radiating with karma gathered from a whole tour of concerts across the nation. If it could tell stories, it would speak volumes, and is an item that is unquestionably the best available at the Auction this year. This mic stand is heavy, as it is made out of iron and steel, and is slightly worn from the abuse of road travel.
    Notes: Very cool item to round out the auctions of 2002. If you were at any of the Hatchet Rising shows, you surely saw this. And yet again, a PTer brings this home. Congrats go out to DJ Mike E Breaks.


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