PT Miscellaneous Zippos/Lighters

  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.

Some quick notes about Zippos. First off, like many other items, the prices on Zippos vary. If it is “sealed,” unused, and in it’s OG Black case, they would possibly go for more than the listed price. If they aree visibly used, they could go for lower.

Also be awake of the fakes. There are quite a few on ebay like this, and some local stores even take plain zippos and put stickers on them! I’m not naming any names (Rock of Ages), but if you wander into a store (Rock of Ages) and see that the Hatchetman only takes up the bottom half of the Zippo and doesn’t go top to bottom, you’re in this store (Rock of Ages).

Also to note: At the Gathering 2001, they were supposed to sell Fuck Off and Superballs Zippos, but I never saw them. So, if you in fact saw them or have pictures of them, please email us ASAP.

  1. Psychopathic Hatchetman
    Versions: 1) Chrome Red
    2) Black
    Red Hatchetman  $30+
    3) Grey
    Red Hatchetman  $25+
    Comments: These are actually fairly newer
    compared to the Joker Cards zippos, but I figured that they are probably the
    most popular and recognizable, so why not start out with them. I believe they
    started selling these around the Jeckel era, because in the older merch catalogs,
    these were not available in any form. If you know different, let us know.
    The Grey, sometimes known as “brushed” version was for sale at the Gathering
    2003, then later came onto the Web Store.
  2. Carnival of Carnage
    Versions: 1) Chrome Carnival
    of Carnage
    2) Black
    Carnival of Carnage  $30+
    3) Blue
    Carnival of Carnage  $25+
    Comments: These, along with the Ringmaster,
    were the first Zippos put out by Psychopathic I do believe, in mid-1995. The
    Chrome ones have been on the Web Store though, so “reprinted” or not, there
    are probably more of those floating around than black ones. The Blue Zippos
    debuted in August of 2002.
  3. Ringmaster
    Versions: 1) Brass Ringmaster
    2) Black
    Ringmaster  $30+
    Comments: Along with the COC, these were
    the OG zippos produced by Psychopathic. I always thought the Brass ones were
    rarer, but what the hell do I know? They are on the web store (as of August
    2002) so they can’t be that rare.
  4. Riddle Box
    Versions: 1) Chrome RiddleBox
    2) Black
    RiddleBox  $30+
    3) Chrome
    RiddleBox (Reversed Colors)
    4) Black
    RiddleBox (Reversed Colors)
    5) Purple
    RiddleBox  $25+
    6) Brushed
    RiddleBox  $25+
    Comments: Here we go. The regular ones
    here were sold from the catalogs, at shows, etc. Then come along the Reversed
    Color Zippos, and like the CDs of the same “misprint,” these are fairly valuable
    on the market. The Purple ones debuted on the Web Store in August 2002.
  5. Great Milenko
    Versions: 1) Chrome Red
    2) Black
    Red Milenko  $30+
    3) Chrome
    Purple Milenko  $30+
    4) Black
    Purple Milenko  $30+
    5) Chrome
    Green Milenko  $30+
    6) Black Green
    7) Chrome
    Gold Milenko  $45+
    8) Black
    Gold Milenko  $55+
    9) Grey
    Red Milenko  $25+
    Comments: Ah, much like the CDs and shirts,
    you can find a ton of different combinations of Milenko colors. I am also
    pretty sure that there is a Black w/ Green Milenko zippo, as that would only
    make sense. Of all of them, like most items, the Gold Milenko are a tad more
    sought after. The Grey Milenko debuted in August of 2002, and is the first
    “brushed chrome” zippos released by Psychopathic, so I am told by PT contributer
  6. House of Horrors Faces
    Versions: 1) Chrome Violent
    2) Chrome
    Shaggy  $40+
    3) Black
    Violent J  $30+
    4) Black
    Shaggy  $30+
    Comments: I assume that these were sold
    during, or right around the HOH tour/era, which would be 1998. I also believe
    that Rock of Ages in Detroit sold these at one time, much like they did many
    other Zippos.
  7. Twiztid Mostasteless Letters
    Versions: 1) Chrome Mostasteless
    2) Black
    Mostasteless Letters  $45+
    Comments: It didn’t take long for Twiztid
    to get their own Zippo. These are fairly rare, and I am not sure if there
    were ever any other colors released.
  8. Twiztid Mostasteless Faces
    Versions: 1) Chrome Mostasteless
    2) Black
    Mostasteless Faces  $40+
    3) Brushed Mostasteless
    Comments: The famous Faces picture also
    made it to Zippo form, as these quickly became one of the more popular Zippos
    among Juggalos. Later in the game, we get the Brushed gimmick to add to these.
    Note the Black ones were reprinted, and you can tell the difference by looking
    at the bottom of the Zippo, as well as the case it comes in.
  9. Amazing Jeckel Brothers
    Versions: 1) Chrome Jack
    2) Chrome
    Jake Jeckel  $25+
    3) Black
    Jack Jeckel  $30+
    4) Black
    Jake Jeckel  $30+
    5) Red
    Jake Jeckel  $30+
    6) Brushed
    Jack Jeckel  $30+
    7) Brushed
    Jake Jeckel  $30+
    Comments: Two Jeckel brothers; two sets
    of Zippos. These were available on the AJB tour I believe, and can be found
    on the Web Store also. In 2008/2009, we get a few new zippos for those Amazing
    Jeckel Brothers.
  10. Bizzar Bizaar  $25+
    Comments: This Zippo debuted at the Gathering
    2001 if I am not mistaken.
  11. Twiztid Freek Show Faces
    Comments: I have not really seen many
    of these around, so I assume they are pretty rare. I also do not know if they
    come in Solid Black, or if the faces come in any other colors. As always,
    any info, hit us up.
  12. Twiztid Serial Killaz
    Comments: This Zippo was auctioned off
    on in December of 2001, and sold for 255 dollars.
  13. Dark Lotus  $25+
    Versions: 1) Black Ice
    Dark Lotus  $85+
    2) Chrome
    Dark Lotus  $30+
    3) Brushed
    Dark Lotus  $30+
    Comments: The “Ice” colored Zippo debuted
    on the Web Store in August of 2002. After the Opaque Brotherhood was among
    us, we received two new zippos in the chrome and brushed variety.
  14. The Wraith: Shangri-La
    Versions: 1) Grey Wraith:
    2) Blue
    Wraith: Shangri-La  $10+
    Comments: This first Zippo dropped on
    the Web Store in mid-January 2003. The Blue one was available at some bootleg
    website when The Wraith first dropped, but then the Web Store started to carry
    it in May of 2003 for 10 bucks.
  15. The Wraith: Hell’s Pit

