PT Miscellaneous Backstage Passes


  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • Backstage Passes can be defined with the words “All Access.” If it has those words on it, it’s an official Backstage Pass, as opposed to a Front Stage Pass.
  • Starting in 1999/2000 or so, Psychopathic started using sticker/cloth passes, that were only used for one date, which was stamped on the bottom. We will attempt to list these as best we can, although they are harder to come across, yet not nearly as valuable to the collector. Along with ones specifically for each tour, they have been using Psychopathic Records ones, stamped with the local date. These come in different colors, for those keeping track.
  • Much like some of our other Misc. Merch, values for Backstage Passes are VERY difficult. For the people that collect them, they are worth quite a lot more than to others. So basically, we’re not pinning down any prices. The best we can tell you.. is that on average, passes (not the local cloth/sticker deals) go for about $50. The older you get (pre-AJB, I would say) they tend to get a tad more valuable, and they steadily increase. There is a patch around the Jokers Gallery era where it seems there are a lot of passes in the market, so value there may dip. But you get pre-those, and you’re steadily increasing value at a rapid pace. It also depends on how many are out there, and if a certain collectors needs the certain pass. As with everything, it’s up to the buyer and seller to determine what something is worth to them.



This is the most complete listing of Backstage Passes that we can humanly come up with. There are more out there, for sure. Some we know about, some that are speculated, some that we have seen but have no idea what the fuck show they are from. This page just has what we can account for with important factors of: pictures; information; knowledge that someone in the trading community owns the pass.
There are some passes that are out there, but we have no pictures of, or are not in the “trading community” so we do not have them on this list: Twiztid Rock the Dead Tour; Big Money Hustlas Tour; Green Book Tour; etc, etc. This basically includes any “newer” tour that may pop up, any “special show” (FrightFest), or any festival-type deal or another artist’s tour that Psychopathic artists happens to work.

There were also a few in the “Backstage Passes For Your Asses” lot at the Gathering 2000 that we do not have a clear picture of, nor do we know what they are for, for certain. One is a “Dog Beats” era pass with just a Hatchetman and All Access on it. You can find pictures for the Auction on our Auction 2000 page. Although we may have pictures of some of these soon, so stay tuned.



  1. Ringmaster Tour
    Comments: Passes back in this time frame
    forsure were not very high quality, as this is just a laminated print used
    in early 1994 for their Midwest Tour to support the Ringmaster Album.
  2. Carnival Clown Show
    Comments: Continuing with the beautiful
    quality of passes, we have the Carnival Clown show, at the Ritz in Roseville,
    Michigan, on May 28, 1994. Also notice that this pass is double sided, which
    is not common in this era. This pass is fairly rare, with not many at all
    floating around the trading world.
  3. Terror Wheel Show
    Still not the best quality,
    but at least they started to steer away from it looking so ghetto. This was
    used for the big Terror Wheel show at St Andrews, in Detroit, on July 23rd
    of 1994, where Terror Wheel was first sold, and Project Born performed as
    a Psychopathic artists for one of the first times.
  4. Back To School Jam
    The Back to School Jam invaded
    the Toledo Sports Arena with Outkast and Coolio, among others, including Detroit’s
    own Insane Clown Posse. This was a pretty big deal, as it got them a little
    more exposure to a more national/popular audience.
  5. Hallowicked 1994>
    This oversized pass was used
    at the very first Hallowicked show at the Majestic Theater in Detroit, on
    October 29th, 1994. It signifies the start of one of Psychopathic’s biggest
    and best traditions.
  6. Mental Warp Show
    ICP kept moving on up to bigger
    venues (and bigger passes) with each big show, and the Mental Warp show was
    no exception. On April 7th and 8th of 1995, they invaded the Ritz in Roseville
    with a classic show. This was also the set of shows where the Fat Sweaty Betty
    tapes were given away. Also of note, there were seperate
    for each night. These are considerably rarer than the main pass,
    and to find them both in a pair is very difficult.
  7. Joker’s Gallery Show
    Comments:Again, bumping to a bigger and
    better venue in Detroit, on July 7th, 1995, the Joker’s Gallery Show could
    well have been the pivotal show in ICP’s history. Playing their biggest local
    venue to date, to kick off their first national tour to promote their new
    CD on a national label. This was also the first time that the face of the
    Riddle Box was shown. Quite the landmark show, indeed. Also, the pass itself
    became a little more professional quality.
  8. Pie In Your F#@king Face Tour

