PT Miscellaneous Standups

  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • For the most part (minus the Wraith Era ones), items like these were used as promotional items in stores. A good number were most likely used and thrown out, or never even used. To get them, one probably had to bribe a worker to sell it to them once the promotion was over.
  • Values on these are very tough, as they are for a lot of items. The main problem is shipping charges. One may want to pay $100 for the first ICP Stand up, but if shipping costs $30 or more, that brings it’s core value down. Here we will try not to let shipping get in the way of values, as hard as that is. Also in shipping, these items may get folded in half, so that could change one’s view on value. As always, we assume everything is mint.
  • Measurements are read: Width by Height (by Depth, is applicable)

  1. ICP – Jeckel Bros. Era  $70+
    Size: Approx. 36″ x 72″
    Comments: These were the first standups used by Psychopathic Records, to promote the Amazing Jeckel Brothers in mid-1999. At the time, these were a very hot item, but have since cooled off a little bit.
  2. AJB CD Stand  $45+
    Size: Approx. 12″ x 52″ x 12″
    Comments: These were also used to promote AJB in CD stores nationwide, by holding the product in a manner to catch everyone’s eye. And like all promo items, especially from Psychopathic, they either got tossed right away, or used and most likely given/sold to someone after the promotion was done. As you may be wondering, it holds 38 regular-sized CDs comfortably, with 6 in each compartment except for the front two, which hold 7. Also notice the top piece can easily be flipped, to show either Jack or Jake.
  3. Bizzar Bizaar Stand  $50+
    Size: Approx. 36″ x 72″ x 12″
    Comments: Another CD release, another promotional item. This one, however, is a little different. This one comes with battery pack, that lights up the top part, and spins the wheel. Pretty high-tech shit, if you can put it together.
  4. The Wraith: Shangri-La Standup
    Sizes: 1) 52″ x 72″  $70+
    2) 9″ x 12″  $10+
    Comments: Unlike before, these were sold through, and not used in stores. The larger ones sold for $100, shipping included, while the small ones sold for $10, plus shipping.
  5. Behind The Paint/Wizard of the Hood  $60+
    Size: Approx. 45″ x 72″ x 18″
    Comments: In the summer of 2003, Violent J’s book, “Behind the Paint,” came out in FYEs across America. Around the same time, his solo CD also dropped, as did the reprint of Shaggy’s “Fuck Off” CD. These were used to promte the items in FYE stores. I personally never saw one, and I don’t see many online, so one can assume these are a tad difficult to come by. Alas, I may be wrong.. there may be millions of them. Anyways, it appears there are holes for 4 shelves, so I assume that is what a “full” one would have.
  6. Backyard Wresting: Don’t Try This At Home  $40+
    Size: ??
    Comments: While not technically a Psychopathic release, ICP/JCW was featured in this video game for your XBox and PS2. In some stores, there were large promotional stands for this game, with mention of ICP being on the soundtrack, as well as screenshots of them wrestling. So, if one were so inclined, this could indeed be a piece to your collection puzzle. If anyone has pictures/dimentions of this, let us know.
  7. The Wraith: Hells Pit  $35+
    Size: ??
    Comments: Not too much is known (by me, at least) about this, but I have heard about it. It’s fairly small, it holds about 10 CDs, and has the “Slip Case” art on it. I assume stores were to put this on their counter to sell the big HP cds. If you have any more info, hit us up.
  8. Shaggy 2 Dope’s Fuck The Fuck Off  $30+
    Size: ??
    Comments: I don’t know much about this item but at the 2006 Gathering a standup promoting Shaggys full length solo CD was sold. I was told by the merch vendor it was a CD holder and I believe it was on sale for only like $10 and I have yet to see one pop up anywhere.
  9. The Tempest Stand  $30+
    Size: ??
    Comments: These are mini CD Displays used on counters at music shops to promote The Tempest CD, and I have a feeling most stores didn’t even bother to put them out.


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