PT Miscellaneous Figures

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  1. Original ICP Action Figures  $$++
    Comments: In 1997 when Milenko was about to come out, Hollywood Records put some ICP Figures into production. But, with the whole Hollywood/Disney/ICP deal that we all know… these never got mass produced. There was an ad in a local Detroit paper for them, but of course, nothing came to be. Until the Gathering 2000. There was an auction for the one set ever made. The owner of a local music store won them for well over $600. He tried to sell them on ebay in late 2001, but I am not sure that anyone bought them.
  2. Play With Me  $20+
    Comments: These came out sometime in 1999 I believe, and they caused quite the stir. Available in Spenser’s Gifts stores in malls across America, they were soon “banned” because of the language on the back. Well, we were told they were banned, but I saw a lot of store just put stickers over the top paragraph, or.. some stores did nothing. I don’t think the versions found now on the Web Store are any different than the OGs, so value is pretty steady.
  3. Been-E-Boyz  $20+
    Comments: These came out around the same time as the Play With Me figures, but these capitalized on the Beenie Baby craze. You have your set of 5 here – ICP, Twiztid, and Alex. They always said that ones with Alex were rarer than just ICP/Twiztid packages… but I don’t think they ever made any like that. Oh well. They started off charging a lot of these, but prices went down, and they’ve given away so many for free, the value is pretty minimal to the average Trader.
  4. Dark Carnival Figures
    Versions: 1) Violent J  $20+
    2) Shaggy 2Dope  $20+
    3) J w/ CD  $20+
    4) Shaggy w/ CD  $20+
    Comments: These 9″ figures debuted in the summer of 2001, I do believe. The ones with CDs were only available at Spensers’s Gifts stores. Information on that CD can be found in our Audio Section under the ICP Bizzar Bizaar Era.
  5. Prototype Been-E-Boyz  $$+
    Comments: Like everything.. before something is mass produced, you need prototypes. At the Gathering 2001, there was a J/Shaggy set of Prototype Been-E-Boyz sold for $310. They didn’t exactly look like the ones that eventually were sold, but it was a first crack at an idea. If you won this or know who did, hit us up with some pictures if you can.
  6. Bobbleheads/Head Knockers  $15+ each
    Comments: I believe these came out in mid-2002. They started surfacing on ebay, then Spencer’s and such across the country. I even believe the Web Store carried them for a while. They are 9 Inches tall, and are sold seperately. There is also a Shaggy with Red Dreads out there for you to find. ::bobble bobble::
  7. ICP Vinyl Figures  $15+ each
    Versions: 1) OG Facepaint
    2) “Wraith Era” Facepaint
    3) “Zombies”
    Comments: I think these are 7″ tall, but I could be wrong. Regardless, the first wave came out in May of 2003, and are sold seperately, although if you buy them both, they can be “interlocked” for display, as you can see. Around July of that same year, the second version was released. As you can tell, face paint is the main difference, but they are still basically the same. Later in the ’03, maybe in the early ’04, the “Zombie” style comes out.
  8. Twiztid “Homies”  $10
    Comments: These were available at FYE stores when you pre-ordered Twiztid’s Green Book album. They came ‘sealed’ technically, so I guess if you want it mint and in the bag, it’s worth more.
  9. Twiztid Fratricide Figures  $15+ each
    Versions: 1) White Facepaint
    2) Red Facepaint
    Comments: Twiztid got their own full-sized figures in 2005, right here. Now, there were some limited editon ones with the red faces, as you can see. These are rarer, more valueable, etc etc. I have seen the number “750” being thrown around as how many of the Red’s were produced, although someone else told me that SOTA (the company that makes the figures) says 1500. Either way, that isn’t that many out there, so these could be one of those things that dries up very quickly, and value will go up in time.
  10. Insane Clown Posse 10 Inch Figures  $25+ each
    Versions: 1) Violent J
    2) Shaggy 2 Dope
    Comments: These toys are made by NECA and came out in March 2007. They are bigger then the other ICP toys, coming in at 10 Inches thus the higher price.
  11. Joker Cards Figures  $20+
    Versions: Carnival Of Carnage; Ringmaster; Riddlebox; Great Milenko; AJB; The Wraith; Hatchetman
    Comments: These were only sold at Hot Topic and vary in size to about 3 and half inches to 4 and a half inches. All the players were included plus a hatchetman mixed in for good measure, although I am curious if 2 AJB’s were made (Jake and Jack) or 2 Wraiths made (Shangri-la and Hells Pit). I personally think these would be a huge hit if they were sold to a broader audience and not just Hot Topic stores.


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