Auctions Gathering of the Juggalos 2001

  • Everything Underlined is a link to a picture of that item. If you have a picture, please send them to us.
  • Prices listed are not values, but the price they went for at auction. Actual value may be higher or lower.
  • The Official Descriptions are taken from the Gathering 2001 program.
  • Each person who won also recieves a Certificate of Authenticity describing their item, and is signed by Alex Abbiss.
  • At the end, the winners competed in a dice game to narrow the field down for a winner. However, when 4 were left, they decided to split the pot, each getting about 500 each, I do believe.

Gathering 2001, Toledo, Ohio. Another auction. This one took place right on the main stage, which was pretty cool, but it was a little less organized than in 2000. But it allowed more people to participate, which is always good.

  1. Psychopathic Stout
    Final Price: $205
    Official Description: An item that never was: Psychopathic Stout. Add these prototype bottles of brew, made personally for Alex Abbiss and Stefan Kudek, to your “funk drink” collection. Each mysterious brown bottle contains an unknown amount of an unknown liquid. They’re the only two in existence.
    Notes: A very odd item indeed. I am not sure how Psychopathic Brew would have sold to an audience that is mostly under-21, but hey, that’s probably why it didn’t get off the ground.
  2. Vinyl Showcase
    Final Price: $350
    Official Description: Only a few ICP releases have ever been cut to vinyl, and only in extremely small numbers. Here are two of the most sought-after records: Carnival of Carnage (in original plastic) and Chicken Huntin (no plastic, records is unused, cover is slightly scuffed.)
    Notes: It’s funny how they keep pulling these out like it’s nothing. Anyways, at $350, the winner got a pretty decent deal I think.
  3. Hallowicked Box Set / 2 Hallowicked Passes
    Final Price: $400
    Official Description: Only 2000 made, the Hallowicked Box Set is Psychopathic Records’ first. Nearly all were given away at the two sold out shows on Devils Night and Halloween 2000. Due to the chaos and near riot that broke out after the show, several peopel did not claim boxes.
    Held for six months, Psychopathic decided these few boxes should be in Juggalos’ hands, not the warehouse. So here it is, a complete, intact Hallowicked Box Set, featuring special editions of Bizzar, Bizaar, and Freekshow, the Hallowicked 2000 compilation CD, limited edition Hallowicked 2000 T-shirt, special Hallowicked sticker, and certificate of authenticity. Add to this what no one attending the show got: two authentic Hallowicked backstage passes – now that’s a complete collection.

    Notes: Again, it’s weird how these pop up. There had to be more than 2000 made, or else a lot of STUPID people paid a hundred bucks for that show and didn’t get their box. I thought the line for the boxes was pretty organized, maybe the most organized line at any Psychopathic event I have ever seen. So if there were extras, it was due to kids being idiots, not “chaos.” Regardless, with the addition of the passes, this made a pretty nice lot for someone who couldn’t make it to the show that year. Also, I believe they forgot to mention the 12″ x 12″ flat that was in the boxes, and I assume this one.
  4. Powerful Posters
    Final Price: $200
    Official Description: Straight from the walls and vaults of Psychopathic Records itself come these five sets of rare, out of print posters: 1) Gathering of the Juggalos 2000 Promo (5) – Unused, multicolor, 11″ x 17″, unmarked at bottom. 2) (5) – Unused, Yellow on black, 24″ x 18″, used by the Psychopathic Street Team to promote along roadsides everywhere, guerilla-style. 3) Hokus Pokus – Well worn, multi-color, 20″ x 28″ straight from the offices of Psychopathic Records. 4) Alternative Press promo – Good condition, multi-color, 39″ x 26″, the last known poster from the original printing, this giant poster features all three original AP ICP covers.
    5) ICP In Person JFH Event – Very good condition, red/yellow on black, 24″ x 36″, a true rarity advertising for Tues., June 29, HMV, 333 Yonge St.

    Notes: Pretty decent poster lot here, and it’s interesting that you’d get 5 each of the first two. #s 2, 3, and 5 are some of the rarer posters of the more recent ICP era, so this was a steal for $200.
  5. Twiztid Protoype Merchandise
    Final Price: $800
    Official Description: Every new piece of merchandise first starts as an idea, then maybe, it will make it to the drawing board, and finally to the prototype stage, before it is marketed. Oftentimes good ideas, for whatever reason, never see the light of day. These Twiztid wearables are just that. Be the only person on the planet sporting these official, yet unmarketed designs: 1) Freekshow Hooded Sweatshirt – Size L, front: Black logo w/ white outline on black. 2) Freekshow Dazzle Jersey – Size 3XL, Front: black logo w/ white outline on black w/ red/white trim. 3) Mostasteless Baseball Jersey – Size 3XL, Front: Silver logo on black; Back: Silver “1”
    4) Mostasteless Hockey Jersey – Front: Faces w/ white/green/blue outline on black w/ green/blue trim; Back: Black logo w/ white/blue outline and blue “1” w/ white outline; Sleeves: Blue Hatchetmen w/ white outline. 5) Mostasteless Hockey Jersey – Same as above except the faces on the front have a white and blue outline, and the “1” on the back is white w/ a blue outline.