    This mostly Midwest Tour was
    the last before the RiddleBox was available to everyone, and it stretched
    to the end of 1995. Again, notice how the pass itself is becoming better quality.
  9. Hallowicked Clown Show (1995)

    The tradition continues. It
    moved to Royal Oak, and expanded to two nights, but Hallowicked is Hallowicked,
    although the “tye-dye” look always baffles me. I believe these are the shows
    that got Psychopathic banned from Royal Oak until new ownership took over
    in 2001.
  10. Howl From Beyond Tour – Flint,
    Comments:This is widely considered a
    part of the “Howl From Beyond Tour,” although there are flyers for the show
    the next night in Toledo that label it as still being the “Pie in Your F#@king
    Face” Tour. Regardless, this tour featured Onyx and Das Efx, and this pass
    was used for the December 16th show in Flint, Michigan.
  11. Howl From Beyond Tour –
    Detroit, MI

    As the last pass, this was used
    during the Howl From Beyond Tour. This stop was in Detroit, on December 22,
    1995. These two passes show, assumingly, that there were individual passes
    for each show, and not an overall “tour” pass, although that could be out
    there somewhere.
  12. Freak Show TourComments:In the spring of 1996, ICP went
    on a massive blitz of shows across the country, as well as a dozen instores
    in the state of Michigan alone. Also called the “Traveling Freak Show Tour,”
    this tour hit many cities, and concluded in May of 1996.
  13. Prom Night MassacreComments:During the Freak Show Tour of
    1996, there was a two-night stop in Detroit on April 19th and 20th. These
    became, unquestionably, two of the most unique shows Psychopathic ever put
    on, as the Prom Night Massacre was born. People came in tuxes and prom dresses;
    they arrived in limos; it was some crazy shit. If only they would do this
    again.. regardless, this pass was for these two shows. You also have to love
    the touch of putting “Chaperone” on the pass.
  14. 3rd Annual Hallowicked Clown Show
    1) Hallowicked
    – Detroit
    2) Hallowicked
    96 Tour
    Comments:The Hallowicked tradition expanded
    yet again, planning to hit up 9 cities across the country for 11 big shows,
    and ending with two big shows at the Palladium in Roseville, Michigan on Devils
    Night and Halloween. Well, as you will read for the next pass, that didn’t
    exactly happen as planned. However, this tour brings us a pass just for the
    Detroit dates, and one for the entire tour.
  15. Resurrection TourComments:Well, at the second Toledo show
    during the Hallowicked Tour of 1996, Violent J jumped off a set of speakers
    and no one caught him. He broke is collarbone in a few places, and the remaining
    5 shows (Columbus, Cleveland, Kalamazoo, and Detroit) were postponed/cancelled.
    I know that the Kzoo show got moved to December 6th, while the 2 Detroit shows
    became one show on December 14th, in the FREEZING rain and cold. I don’t know
    if the Ohio shows got postponed or cancelled, or if other random cities were
    thrown in, but it was labeled the Resurrection Tour, and this was the pass
    used for it.
  16. Omen Tour
    Going through April and May
    of 1997, this was the biggest tour ICP had embarked on in a while, and it
    was the last before The Great Milenko would be released. You may also notice
    the last pass, this one, and the next one to some extent being of the extra
    shitty quality. I was told that they often forget to get passes made, and
    Psychopathic employee Frank G would often just print up something on the computer,
    and take it to Kinkos to get laminated the day they were leaving.
  17. Omen Tour – Flint, MIComments:On April 29th and 30th of 1997,
    ICP, DAS EFX and Onyx played the Metropolis in lovely Flint, MI. The promoters
    of the show has special backstage passes for those shows for some reason.
    Each pass is unique, as on the bottom of each, it has the organization the
    person worked for, and their name.
  18. All Up In Your Face YourComments:You know the deal with Disney
    and the Great Milenko. The original Great Milenko Tour was cancelled, and
    when Island released its version, the All Up In Your Face Tour was the first
    to promote the new CD, along with multiple instore appearances. The Tour started
    in August of 1997 and went strong almost to the end of the year, even going
    across the pond to Europe.
  19. Hallowicked Clown Show 1997Comments:Hallowicked of the year 1997
    came back to its simple roots, with just two shows in Toledo and Detroit,
    and a special show at 1am after the hometown gig.
  20. House of Horrors TourComments:Not wasting time at all, ICP,
    along with Psycho Realm, Myzery and Twiztid, jumped right into the House of
    Horrors Tour, which went from the beginning of 1998 until April, when the
    Minneapolis show was cancelled, and the tour ended. This would be the last
    tour for a little bit for Psychopathic.
  21. HOH Tour – Feb. 11; Kansas
    City, Kansas
    Comments:I am not sure why this stop
    had different passes than the rest of the tour. Perhaps these were just for
    local workers, or whatever… who knows? All I know is that ICP, Psyco Realm,
    and Myzery played at Memorial Hall in KC on February 11th, and they had this
  22. Dynamo Open Air 1998Comments:You may recall back in 1998,
    ICP went overseas to promote the Great Milenko album. Well, the Dynamo Open
    Air Festival was one of their stops, and it ran from May 29th to the 31st
    in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It also featured international recording artsis
    like the Deftones, Hatebreed, Incubus, Fu Manchu, Coal Chamber, Limp Bizkit,
    the Misfits, and many more. There is also a short audio interview clip with
    ICP that circulated around this time, and it was conducted… yup, at this
    festival. This pass was included in the Backstage Passes Lot at the Gathering
    2000 Auctions.
  23. Rock Am Ring 1998Comments:I officially have no idea what
    the fuck this is. As far as I can tell, it’s some sort of festival or concert
    series that occurs every year in Germany. And… I assume ICP played there
    in the summer of 1998. As with the Dynamo pass above, this pass was also in
    the Backstage Passes lot at the Auctions of the 2000 Gathering of the Juggalos.
    If you have any more information on this show, let us know.
  24. Mostasteless Release
    Comments:August 2nd, 1998, Psychopathic
    put on a free concert at St Andrews Hall for 700 fans to celebrate the release
    of Twiztid’s first Cd, Mostasteless. This would be their first longer live
    set as Twiztid (they were only doing 2 or 3 songs on the last tour), and they
    were joined by ICP for a few tracks. The pass says that Rukkus and Harms Way
    also played, but I am not sure they were there, if anyone gave a shit, etc.
  25. Juggalo Funhouse Tour
    KMK, Twiztid, and the Phunk
    Junkees jumped on this Fall of 1998 tour with ICP. Also notice that the quality
    of the passes have been pretty decent, until this one. Now, this tour ran
    right up to the Hallowicked 98 Tour, so I am not sure if that had its own
    pass, or if these were used.
  26. 103.9’s PartypaloozaComments:Party Radio 103.9 presented
    Partypalooza, featuring ICP, Cypress Hill, the Phunk Junkees, Blue Flannel
    and ‘Twisted.’ Twiztid can never catch a break with people spelling their
    name right. Anyways, with my powers of deduction, I think this was a stop
    on the Juggalo Funhouse Tour in September of 1998, but what the hell do I
    know? If you know, hit us up with the info.
  27. Amazing Jeckel Brothers TourVersions: 1) AJB
    2) AJB
    Local Pass

