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Before we get into the list, there is a quick note to be said. Most (and I would assume probably all) of the follwing videos have some sort of Promo. I know some come in plain boxes and just have a sticker saying “For Promotional Use.” Depending on the trader, the promo is probably only slightly more valuable than the regular version.

Also, there are similar videos for ICP’s (maybe Twiztid’s?) Music Videos (some examples would be Lets Go All the Way and Another Love Song) that are promotional. These are pretty rare, but their value is not extraordinarily high. The only exceptions to this would be the Chicken Huntin videos – Original and Slaughterhouse versions. Even dubs of the OG version are pretty hard to come by.

In “New Technology” notes, with the coming of The Wraith, we got this new deal called “DVD Audio.” For now, those will be in with the Audio section. Perhaps if they keep putting more out, it will get its own section soon enough.

  1. StrangleMania  $20/25
    Available On: VHS
    Comments: This was the first official video release by Psychopathic, in 1996. It introduced us to “Handsome” Harley Guastella and “Diamond” Donovan Douglass. This video is a classic in the Psychopathic community. Now, it was brought to my attention that there are in fact 2 versions – the OG Psychopathic release, and the 2000 Island release, so for thsoe collectors, the OG would be slightly rarer/more valuable.
  • Shockumentary  $20
    Available On: VHS; DVD
    Comments: After ICP got dropped by Hollywood, Island picked them up and soon bought time on MTV to air an hour special about ICP. Quickly, it was packaged up with some new footage, some videos, and a collectors card, and the Shockumentary was on shelves, going Gold. In November of 2004, this piece of video history was finally put onto DVD.
  • WWF Summerslam 1998 &nbsp  $10
    Available On: VHS
    Comments: This is not a Psychopathic release. In the summer of 1998 ICP made there WWF debut alongside the group The Oddities, who were basically just a pack of jobbers. This event was held in Madison Square Garden and ICP basically came out and peformed The Greatest Show theme and stood ringside while The Oddities took on Kaientai. This is the only WWF Pay Per View apperance they made, although they were with the company another 4 months afterwards.
  • StrangleMania 2  PSY 1030  $20
    Available On: VHS
    Comments: The long awaited sequel to the first StrangleMania finnaly dropped and not many were disappointed. Again, there was some bonus footage in the form of a new video and a clip from Big Money Hustlas. We were also introduced to the new man in the booth, “Luscious” Johnny Stark.
  • Backstage Sluts  $45+
    Available On: VHS
    Comments: This is not an official Psychopathic video, but has been collected nonetheless. This would be an Adult Video that deals with girls doing anything to get back stage for certain bands, including ICP. There was also a “Behind the Scenes: Backstage Sluts” video, but I am not sure if there was an OG of this, or they just exist in dubbed form.
  • Backstage Pass  $20
    Available On: VHS; DVD
    Comments: This is also not a Psychopathic release. It is basically just like the Backstage Sluts, except it is a commercial release, so no nudity. Other than that, I bleieve it is the same footage for ICP, and the other bands featured on the tape
  • WCW Road Wild 1999 &nbsp  $20
    Available On: VHS
    Comments: This is not a Psychopathic release. In the summer of 1999 ICP joined World Championship Wrestling and teamed up with Raven and Vampiro in the stable known as The Dead Pool. During this time the foursome mostly feuded with Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr, Billy Kidman and Eddie Gurrero and made 2 Pay Per View Apperances. Since WCW folded in early 2001 most WCW VHS tapes have become pretty sought after, sometimes fetching up to $50. So keep that in mind when you’re out there searching.
  • WCW Fall Brawl 1999 &nbsp  $20
    Available On: VHS
    Comments: This is not a Psychopathic release. This is the 2nd Pay Per View ICP made an apperance for in WCW as The Dead Pool (but by this time Raven had already bailed to ECW). Like other long out of print WCW videos, these can go for alot. Also a tidbit, ICP was actually at the next years Fall Brawl doing commentary (as 3D and Gweedo) for Vampiro Vs Sting Vs The Great Muta but to the best of my knowledge the tape was never commercially released.
  • JCW Volume 1  PSY 2200-9  $20
    Available On: VHS; DVD