    Notes: I still think this was a damn steal. OG PTer, Redeyes13, won this lot. He needed some cash, so he did end up selling it off to numerous people, so it is spread out a little more over the trading community now.
  6. Outer Space Faygo Ray Gun
    Final Price: $230
    Official Description: Straight from outer space, and used by the Wicked Clowns on tour. Just hook this 3 foot, 10 pound set prop to a hose or water/Faygo pump and witness a back-engineered, hi-tech industrial strength super soaker in full effect. Comes with a pressure hose, stream strength controlling trigger, and safety mechansim. Take it to your next Faygo War and dominate.
    Notes: I think at auction time, it was also said there was a piece missing and it wouldn;t really work, but I could be wrong. Anyways, still a cool prop for someone that enjoyed the WCFOS Tour.
  7. Bizaar Board Game & Prototype Sketch
    Final Price: $220
    Official Description: Get an insider’s view into the creative process at Psychopathic Records with these two pieces of Bizaar Bizzar history. First is Jumpsteady’s original sketch and concept for the board game inside the Bizaar CD booklet. Next, the completed original board as expertly drawn by Tall Jess. And finally, the spinner that never was (it was discarded in favor of the fold-your-own die). Play it or frame it, this entertaining item is unique as it gets.
    Notes: Another in a long line of steals this year. The person who won this, you may know simply as Charlie. He was actually working the Ringmaster booth that year, and had someone get it for him. Hey yo Chuck, get us a picture of this stuff.
  8. Stage Set Diagrams
    Final Price: $250
    Official Description: Whenever a new set is made for a tour, extensive plans are drawn up first. This item is seven unique set diagram proofs on 15″ x 20″ Bristol board, designed by teh stage set company Strike: 1) In Store Tour 1998 (Color) – the psychopathic Asylum booth, complete with the ill-fated Myzery display cage. 2) Twiztid (B/W) – Their Mostasteless Tour set, featuring the two Hatchetmen props and the double Twiztid centerpiece. 3) Twiztid (Color) – as above but in full color sketch. 4) Hell Tour 1999 #1 (B/W) – The Amazing Jeckel Brothers tour, featuring plans for two large pieces.
    5) Hell Tour 1999 #2 (B/W) – The Amazing Jeckel Brother tour with five pieces. 6) Hell Tour 1999 (Color) – as #s 4 and 5 above, combined, in full color print. 7) ICP Hell Set Backdrop (Color) – A full-color painting of the swirling red tunnel backdrop behind the Amazing Jeckel Brothers tour set.