    AJB dropped in the summer of
    1999, and as usual, a massive tour of instores and concerts came to be, with
    openers Twiztid, Coal Chamber (until they got kicked off), and Biohazard.
    You may also note that this pass is double sided, and probably the best quality
    pass to date.
  28. Woodstock 1999
    Peace, love, and riots. ICP
    joined national acts like Metallica, Kid Rock, and Korn in this epic event.
    Now, as you can see, “ICP” was written on the back of the pass in the picture.
    I can only assume that each act was given a certain amount of passes, and
    their names were on the back. If so, you don’t need an ICP one… you can
    have one with Sugar Ray, Sheryl Crow, or Moby in your collection… I won’t
    tell anyone. You may also notice that the pass just says it is for Friday,
    July 23rd. I assume that means each band could only be there on their day.
  29. Wicked Clowns From Outer
    Space Tour

    ICP and Twiztid took this tour
    to small venues across the country for the last quarter of 1999, and well
    into 2000. This tour had the 3 Hallowicked dates in Detroit as a part of it,
    so one can only assume that these passes were used, and no special Hallowicked
    Passes were made. The pass has the same image on both sides, and you may also
    notice the silver corner like that of some of the Frontstage Passes. However,
    these were just made by the same company, and these are legitimate Backstage
    Passes, as shown by the “All Access”
  30. 101X Christmas Carnival

    Another random “radio festival”
    shows that ICP and Twiztid performed on, as well as System of a Down, Lit,
    and Stroke 9. Trouble is, I am unsure of really whene and where this show
    was. As far as I can narrow down, it was part of the WCFOS Tour which landed
    in Texas in December of 1999. If you have any info on this particular show,
    let us know!
  31. JCW TourVersions: 1) JCW
    2) JCW
    Local Pass

