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  1. Wicked Clownz
    Versions: 1) Ringmaster Advertisement  $50+
    2) RiddleBox Advertisement  $20+
    Comments: These are the Original Comics. Shaggy drew and wrote them, and the cover art was done by Bubba Felix who you may know from working at Hot Hits, or being in the Detroit group Bump N Uglies. Anyways, there were two versions – one with a Ringmaster ad on the last page, and one with RiddleBox. Obviously, Ringmaster is older and rarer. In my opinion, the RBox is worth so much less because not but two years ago, Rock of Ages and Hot Hits were selling them for 5 dollars, and I believe they were sold at the Gathering 2000 as well.
  2. The Upz and Downz of the Wicked Clownz
    Versions: 1) Regular Cover   $5
    2) Limited Edition Photo Cover  $5
    Comments: This was the first Chaos Comic done for ICP. It originally was meant to come out every month and include the news in the back as a substitute for the newsletter from the fan club. But being online, you know the news from the comics are way outdated now. You could have ordered the Limited Edition cover.. or you could have gotten them free from Hot Hits, or whoever else was just handing them out, meaning they were not as “rare” as it seemed.
  3. The Amazing Jeckel Brothers
    Versions: 1) Regular Cover   $5
    2) Limited Edition Photo Cover  $15
    Comments: This was the second comic, and unlike the first, this Limited Edition version is actually fairly rare and hard to come by, with 2000 made.
  4. Raze the Deserts of Glass
    Versions: 1) Regular Cover   $5
    2) Great Milenko Cover  $10
    Comments: This was the third in the Chaos Series. Man, it’s getting tough to write shit on all of these comics.
  5. Chaos Paperback Series  $15
    Comments: Chaos put this out and it includes the first 3 comics to this date, I believe. I have also heard they made these for the Pendulum 1-3 and 4-6, so if you have info on this, let us know.

  1. The Pendulum #1
    CD: The Amazing Maze
    Versions: 1) Regular Cover   $5
    2) Jeckel Brothers Cover   $8
    3) Tower Records Cover   $10
    Comments:This is the first comic that came with a CD Single. When these started coming out, it was under the idea that at the end of the series, you could send in to Chaos, and you would get a CD full of each single that comes with the Pendulums. But that never came to pass. Also, there were special versions for Tower Recods stores, and since not everyone has a Tower, these are slightly rarer.
  2. The Pendulum #2
    CD: I Don’t Care
    Versions: 1) Regular Cover   $5
    2) Tower Records Cover   $10
    Comments: Once again, the Tower Cover is slightly rarer, as both include the future Dark Lotus track, I Don’t Care.
  3. The Pendulum #3
    CD: 50 Bucks
    Versions: 1) Regular Cover   $5
    2) Tower Records Cover   $10
    Comments: Once again, the Tower cover is slightly rarer, as you were introduced once again to the song that didn’t make the cut for AJB because of uncleared samples by Led Zepplin, 50 Bucks.
  4. Pendulum Paperback Series  $15
    Comments: Much like the previous Trade Paperback, this chronicles the first three comics in the Pendulum series. I also have heard they have one for #4-6, but I have not found any pictures/proof as of yet.
  5. The Pendulum #4
    CD: The Great Show
    Versions: 1) Regular Cover   $5
    2) Tower Records Cover  $10
    Comments: Yes! The Great Show rules… I love that song. Anyways, as always, the Tower version is a little rarer than the regular.
  6. The Pendulum #5
    CD: Toxic Love
    Versions: 1) Regular Cover  $5
    2) Tower Records Cover  $10
    Comments: This was the first, and hopefully the last Pendulum to have a Hallowicked single as the song. The song is cool and all, but if there was a flaw to the Pendulums, it is that the songs were not all that exclusive up to this point.
  7. The Pendulum #6  $5
    CD: Ain’t Nuttin But a Bitch Thang
    Comments: This was the first Pendulum that did not have a Tower cover.
  8. The Pendulum #7  $5
    CD: Rydas EP
    Comments: If Psychopathic says you are getting a sweet comic, and a free song included, why is is that the Pendulum Comics are 7 bucks, yet before the CDs, the first three were 2.95? Something to think about.
  9. The Pendulum #8
    CD: Confessions
    Versions: 1) Shaggy Cover   $5
    2) Violent J Cover   $5
    Comments: Back to making to pay for two copies of the same comic. This has two covers, one of J and one of Shaggy.
  10. The Pendulum #9  $5
    CD: Superstar
    Comments: Not much to say here. Sorry.
  11. The Pendulum #10  $5
    CD: Are You Wicked?
    Comments: This is the latest in the line of comics, and the 4th in a row with truly Exclusive songs included in it, which kicks serious ass.
  12. The Pendulum #11  $5
    CD: Run
    Comments: We’re almost at the end of the line here. Soon the end will come for this series.
  13. The Pendulum #12
    CD: SkantaClaws
    Versions: 1) J/Shaggy “Eye” Cover   $5
    2) “The Final Chapter” Cover   $5
    Comments: The end of the Pendulum series. Good beats evil, everyone is happy, the townspeople rejoice. And there are two covers for your collecting pleasures.
  14. The Pendulum Graphic Novel  $35
    CD: Intro; I Don’t Care; The Great Show; Toxic Love; RU Wicked?; Ain’t Nuttin But a Bitch Thang; 50 Bucks; Skantaclaws; The Amazing Maze; Connfessions; Superstar; Run
    Comments: This graphic novel was available for sale at the Gathering 2002, and soon made its way to the Web Store. It contains the #3 ICP comic, all 12 Pendulums, and the following Hallowicked comic, as well as a CD with 11 songs.

  1. Hallowicked Comic #1
    Versions: 1) Shaggy Cover   $5
    2) Violent J Cover   $5
    Comments: These are the first Hallowicked comics, that also feature all 6 members of Dark Lotus. Rumor was that after the Pendulum finished, the comics will be out about 4 a year, dealing with Dark Lotus. That soon turned into issues dealing with ICP songs.
  2. Halls of Illusions  $4
    Date: June 2002
    Versions: 1) Regular Cover
    2) Variant Cover
    Comments: Now the story was that they would do a comic, about 4 times a year, all dealing with different ICP songs. But, Chaos is bankrupt, so that is no longer the case. Anyways, this issue had two covers, but I do not believe there is a large difference in their value/rarity.
  3. Mr Johnsons Head
    Date: ?
    Comments: Chaos Comics was going down the toilet, and fast. This was the final ICP comic they produced. Now, here is something I am unsure of. I have seen a few of these pop up in “ash-can” form, which is a rough draft sent to comic stores, and they are limited to 999 copies. I have also been informed of a Premium Edition, limited to only 50 copies. But was there ever a “regular” version? I’ve heard there is… who knows?.

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