    Notes: Looking back, I think this is a pretty cool lot to own, especially if you enjoyed these tours, or are just interested in the behind-the-scenes workings of a tour.
  9. Unreleased ICP Comic #2 Original Plates
    Final Price: $200
    Official Description: This was originally planned as a sequel to ICP’s first, old school black and white comic, drawn by Shaggy himself. In fact, Shaggy was going to draw the second one as well, but was unable to because he was needed in the studio. So the task was bestowed upon Tall Jess, who hand drew each page on Bristol Board. Unfortunately the comic was never produced and for years gathered dust in the vaults. Now in the high age of the Pendulum, the time is right to unearth this ancient artifact.
    Notes: Another pretty decent item for relatively cheap. It’s also another one we don’t have a picture of, so if the winner of the auction is out there, feel free to hook us up!
  10. Amazing Jeckel Brothers Backdrop/Props
    Final Price: $320
    Official Description: As you may recall, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers Tour brought the hellish warning of the Dark Carnival to America’s cities like never before. The set was something out of a twisted undead ghoul or ghast’s nightmare after eating some poisoned Mexican snacks. All that remains from that whirlwind of music and insanity are the half-intact swirling, red hellish tunnel backdrop, and two 3-foot tall industrial strength foam core cut-outs of Jack and Jake Jeckel, complete with skull candle and fireball images. Though it’s seen better days, the backdrop is still plenty powerful enough to transform an entire room into a reflection of the Dark Carnival.
    Notes: Now, I wish they did up some more of the BackDrops (Zug, Rydas, old Twiztid, either Blaze)… those would be SWEET. But this is pretty cool, also.
  11. Bigger Than Life ICP
    Final Price: $330
    Official Description: This unique foam core poster of Violent J and Shaggy 2-Dope dwarfs even life-size stand-ups. At 7 ½ feet by nearly 4 feet, you’d better clear some wall space! Special Note: If you win this auction you must provide a way to get your prize home. This sucker is HUGE, so don’t plan on putting it in any car. Get one of those creepy molester vans or something.
    Notes: Odd item here, as I still don’t know how the guy got this home.. or out the door. But, alas, it is a big picture of ICP. That would be scary to roll over and see on the wall every morning.
  12. ICP Prototype Jerseys
    Final Price: $640
    Official Description: These five jerseys were never sent to full run production. Perhaps the money wasn’t there, perhaps the planets weren’t aligned right that day, or perhaps they were just too devastating for everyone to own. Whatever the reason these jerseys are hype, one-of-a-kinds that will reflect the uniqueness of their owner: 1) Bizzar Bizaar BMX Jersey – Size: XXL. Front: Logo w/ eyes and question marks on red and powder blue. Back: Same. Sleeves: ‘Bizzar Bizaar’ and ‘Insane Clown Posse’ in red and black. 2) ICP Butcher Pull-over – Size: XXXL? (no tag). Front: Logo in red and black w/ white outline on black w/ white and red trim. Sleeves: Silver Hatchetmen on red circle outline. 3) Wicked Clowns Baseball Jersey – Size: XXXL. Front: Logo in white and black w/ red outline on black.
    Back: White ’01’ w/ red outline. Sleeves: Silver Hatchetmen on red circle outline. 4) Carnival of Carnage Two-Button Baseball Jersey – Size: XXL. Front: Red, blue, and black Jokers Card on blue. Back: Red ‘1’. Sleeves: Red Hatchetmen. 5) Psychopathic Rydas Football Jersey – Size: XXL. Front: Yellow and blue logo on black. Back: Yellow “Uziman” with blue ‘Rydas’ on Uzi. Sleeves: Blue “Uzimen”.

    Notes: How did these go for so little? I really thought the Jerseys and Shirts Lots would go for a G each easy. Oh well, someone got hooked up. I was lucky to snag these pictures while they were hanging on display.
  13. Been-E-Boyz Prototypes
    Final Price: $310
    Official Description: There was once a time when those lovable, snuggable thugs were just a glimmer in ICP’s eyes. And there’s today, where you can buy them all you like. Well, between those two times was the product development phase where a bunch of ideas and concepts were kicked around. These two Been-E-Boyz (Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope) are the first fully mocked up prototypes. They were created long before the idea of making Twiztid and Alex Abbiss Been-E-Boys was thought up. You can tell by their dreadlocks that they come from another era entirely.
    Notes: Much like the ICP Doll prototypes from last year, the Been-E-Boyz also had prototypes. From what I remember, these were pretty round like a furry Nerf ball, and didn’t really resemble the finished product.
  14. Photo Shoot Proofs
    Final Price: $480
    Official Description: This item contains nothing short of 20 unique pages full of photo shoot proofs of ICP and Twiztid. This is the physical result of many individual photo shoots, primarily from the Amazing Jeckel Brothers era, costing ten of thousands of dollars. Each page of shots is totally unique and irreplaceable. Many of these pictures have been made into posters, T-shirts, and other merchandise, or used in various publications. Note the grease pen marks made by ICP, Alex Abbiss, and other Psychopathic Dons to indicate the pictures they liked.
    Notes: At some of the early Comic Cons in 2000, they were selling sheets of Photo Proofs. These are, say, 16 very similar pictures from the same photo shoot. They get these taken, then pick which ones to use. This auction item contained a few dozen pictures from photo shoots that spawned many famous poses from the AJB, Bizzar, and Freek Show Eras. A few pages are also autographed, and as said in the description, you can see where some were marked, and later used for CD Booklets, posters, etc.
  15. Psychopathic Family Photo Album
    Final Price: $700
    Official Description: Back again, another Auction favorite. This time we’re assembling 48 all-new all-devastating photos, bringing you inside views all the way back to the Dog Beats era and beyond. Your wig will be flipped for sure when you lay your eyes on these unique, personal photographs. And to top it off, the album is signed by every Psychopathic Records Artist and employee. From our family to yours.
    Notes: Always a sweet item, although from looking at the pictures, I want to say that they were not all as old as the Photo Book in 2000. Regardless, it is still sweet. And just like other auctions here, if you won this, we’d love to have pictures.
  16. Psychopathic Records Crew Shirts
    Final Price: $701
    Official Description: Most Juggalos know that for some shows and events Psychopathic Records produces not only back stage passes to distinguish employees, but Crew T-shirts as well. These are typically worn for a night, then carefully stored away, perhaps to make an appearance at the Big Ballers X-Mas Party, or some other special event. Well, Psychopathic Records’ employees got together and decided that it was time to give away seven of their most prized possessions: 1) Ringmaster Hallowicked T-shirt, Orange on Black, XXL – the FIRST ever crew shirt. 2) Psychopathic Doctor Scrubs Top, Black on Green, L – second crew shirt. 3) N.A.W. T-Shirt, Silver on Black, XXL – from ICP’s first National All-Star Wrestling event. 4) Psychopathic Asylum Scrubs Top, Red on White, XL –
    used by the friendly orderlies who transported the straight-jacketed ICP on their Psychopathic Asylum instore tour. 5) JCW T-shirt, Red and Blue on Black, XL – for all the Championshit Wrestling Juggalos. 6) Gathering of the Juggalos 2000 T-shirt, XXL, Multicolor on Black – you saw ’em last year, now own your own. 7) Hallowicked 2000 T-shirt, Multicolor on Black – used both as crew shirts and for the limited edition Hallowicked box sets.