    Comments: This was shot on December 19th, 1999 in St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit. Two matches from the show were cut for the release, but that is ok. One was god awful anyway. This kicked off the JCW Tour by crowning Heavyweight and Tag Team champions.
  • JCW Volume 2  PSY 2300-9  $20
    Available On: VHS; DVD
    Comments: Quickly after the first came out, JCW Volume 2 was released, highlighting some moments from the rest of the JCW Tour, as well as a 6 man main event that was taken from an MCW show in Maryland. It also includes a JCW video to the song “I Don’t Care.”
  • Big Money Hustlas  $20
  • Big Money Rustlas
    Available On: VHS; DVD
    Comments: After a LONG wait, this finally came straight to video, and soon to DVD (with a great commentary by J, Alex and Rudy). This, as you know is ICP’s first movie, and should soon produce a sequel. It also includes videos for ICP’s two newest singles – Tilt a Whirl and Lets Go All the Way. I have also heard that there are different versions, with changes in the CD art and the back of the case, although I don’t think one is much rarer/more valuable than the other. Big Money Rustlas August 17th, 2010 The second movie of the series western theme.
  • Unauthorized Biography (Six Jokerz)  $20
    Available On: VHS; DVD
    Comments: Again, not an official Psychopathic release. I have heard that this is just a bootleg “Shockumentary” style deal, but I have yet to see it. The DVD does not have any extras, to my knowledge, so don’t feel as though you are missing anything with just the VHS.
  • Born Twiztid  $20
    Available On: VHS; DVD
    Comments: This is Twiztid’s debut on their own video release. There are two versions of the We Don’t Die video, and a third version is available on the DVD.
  • XPW’S Redemption  $10
    Available On: VHS; DVD
    Comments: XPW was a wrestling federation that ran shows in Los Angeles (and later Philly) from 2000 till it folded in 2003. In May 2001 ICP was to make there debut along with Vampiro at this Pay Per View but it ended up just being Shaggy and Vampiro (With The Rude Boy and Patrick). The team of Shaggy/Vampiro faces Mexicos Most Wanted in a tag team match and makes other apperances during the show.
  • XPW’S The Best Of The Black Army  $10
    Available On: VHS; DVD
    Comments: The Black Army was a group in XPW that was mainly the focus point of the story lines and ICP and Vampiro had a feud with them in the summer of 2001. This Video/DVD chronicles the “greatest moments” in the stables history and features a short clip of ICP/Vampiro/Rudeboy confronting the group. After watching these old DVD’s you really start to appreciate just how good the production is on WWE and TNA releases.
  • Colin’s Sleazy Friends  $15+
    Available On: VHS; DVD
    Comments: This came out in April of 2002, yet I have no clue what ICP does on it. The gimmick is that they interview bands and porn stars, so I can only assume that they just rehashed the same clips from Backstage Sluts/Pass. But I could be wrong! Let us know if we are. I’ve also seen a different cover, but that could just be the video as opposed to the DVD picture we have. KMK is also featured on this, for your SubNoizealos.
  • The Purple Show  PSY 4013  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: After a slight delay, The Purple Show finally came to DVD, with the first three internet episodes, as well as a 4th debuting on this release. Each episode also has commentary, which makes this DVD worth the price alone. We’ve also heard that a lot of people’s DVD’s freeze during the first episode. Hopefully this gets cleaned up soon.
  • Bootlegged In LA  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: In August of 2003, this DVD was put out, featuring a live performance by ICP from their Shangri-La Tour, as well as the opening set from Anybody Killa. This is the first official live release by Psychopathic Records.
  • JCW Volume 3  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: This DVD release kept getting delayed, but it finally dropped in November of 2003. It covered the JCW show from earlier in the year in Columbus, Ohio, minus the two best matches I thought. Alas, for you marks out there, it’s a keeper.
  • Beef II  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: This sequel to the original Beef DVD was released in Summer of 2004 and features more stories of famous Hip-Hop rivalries. ICP Vs Eminem is featured as a bonus feature, I’m assuming because it isn’t as in depth as the other stories. The segment was actually filmed around mid 2003 and is mostly Violent J talking about Eminem for a little bit and then giving a tour of the Psychopathic warehouse.
