PT Miscellaneous Jewelry

  • The Green is to the determine the Rarity of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  •  Purple is Price Range.

One quick note, that… we could talk about FOREVER here, but I will try and keep it short. The items on this page are the OFFICIAL Psychopathic items. There are a ton of traders, on pages and on ebay, who flat out say their charms are “unofficial,” meaning they were made by a random jeweler. Some look ok. Some look like this.. or this.. or this.. or even here and what? I’ve seen some 8-12 inches tall. There are also bootleg AJB charms where it’s the full body, but holding it in your hand, it’s literally tin. We can’t list every bootleg item, so we stick to the official deals.

Technically also, there are the ones Psychopathic themselves wear. Their very first ones are slightly different, as the Hatchet is sticking more straight out. Shaggy still wears this, and you can see it in some pictures. But since ones like that and the platinum, diamond-filled ones Alex wears aren’t in the trading world, we can’t add those either.

Something we ARE about to dive into is the Prototype charms and Artist Don charms. Again, this is slightly difficult, but enough have bounced around where we are going to try and catalog them. Stay tuned for that. We probably are going to have to section off charms for each artists also, since this list is getting a little cluttered.

  1. Psychopathic Hatchetman
    Versions:   1) 1999 Small/Large Gold w/ Diamond Cuts  Very Rare Large ($700-2000) Small ($400-1200)
    2) 1999 2″ Silver w/ Diamond Cuts ($100-350)
    3) Gold ICP2000 (1st Edition)   Very Rare ($700-2000)
    4) Silver ICP2000 (1st Edition) ($100-300)
    5) Silver ICP2000 (2nd Edition) ($100-250)
    6) 2″ Gold w/ Diamond Cuts ICP2000   Rare ($700-2000)
    7) Silver ICP2001 w/ Moveable Bail ($100-250)
    8) Gold ICP2001 w/ Moveable Bail   Rare ($700-2000)
    9) Silver ICP2003 ($100-200)
    10) Gunmetal ICP2003  Rare ($175-500)
    Comments: The diamond cut charms first appeared on AJB and WCFOS Tours and were the first of the many charms.    Some people think they aren’t even real silver, but that’s just a rumor. Unlike all the other charms this one has a layer of etched silver on it to prevent scratching. The 1st Edition ICP2000 appeared at GOTJ00. It is a nice shiny silver and very detailed hatchetman unlike the 2nd Edition which came out at GOTJ01. The 2nd Edition is a dull silver that scratches easily, the edges of the charm are rounded so the hatchetman doesn’t look authentic, this charm is also stamped with 925 on the bail. The ICP2001 appeared on the webstore and sold out fast, and were restocked. These charms are very thick, shiny and detailed. The moveable bail is a first for hatchetman charms. In 2003, the “2003” version came out. We can only imagine that every year, there will be charms of every size and type with different years stamped on them. (There was a 2004 on Speaking of 2003, at the Gathering, there were a small number (25 maybe?) of “Gunmetal” charms sold as limited edition. It is a little taller, darker, and much thicker than normal charms, and is stamped “2003” on the back. They sold for the same price as the regular ones, but with them being harder to find, in theory, they will probably go for more money from traders. But, as with anything, that is up to whoever owns the item and how much someone wants to pay. After these, I think PSY put out some charms with no “ICP” Stamp on the back, and these are not up to the quality of the older ones. Perhaps Psychopathic will go back to the drawing board for the ’06.
  2. Don Artist Hatchetman    Most Rare $$$$$
    • Gold
  3. Twiztid Mostasteless Logo  Rare (from 1-3)
    Versions:    1) 2″ Silver (1st Edition) 2 ($150-350)
    2) 2″ Silver (2nd Edition) 3 ($100-300)
    3) 2″ Gold w/ Moveable Bail   Very Rare 1 ($700-2000)
    Comments: The 1st Edition appeared at GOTJ00. This version is very thick, heavy and detailed, almost diamond cut. It isn’t very shiny but is quite scratch resistant. The 2nd Edition appeared at GOTJ01 and is a much cheaper version than the 1st Edition. It is much thinner, far less detailed and the letters blend together unlike the original. It is quite shiny but scratches and tarnishes easily. It can still be found easily on the net as well as shows. The gold version with moveable bail popped up on the Mirror Mirror tour (and later the Web Store) and sells for $400. It is 10K gold and unlike the other 2 version has a moveable bail. From what I can tell it, is made with the quality of the 1st Edition. Always be careful when Buying a lot of bootlegs are out their.
  4. 2″ Jokers Cards some are harder to find
    • The Ones with with just ICP 2001 .925 were the first run (test run) and when they saw a need to make more they switched up the stamp.