    Notes: This was funny because the guy who won it ended up not having the money. So they had to redo it. Anyways, first off, the “Ringmaster Hallowicked” shirt was not a part of this lot. Instead, it was the RiddleBox Hallowicked Crew shirt. Also of note, the winner kept a few of the shirts, and then sold the rest on eBay, where a PTer won them, I believe. It always comes back to PT. Also, I assume the JCW Shirt is the one with “Crew” on the back, but I do not know for sure.
  17. Backstage Passes For Your Asses Part 2
    Final Price: $500
    Official Description: Last year, the prime prize of the Auction was the Backstage Passes for Your Asses collection. This featured every backstage pass from every ICP show. Donated from Psychopathic Records employees’ own private collections, this was the most legendary collection of ICP memorabilia ever assembled. Nothing could cast a shadow on it, not even this year’s sequel. But even though a different item is claiming center stage this year, we managed to unearth a very comprehensive collection of passes, including some of the most old school ones possible. They come to you from the most fringe, obscure, and hard-to-find ex-employees, as well as some of the highest ranking. Your asses are not ready for these passes.
    Notes: Last year’s Backstage Pass lot had 30 passes, from as far back as the Dog Beats era. This years only had 19 (some doubles), spanning back to the Ringmaster Tour, and with the most recent one being a Gathering 2000 pass. Luckily, I was the one who won it.
  18. Big Money Hustlas Gold Collection
    Final Price: $560
    Official Description: Elevate yourself to international big baller status with this collection. Start with what every Juggalo should have, a copy of BMH on DVD. Add to that a huge poster-size foam core blow-up of a behind-the-scenes photo from the filming of the movie. Finally, toss in an authentic Big Money Hustlas Gold Plaque, made out to “International Big Baller.” (Iced-out Benz, four-fingered “PIMP” ring, and pineapples not included).
    Notes: I found this to be pretty cool, because not everyone has a chance to win a plaque from when a CD or video goes gold or platinum. I believe the foam core was not as big as the earlier ICP one, yet I forget what the picture was of exactly. I think it was Shaggy and J in the wrestling ring, but I could be mistaken.
  19. The Pendulum #8 Original Artwork
    Final Price: $350
    Official Description: This is your chance to own a part of ICP/comic book history. This item is both original pieces used for ICP comic book, The Pendulum #8, Confessions. Originally penciled by the devastating comic artist, Jerry Beck, these pieces, when seen in full size, real life, will grab your imagination and do bad things with it. These precious pieces are devastating beyond comprehension.
    Notes: Quite an impressive addition to someone’s comic collection. You don’t exactly see these floating around for every comic.
  20. Handwritten Original Lyric Sheets
    Final Price: $706
    Official Description: It’s nearly impossible to come closer to touching the Dark Carnival itself than when you’re holding just one of these 20 pieces of notebook paper. Each is handwritten by Violent J himself, while in a state of communion with the spirits of the Dark Carnival. See the simple words that later became songs on albums such as Rydin’ Dirtay and Dark Lotus…. These sheets will make you shudder for real.
    Notes: Now, once again I was surprised this went for so cheap. I recall it being just a standard notebook with drawings all over it. Yet again, if you won this, we’d love some details/pics.


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