    Comments: In the aftermatch of Hell’s
    Pit, this zippo surfaced.
  16. Rydas $25+
    Comments: Finally, the Rydas get some
    Zippo love.
  17. Blaze$25+
    Comments: It’s about damn time Blaze finally
    got his own zippo. Sporting the ever fresh Clockwork Gray logo, this can be
    used for all your fire needs.
  18. Boondox $25+
    Comments: Represent for the southern sensation
    Boondox with this fresh zippo. A first for Psy zippos, this one is more of
    a battle damaged brass.
  19. Bang Pow Boom
    Versions: 1) Black Bang
    Pow Boom
    2) Chrome
    Bang Pow Boom  $25+
    3) Chrome
    Bang Pow Boom  $25+
    4) Chrome
    Spectrum  $25+
    5) White
    Bang Pow Boom  $25+
    6) Blue Cerulean
    Comments: With a Bang, these zippos appeared
    on the web store, shortly after the release of the return of the Dark Carnival,
    Bang Pow Boom. We have 6 off the bat, many thanks to CDTodd for snatching pictures for us.

Bic Lighters (sold on Hatchet Gear and Twiztid-Shop)

Black ICP Bic Lighter

Falling Hatchetman Bic Lighter

Yellow Hatchetman Bic Lighter

Hatchetman Bic Lighter – “I Stole this lighter from a Juggalo”

Twiztid Shattered Letters Bic Lighter

MNE Bic Lighter

Majik Ninja Entertainment Bic Lighter

Twiztid Green/Black Abominationz Lettering

Twiztid Black/White/Faces Abominationz

Twiztid Black/Red Freak Show Lettering


Blaze Black/Red Lettering



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