    • Versions: 1) Silver Carnival of Carnage ($100-300)
      2) Silver Ringmaster ($100-300)
      3) Gold Ringmaster Very Rare ($700-2000)
      4) Silver RiddleBox ($150-350)
      5) Silver Great Milenko ($200-500)
      6) Silver Amazing Jeckel Brothers ($200-500)
      Comments: These are the new ICP2001 charms available on the webstore. They are made with parts of shiny silver and raised etched silver. Comes with moveable bail and 925 stamp. Many of them sold out fast, but I believe they have been restocked regularly. The Gold Ringmaster was originally sold at the Gathering 2002, but also quickly moved to the Web Store. There are also gold versions of the rest but were only made for the Artist.
  5. 2″ AJB ICP Logo  ($150-300)
    Comments: Another ICP2001 charm. One of the least favorite charms. It is all shiny silver and is 925 stamped with a moveable bail.
  6. 2″ Fuck Off Logo ($175-375)
    Comments: Great ICP2001 charm. The classic Fuck Off logo. It isn’t etched very deep but is still a good charm. Again, moveable bail and 925 stamped.
  7. Freek Show Prototype Charm  Most Rare $$$$
    Comments: This charm was auctioned off on in December of 2001, and went for $500. I have also been told that Jeremy (JD) was seen wearing the other one (There were two prototypes made) on the Mirror Mirror Tour.
  8.  Freak Show Prototype/artist Charm Most Rare $$$$
  9. Dark Lotus Prototypes
    Versions: 1) Dark Lotus Cross 1/1 Most Rare $$$$
    2) Cross w/ “Dark Lotus” 1/1 Most Rare $$$$
    Comments: Here are two “prototype” charms representing the Dark Lotus. The first is just the cross, while the second actually has DARK and LOTUS on it. Both have moveable bails (I believe), and both are officially stamped on the back. Psychopathic didn’t want to “get into the religion area” of merch, so they decided never to sell them to the public. There may also be a third version which is “more proportional” to the Cross on the Lotus CD. Now, I do believe that some Psy. employees wears some “iced out” crosses, and that is supposed to be DL-like… but let’s get real – they are just crosses. There are also numerous bootleg ones on ebay everyday, with the Dark Lotus letters floating outside the cross.
  10. Dark Lotus Artist Dons 1 of 6 and 1 Proto All are gold and diamond incrusted with special markings on the back.   Most Rare $$$$$
  1. 2″ Anybody Killa ($175-350)
    Comments: ABK started wearing this during the end of the MM Tour, and now it is available on the Web Store for you to own. It appears to have a moveable bail and is .925 silver.
  2. Freek Show Faces ($175-400)
    Comments: This charm was only available at the Gathering 2002, 2 versions one stamped ICP 2001(were less of made) and the other stamped 2004 TSK I believe. Also A larger Version Exists Which Is A Prototype.  Regardless, this has become rare and harder to find. Also we have a movable bail as the newer charms all have.
  3. Blaze ($150-325)
    Comments: Finally, your Dead Homie has a charm. This charm debuted in August of 2002, and meausres 1″ high and 2.75″ wide.
  4.  Blaze Raiders Prototypes Most Rare $$$$
  5. Juggalo ($150-300)
    Comments: This became available on the Web Store in mid-2002. As always, it is .925 silver, and is only a half ounce, so it is lighter than the average charm.
  6. Juggalette ($150-300)
    Comments: This charm becoame available in August of 2002. It has a moveable bail and measures .5″ high and 1.5″ wide. I am not sure why it is so much cheaper than the Juggalo Charm above.
  7. Small Jokers Cards Very Rare

    1. Versions: 1) Carnival of Carnage
      2) Ringmaster
      3) RiddleBox
      4) Great Milenko
      5) Amazing Jeckel Brothers
      Comments: These were released on the Web Store in August of 2002. They measure approx. 1″ high and .75″ wide, and they appear to have a movable bail.
  8. Circle Hatchetman ($175-375)
    Comments: This charm became available in August of 2002, and can be found in two sizes – 1.5″ and 2.5″ in diameter.
  9. Small Gold Circle Hatchetman  Very Rare ($700-2000)

Sold in very Limited numbers like the gold ringmaster.

a larger one exists but its 1/1.

  1. The Wraith: Shangri-La  Rare ($175-400)
    Comments: This charm became available on the Web Store soon after The Wraith rained its diamonds into everyone’s lives. It appears to have a movable bail, like all of the recent charms also have.
  2. The Wraith: Shangri-La ProtoType Most Rare $$$$
  3. ABK Tomahawk & Pipe  Rare ($175-400)
    Versions: 1) OG Silver
    2) Silver w/ Color
    Comments: Hatchet Warrior dropped, and then this charm soon followed, becoming available only on the Shangri-La Tour for a short time. In February of 2004, the second version became availbe on
  4. Twiztid “Green Book”  Rare ($200-400)
    Comments: This charm was meant to debut on the Month of Mayhem Tour, but instead was on the Web Store in May of 2003. It has a movable bail, and it appears to have a green tint to the “background” of it, which is different than any other charm to this point.
  5. Circle Hatchetman “The Label…” ($150-300)
    Comments: In July of 2003, this Small (1″ plus bail, I assume) charm appeared on the Web Store. It is similar to the charm released in August of 2002, but this has “The Label That Runs Beneath the Streets” written around the circle, as you can see. There also is a larger version