    After the successful JCW taping
    in Detroit, Psychopathic put it out on tour in April and May of 2000. Again,
    notice the silver tag in the corner of the pass, but remember that this was
    an official Backstage pass.
  32. Gathering of the Juggalos 2000Versions: 1) Level
    2) Level
    3) Level
    4) Level
    5) Winner
    The Gathering came to the Novi
    Expo Center in July of 2000, and it brought with it four Levels of Passes.
    Basically, the higher the level, the more access you have to different areas.
    The Level 4 was regarded as a Artist Only pass, as it allowed you everywhere.
    On the back of each was a map of the venue, and it showed where each level
    was allowed. There are also two “Winner” passes, which were won in the auction,
    and allowed the windners to go backstage, and even onstage.
  33. Hallowicked 2000
    Well, the quality of this pass
    took a step backwards from the previous handful. But, it is still the first
    true Hallowicked pass (that is known) since 1997.
  34. Bizzar Bizaar Tour
    On Halloween, Bizzar Bizaar
    came out, and soon after, the tour to support it spanned the country from
    coast to coast. This tour also started a trend of people having cloth/sticker
    passes for backstage entry. These were only good for one show, the one stamped
    on the bottom obviously, and I suppose they were probably used for local people,
    as to not allow passes to float around for the entire tour.
  35. Twiztid’s Freek Show Tour
    Versions: 1) 1st

    2) 2nd

    In late 2000, Twiztid went on
    tour with Blaze and rock group Relative Ash to support the Freek Show album.
    Notice the color difference between the 2 legs.
  36. Gathering of the Juggalos 2001Versions: 1) Level
    2) Level
    3) Level
    2 Winner
    4) Level

    Another Gathering, another set
    of passes. The Level 1s were pretty useless, as they just got you in the doors
    early, and without waiting in line. All of the Dot Com booth people got them.
    Level 3 was Green, for those caring, and again we have a Winners Pass, but
    I totally forget what that was for. It may have been for winning some of the
    seminar contests and such. If you recall, please let us know.
  37. Hatchet Rising TourVersions: 1) HRT
    2) HRT

    The Hatchet Rising Tour kicked
    off in the fall of 2001 with ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, and Dark Lotus all sharing
    the massive bill. Now, At first, I thought that the cloth/sticker deal was
    the only form of pass for this tour, although the classic Laminate style popped
    up, so they must have been used also. Hallowicked 2001 was in the middle of
    the tour, and at the show, I noticed crew wearing the HRT Pass. So.. I do
    not believe there was a special pass for Hallowicked, but I can not be certain.
  38. Twiztid’s Mirror Mirror Tour
    Twiztid, Blaze, Anybody Killa
    (and Zug Izland on certain dates) took off for the Mirror Mirror tour in March
    of 2002. These passes were used, obviously. Now, there are a few fakes that
    float around eBay… so be careful of what you pick up. While there could
    be other variations that are legit, we KNOW that this one is.
  39. Mirror Mirror Street Team
    As the Mirror Mirror Tour hit
    each city, a few people from each town were designated Street Teamersm helping
    to hand out samplers, flyers, and posters around the city. They all got a
    Street Team jacket and this pass to get them into the night’s (and any other,
    I can presume) show. While that would put them at not “rare” in number, many
    people don’t want to get rid of them.
  40. Gathering of the Juggalos 2002Versions: 1) Red
    “May Not Escort”
    2) Blue
    “May Escort”

