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  1. National All-Star Wrestling  $75+
    Date: Varies (1995-97+)
    Length: Varies
    Comments: In 1995, Psychopathic brought back National All-star Wrestling, the fed that they all wrestled in as kids. But now, they did it in the Psychopathic Warehouse. They had many shows just for family and friends, and they were always free. Everyone was a part of these shows – sometimes as more than one character – J, Shaggy, Billy, Alex, Rob, Rudy, Stefan, Chucky. The shows always had catchy names too, like “Calm Before the Storm” and “September Slaughter.” As of right now, we only have pictures of “The NAW Returns!,” “A Pack of Wolfs,” and “Rage in the Cage.” There were also flyers with each show (I assume they came with each program) for all of the night’s matches.
    There were well over a dozen shows of this nature, yet very few of these programs are floating around.
  2. StrangleMania Live  $25+
    Date: Dec. 18, 1997
    Length: 8 Pages
    Comments: Along with the NSWA, Psychopathic put on StrangleMania Live, one chilly December evening at St Andrews Hall in Detroit. There were about 6 stellar matches, with ICP vs the Chicken Boys in a steel cage as the main event. Myzery also performed while the crew tried to set up the cage, which took forever. Anyways, programs were given away for free I believe, while Juggalos waited outside in line.
  3. Hellfire Wrestling  $20+
    Date: Dec. 27, 1998
    Length: 24 Pages
    Comments: Why the hell did they seem to only runs shows in December? Anyways, Hellfire was poised to be a real local fed run by local legend Dan Curtis, but sadly, he died just days after this show. But the show was a great way to end his legacy here in Detroit. A mix of old NAW gimmicks like Evil Dead and Tyrus Bagwell, mixed with great indy talent like Adam Pearce, Mike Quackenbush, and Reckless Youth made for a classic show, and the classic feel from the NAW programs also came back here. If memory serves, Tyrus Bagwell walked away from the battle royal as the World Champion. Anyways, the programs were sold for 2 bucks inside the Majestic Theater.
  4. Juggalo Championshit Wrestling  $5+
    Date: April-May 2000
    Length: 30+ Pages
    Comments: After the successful JCW show in Detroit in December of 1999 (December, go figure), Psychopathic put together a 12 date JCW tour across the country. These very quality programs, I heard started to be sold at 15 buck a pop, then down to 10, and 5 by the end of the tour. Psychopathic also gave them away at a show that ICP could not attend, as well as with orders on the Web Store, and many other times, this killing the value/rarity.
  5. Gathering of the Juggalos 2000  $10+
    Date: July 21/22, 2000
    Length: 20 Pages
    Comments: Novi, Michigan, was the location for the first Gathering of the Juggalos. Anyone who was there remembers it like it was yesterday. Even people who didn’t go remember it. Anyways, when you walked in on that Friday, there were boxes of programs. You were asked to take one and proceed. People took the whole box, so a lot of people got no program, which sucks. But the program details everything that went on all weekend. Also, a lot of people got their programs autographed, so you often see these around trying to fetch a higher price.
  6. Gathering of the Juggalos 2001  $5+
    Date: July 13-15, 2001
    Length: 28 Pages
    Comments: Another milestone in the life of Psychopathic Records. We all remember that weekend in Toledo well. This year, they mailed you the program with your ticket, so everyone got one. Pretty good idea. Like in 2000, the program shows you everything that happened at the Gathering.
  7. IWF: Evolution of Insanity  $5+
    Date: July 29, 2001
    Length: 8 Pages
    Comments: At the time, this was to be Violent J’s retirement match, with him, Patrick and Rudy facing Hollywood Chuck Hogan, Tyrus Bagwell, and Breyer Wellington. But they were ambushed by Lynch Mob, which set up ICP to come back the next month. Pictures from this show can be found on Good show overall, especially Deranged (a local jobber) almost bleeding to death. Programs are $1 at IWF shows.
  8. IWF: Hamtown Explosion  $5+
    Date: August 23, 2001
    Length: 6 Pages
    Comments: The main event of this show was ICP and Sabu vs Corp. Robinson, Cash Flo and 2Tuff Tony, with ICP and Sabu coming out on top. Also that night, Patrick defeated my favorite jobber Damon Starr, and Sabu won a battle royal for the IWF title. Not to be outdone by the last show, Deranged almost died again, and someone broke their leg in the Cruiserweight match. Again, the program was $1.
  9. Gathering of the Juggalos 2002  $5+
    Date: July 19-21 2002
    Length: 32 Pages
    Comments: These were again sent out with the tickets. As always, it shows everything there is to do at the Gathering, auctions, what to do at night, and shit like that. They left out the Pepper Spray, though.. a part of the Gathering everyone will remember. Good times.
  10. Gathering of the Juggalos 2003  $5+
    Date: July 17-20 2003
    Length: 36 Pages
    Comments: Yes, again these got sent via mail along with the tickets. Pretty good system, obviously. And, like every other year, the booklet was basically your guide through the forest for the weekend.
  11. Gathering of the Juggalos 2004  $5+
    Date: July 15-18 2004
    Length: 32 Pages
    Comments: Same place, different gimmick! In 2004, they were going to have you get your tickets at the door, but that changed and they mailed them out. Because of this, perhaps, the Programs were just at the Gathering, waiting to be picked up, much like in 2000. Also like in 2000, they were all gone quickly
  12. Gathering of the Juggalos 2005  $5+
    Date: July 21-24 2005
    Length: 32 Pages
    Comments: For the third year in a row the Gatheing was held at the same place and like the year before the Programs were located at the Info tent.
  13. Gathering of the Juggalos 2006  $5+
    Date: July 13-16 2006
    Length: 32 Pages
    Comments: Like the previous 2 years these programs were not sent in the mail with your tickets but rather located at the Info tent to be picked up. I’m pretty sure there were enough made to where everyone got one because I didn’t get a chance to even get to the info tent until the last day and they still had plenty left.
  14. Gathering of the Juggalos 2007  $5+
    Date: August 9-12 2007
    Length: (?) Pages
    Comments: These like previous years were available at the info tent, and provided all the info on your trip through the Hatchet Landings for the 2007 Gathering Of The Juggalos in Southern Illinois.
  15. Gathering of the Juggalos 2008  $5+
    Date: August 7-10 2008
    Length: (?) Pages
    Comments: For the 5th year now the Gathering booklets were ready to be picked up by everyone not lazy enough to venture to the info tent. Not only did it include the breakdown of the weekends activities but also included the bio that was said to be the reason Goldust ended up no-showing Bloodymania 2.

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