  6. Twiztid 2003  Rare ($200-400)
    Comments: This 2.5″ wide charm debuted on in the summer of 2003. Notice the engraving, as that is unique in the land of Psychopathic jewelry.
  7. Zug Izland “Oval”
    Comments: This charm debuted on the Web Store in December of 2003, and it is the first to rep the Zug Thugs. It measures about 2 inches wide and an inch tall, with the moveable bail. Soon after, these Glow in the Dark versions also popped up.
  8. Zug Izland “ZI”
    Comments: This charm was first sold at Zug’s early 2004 Detroit date, but then made its way onto the Web Store soon thereafter. Anyways, you may ask yourself why this is only 10 bucks. Well, it’s made of pewter, not silver like all other Psy. charms have been. Also of note, it comes with the black rope, so n oneed for… uh, your own rope or chain or what have you.
  9.  Big Money Hustlas Very Rare ($500-1500)
      • For the People that helped out with the movie only 12 made of the silver 1 gold
      • Prototype Most Rare $$$$

  1. Psychopathic Hatchetman Earrings  Rare (from 1-3)
    Versions:  1) Small 14K Gold  1 ($200-350)
    2) Small Silver  3 ($100-200)
    3) Small Hanging Sterling Silver  2 ($100-200)
    Comments: I have never seen these earrings, nor do I know anyone with them so I can’t really say much besides… they’re earrings. 7/16 of an inch tall and for chicks, but I’m sure some dudes will sport them. In 2004, the hanging version appeared on the Web Store.

  1. Amazing Jeckel Brothers Ring ($175-350)
    Comments: One of the oddest pieces of jewelry Psychopathic has ever released. I don’t know much info because I have never seen anyone with one. It is basically Jack Jeckel on a ring. They have been discontinued for the time being.
  2. Psychopathic Records Ring ($150-350)
    Comments: These have been sold in various places since 2001. They are nice ring with a hatchetman in the middle and Psychopathic around it. The hatchetman looks a little odd but it’s still wicked. The inside of the ring has a skull in it too. There are, in fact, gold ones (this one is 1/1 18k gold and platinum with diomonds)

with diamonds which are crew/artist and Prototypes Like The Rydas Version although I believe there are very few of these made.

  1. New Psy. Records Ring ($150-350)
    Comments: These debuted on the Web Store in August of 2002. The most notable difference from the first rings are the Jeckel Faces on the side.
  2.  Joker Card Rings Very Rare $$$$

Very limited only sold a handful at only a show or two.

  1. Psychopathic Watch  ($100-250)
    Comments: This watch was sold at the Gathering 2002 for 50 bucks. It has silver around the face and a black leather strap. I believe this then came out on HatchetGear (in Mens and Ladies.. which look the same to me from the pics) for $75. also mentioned that the Hatchetman glows when the button is pressed. Perhaps this is something with the second batch of ones and not the cheaper Originals? Who knows!
  2. Prototype Psychopathic Watch   Really Rare $$$$
    Comments: This was sold at the Auctions at the Gathering 2002, and only went for $120, even though this is probably the only one in existence, and is ‘gold’ instead of silver.
  3. Psychopathic Charm Bracelet ($125-250)
    Comments: These debuted on the Web Store in July of 2003, along with the similar charm. Much like not knowing exactly where to put these here on PT, we also do not know exactly how big they are or if they are meant for guys or girls. Although I can guarantee both will be sporting them soon enough.
  4.  Psychopathic Hatchetman Bracelet

  1. Body Jewelry
    Versions: 1) Straight
    2) Curved
    3) Plastic Plug
    4) Captive Hoop Ring
    Comments: These were released on the Web Store in December of 2002. The first two sold out fairly quickly, and I believe they were restocked and sold out again. If you did not know, the Straight bar is for tongue piercings, the curved is for Belly buttons, the plugs are for your ears, and the hoop are for eyebrows.

  1. Psychopathic’s Silver Chain
    Versions:    1) 20″ Silver
    2) 28″ Silver
    Comments: Not a real Psychopathic item, but it is sold on the webstore to cater to Juggalos with charms.


Stainless (some stainless charms can go over $200 I don’t know why they do)


Twiztid Abominationz Lettering


Abominationz Logo

Abominationz Faces

Abominationz Faces/Twiztid

Abominationz Lettering





MNE Ninja Star/Without Lettering

2015 Twiztid (came in a bundle with the Darkness Cd)

G-MO Skee/Face


Gathering Of The Juggalo’s Amulets  ($20-60)

  1. 2001
  2. 2002
  3. 2003
  4. 2004
  5. 2005
  6. 2006
  7. 2007
  8. 2008
  9. 2009
  10. 2010
  11. 2011
  12. 2012
  13. 2013
  14. 2014
  15. 2015
  16. 2016
  17. 2017

Many props go to DaLotusPod for doing this page for us. He is truly a god among men, a jewelry expert, and a Zuggalo. Also Many Props to The New Boss for updating it more. And Big Props to The Jeweler That Made this all possible. 


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