  • Stranglemania 1&2  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: After 10 years Stranglemania was finally made available on DVD along with it’s sequel Stranglemania 2 PLUS 40 minutes of bonus matches with Commentary by 3D and Gweedo. At first they said this was going to be a Box Set, but that later turned out to be false. These were only sold on the webstore to my knowledge and never in stores.
  • PWU: Vendetta  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: PWU is a independent wrestling promotion run out of the old ECW arena in Philadelphia, PA. ICP and several members of the JCW roster have made numerous appearances at their events. On November 18, 2006 Violent J teamed up with Corporal Robinson to take on Chuckwagon and Mad Man Pondo. These were made available on the promotions website at
  • PWU: PWU vs JCW  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: – On December 16, 2006 ICP returned to Philly and PWU to make a name for JCW. Team PWU (BackSeat Boyz & Corporal Robinson) was pitted up against Team JCW (Insane Clown Posse & 2 Tuff Tony) in the main event. These were made available on the promotions website at
  • PWU: Cuffed & Caged  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: January 20th, 2007, Team PWU (Corp Robinson, Backseat Boyz, Gary Wolf & Pete Hunter) took on Team JCW (Violent J, Raven, Mad Man Pondo, Nosawa, 2 Tuff Tony) in the main event Cuffed & Caged match with swerves and high spots o’plenty. These were made available on the promotions website at
  • JCW’s Slam TV Episodes 1-9  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: Filmed at the Tempest Release Party Tour JCW’s Slam TV was originally shown over the internet at The show was such a hit they decided to release it on DVD in 2 volumes. Vol 1 features episodes 1-9 on 4 discs including the mega event “Westside Wars” featuring all your favorite JCW superstars.
  • JCW’s Slam TV Episodes 10-15 Featuring Bloodymania  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: Released a month and a half after the first volume Vol 2 features episodes 10-15 of Slam TV and the whole Bloodymania event from The 2007 Gathering Of The Juggalos. This 4 disc set is definitely not one to miss.
  • Psychopathic: The Videos  $20
  • Psychopathic: The Videos 2
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: Released in November 2007 after years in the making, this special DVD features every music video made by past and present members of the Psychopathic roster. Also featuring 2 new videos from Twiztid and Blaze, the never before seen Original Chicken Huntin’ video and special easter eggs for your enjoyment.
  • Death Racers  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: Released straight to video on September 16th, 2008, ICP star in this 4 star multi-million dollar remake of the old “Death Race” movie. Praised by action fans and critics alike, these were also sold on and on tours so all Juggalos can get blown away by this masterpiece of cinema. I’ve also heard a rumor that there is 2 different DVD covers but I have yet to see proof.
  • Hatchet Attacks – Live In Red Rocks 2008  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: Released in November 2008, this features performances from the 2008 Hatchet Attacks show that took place in Denver about 6 months earlier. The DVD features sets by AMB, Boondox, Blaze, Twiztid and ICP.
  • A Family Underground  $20
    Available On: DVD
    Comments: Released on May 12th, 2009, A Family Underground is basically a documentary on the 2008 Gathering Of The Juggalos and the Juggalos who attended. It’s nice to see after 9 Gatherings we finally got a DVD about the event, too bad it wasnt what we were hoping for.
  • ICP & Twiztid – American Psychos Tour Documentary
    This awesome DVD is your true to life, behind the scenes look at the backstage happenings of a nationwide ICP and Twiztid tour! Nothing is off limits! Witness the real life personalities of the “World’s Most Hated Band” and the “Demented Duo”. Get to know the entire backstage cast behind the controlled chaos of a Juggalo concert. Join Twiztid on their hilarious pre-show adventures to pawn shops and smoke stops and witness J and Shaggy as they tackle various press stops in New York City. Meet unique and insightful Juggalos from all over the country. This in-depth documentary even captures on film Twiztid’s highly publicized arrest in Florida! Nothing is off limits in this authentic and revealing look at life on the road for the Hatchet Family!
  • ICP – New Years Eve Ninja Party

