PT Miscellaneous Frontstage Passes

  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.

    • While Backstage Passes have the words “All Access,” Frontstage Passes do NOT. These are sold by Psychopathic as a novelty item, meaning that anyone could buy them, and they don’t get you, nor could never get anyone anywhere at a show, event, etc.
    • There are also Fake Passes that have circulated around eBay, most notably for Twiztid Mirror Mirror, and upcoming Month of Mayhem tours. These could be lumped into this section, as they are also “novelty,” but are not Psychopathic endorsed.

    1. “Dog Beats” Era  $$+
      Versions: 1) J, Shaggy, and ICP #1
      2) ICP #2
      Comments: So, these have long been the point of many questions, and we’re gonna try and lay it on the line here. We’re taking you back to 1992, I do believe, at an ICP in-store at Rock of Ages, in Garden City, MI. They sold many things, and these passes included. As far as knowledge goes, this was the ONLY event they were sold at. There is a Violent J one, a Shaggy 2Dope one, and two Insane Clown Posse ones. As you can see from the one, they are double sided. These are extremely rare, as there is only 1 known of the first three, and 2 of the second there. Dr. Brad Sadler owns the set, and the other one was included in an auction at the 2000 Gathering. There is also speculation there there may have been a fifth, but that riddle may never be solved.
    2. Amazing Jeckel Brothers  $15+
      Versions: 1) Jack Jeckel
      2) Jake Jeckel
      Comments: These were the first “modern-day” front stage passes introduced to the Juggalo world. They were sold at shows, and the Web Store, I do believe. Kids would wear them around their necks proudly, or on their rear view mirror. Anyways.. they were never sold for much, so the value isn’t that great. I also believe these came “sealed” in plastic, as you may see some people catagorize them as such, but that should not have an effect on the value to a great degree.
    3. Twiztid Mostasteless  $15+
      Comments: This is very similar to the AJB ones above. You may also notice the Silver upper lefthand corner which usually (not always) denotes it being a Frontstage Pass, and the “Souvenir Edition” on the top, much like the AJB ones.
    4. Bizzar/Bizaar  $10+
      Comments: Once again, these were sold on the Bizzar Bizaar Tour of 2001. These come closer to looking like legit Backstage Passes, but you can see the similarites to earlier novelty items.
    5. Twiztid Mirror Mirror  $5+
      Comments: These were sold on the Mirror Mirror Tour of 2002, and soon made their way to the Web Store, where you can still pick them up for 5 bucks. You can see the new style as compared to the earlier ones. Incidentally, this is the same style as the fakes that have circulated on eBay.


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