ICP’s New Years Eve Ninja Party DVD was released March 20, 2012, on Psychopathic Records.

This 2-DVD set will be released April 23, 2013. Disc 1 contains the full Riddlebox concert, with performances by Project Born, Myzery, and ICP. Disc 2 contains the complete Oddball Brawl At St. Andrew’s Hall JCW show.

This 4-dvd set has The Road To Bloodymania 6, filmed July 5-7 2012 AND Bloodymania 6, filmed at the 2012 Gathering Of The Juggalos.

Bloodymania 7 took place at The Gathering of the Juggalos 2013 and anyone who was present for this blood, guts, and destruction knows that it was an event to remember that will forever be burned into their memory banks!

You want the full line-up? We got it for you! Bloodymania 7 features the following freshness:

Rikishi Vs Richie Boy Bryer Wellington

The Young Bucks Vs The Haters

Island Of Death Match:
Necro Butcher Vs The Rudeboy

JCW Hall Of Fame inductions:
Hosted by Commissioner Violent J and JCW Hall Of Famer Evil Dead

Rumble Royale Featuring:
Shane Hurricane Helms, Bobby Lashley, Jimmy Wang Yang, Kevin Steen, Matt “Mdogg 20? Cross, U-Gene, Zach Gowen, and Hollywood Chuck Hogan

JCW Tag Team Title Match:
The Ring Rydas Vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick with Shelly Martinez

Chock full of nonstop sports entertainment carnage, this must-own disc captures all of the mayhem and bloody mess that went down at the 2014 Gathering of the Juggalos, featuring appearances from such professional wrestling luminaries as ECW legend Tommy Dreamer, Kongo Kong, Officer Colt Cabana, and of course, JCW favorites like reigning heavyweight champion 2 Tuff Tony, Necro Butcher, and the most inspirational wrestler of all time, Zach Gowen!

  •  JCW Bloodymania 9

Direct from the Gathering of the Juggalos 2015, it’s JCW’s “Bloodymania 9!” This carnage filled DVD of Juggalo-style sports entertainment features some of the most brutal matches in JCW history, with such squared circle legends as The Rude Boy, Officer Colt Cabana, Southern Tracy Smothers, Matt Hardy, 2 Tuff Tony, The Weedman and MORE!! Eight solid, edge-of-your-seat matches LIVE from the Gathering of the Juggalos!

It’s high-flying, high-octane, explosive JCW professional wrestling action at its finest as the fearsome grapplers of Juggalo Championship Wrestling return to Metro Detroit to take on new challengers and old rivals at … JCW’s Back, Bitch! This night of bloody sports entertainment features hilarious live in-house commentary from the Insane Clown Posse and pro wrestling personality Kevin “KG” Gill. JCW’s Back, Bitch!





    • Shane Mercer Vs. Zach Gowen


    • The Weedman Vs. Warchild


    • Kongo Kong Vs. Jimmy “The Emo Warrior” Jacobs


    • Mad Man Pondo Vs. The Rude Boy


This DVD contains all the matches from the JCW Live show on May 18th, 2011.

This DVD contains all the matches from the JCW Live show on July 20th, 2011.

This DVD contains all the matches from the JCW Live show on july 28th, 2011.

This 3-DVD set featuring wrestling for the 2010 Gathering of the Juggalos was released February 8th, 2011.






Tuff Tony (Champion) Vs. Officer Colt Cabana (Challenger)

Much like Audio, there is an abundance of Video Bootlegs. We can’t run through every show and put a value on them, because there are just too many out there, and probably twice as many more that no one has. You yourself have to judge how valuable these are. Some quick tips.

  1. The older it is, the more valuable it possibly is. However, if it is an older show that everyone has (ICW wrestling), versus a newer video (Gathering 2001) then this does not apply.
  • On the average, there are less Twiztid bootlegs than ICP bootlegs. There have been a few that popped up recently, so those are not as rare, but new ones are still sought after.
  • Like anything else, quality is a key. If you have a COC era tape that you can hardly see, not many people will want it. People usually go on an “A to F” scale for sound and picture.

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