    In Peoria in 2002, the Gathering
    may have grown, but the number of types of passes dwindled. We have two here.
    The Red one basically gets you in and around. That was given to press, friends,
    girls who were blowing everyone backstage, etc. It was also in the Mystery
    Box at the Auctions. The Blue ones were for more “important” people, and allowed
    them to bring groupies, I mean… up to 4 people at a time in with them.
  41. Zug Izland “All Access”
    I’m not real sure where this
    goes in the grand order, but this is my best guess. Zug didn’t have any long-lasting
    tours, but when they did a show or two, crew had these passes. Now, I know
    Zug played at the Gathering 2002 above, and Hallowicked below.. and I’m pretty
    sure they had some dates in between (like their show at Freedom Hill), so
    that would fit right here. I do recall seeing them on their tour with Dope,
    but that wasn’t until 2003. Regardless, here it is.
  42. Insane Clown Posse’s
    Haunted House Tour 2002
    Comments: ICP set off on a Haunted House
    Tour right before The Wraith dropped. I’m not quite sure what they would need
    a backstage pass for in a Haunted House, I guess for the Haunted Backstage?
  43. Hallowicked 2002
    The 9th Annual Hallowicked spanned
    both the 30th and 31st of October in the year 2002. The Royal Oak Music Theater
    saw Zug Izland, Blaze, and ICP the first night, with ABK, Twiztid, and ICP
    the second night. Truely a unique year, with a unique little pass. While not
    the same quality as most of the newer ones, it is still thick and glossy/laminated.
  44. Diamonds Raining Tour
    ICP, Esham, and ABK kicked off
    this small late-2002 tour in the Midwest as a little preview for the Wraith
    tour. And with a tour comes… a pass. Only being a few shows, in theory,
    there are probably less of these floating around.
  45. Jam For Jewell
    On December 8, 2002, there was
    a show at the Emerald Theater to benefit Lavel’s sick daughter Jewell. Twiztid
    performed as the main act that night.
  46. ICP: Shangri-La TourComments:The Wraith: Shangri-La Tour
    kicked off in the ’03 with Anybody Killa and 2 Live Crew opening up. You have
    the “regular” version above, as well as two “Sticker” versions – Blue
    and Red. They usually change
    colors for levels every night with the stickers, so you may see Blue VIPs
    and so on.
  • Blaze/OutlawzTourComments:In February/March of 2003, Blaze
    went out with The Outlawz for a little tour, giving Ya Dead Homie a taste
    of the spotlight. He killed it, as I am sure you know, and with it came this
    stellar, doulble sided pass. Very nice if I do say so myself.
  • Acid Rain TourComments:Esham and Zug Izland jumped
    on a quick tour in April of 2003 called the Acid Rain Tour. Jumpsteady also
    performed at the first show in Detroit.
  • Take Me Home Tour 2003Comments:In May of 2003, Blaze and Esham
    embarked on tour with Bone, and thus comes this pass. Note that they had a
    pass for each night of the tour, as the date for the specific show is printed
    right there. These are not the highest quality passes ever made, so be aware
    of that fact. They also had All
    Access Passes
    with no dates, that were good for the whole tour, obviously,
    but those were only for select Psy. crew.
  • Twiztid’s “Month of Mayhem”
    Comments:This tour was set to go off
    during May-June of 2003, but got cancelled. However, everything always has
    a way of getting out, and this pass was going to be used. For a good while,
    these were pretty rare. Then decided to sell some. I don’t
    know exactly how many were available, but they went fast. So, there are a
    few more out there to be had.
  • Gathering 2003Comments:The Gathering of 2003 brought
    us outside for a lovely weekend in July, just outside of Cleveland. This year,
    we only get one pass, as there weren’t that many places that were “exclusive.”
    Regardless, there seemed to be a lot of them out there, so these may be some
    of the most plentiful passes of recent memory.
  • The Green Book TourVersions: 1) Green
    Book Tour
    2) Green
    Book Tour: Chapter 2
    Comments:After releasing the Green Book
    in 2003, Twiztid went out on tour. Included in this tour were the FrightFest
    2003 shows, which had their own distinct pass. Anyways, the pass for the first
    leg was something like that of the poster. The Second Leg we have a picture
    of, because for some weird reason, decided to sell them in
    February of 2004. I am not sure on exactly how many were sold, but they went
    fast, so there are some out there for everyone to own, and they are 100% legitimate
    backstage passes.
  • Wicked WonkaComments:During the fall of 2003, ICP
    took KMK, Bone, and Tech N9ne out on tour, and as always, we get a nice little
    backstage pass here. Killah Priest was originally on the tour and word has
    it some passes with
    his likeness got out but I’m not sure how many. Also, Hallowicked was the
    last show of this tour, so there is no official Hallowicked pass for the ’03.
  • Xmas Party 2003/Psy. VIPComments:Well, there is an exception
    to every rule, and an item in every PT Section that doesn’t really fit. These
    passes were given to all of the winners of the Bootlegged Goes Gold contest,
    which turned into the Xmas Party 2003. These large stickers were worn by these
    lucky winners… who got no VIP treatment. They got it sit in a special section
    (which got over-run by everyone else), and they did not get backstage. Regardless…
    I had the picture, so I figured it needed to be put somewhere.
  • Dark Lotus’ “Black Rain Tour”Versions: 1) Black
    Rain Tour
    2) Black
    Rain Tour: Local
    Comments:In 2004, Dark Lotus went out
    on tour in 2004, and the black rain was falling all over the place. The tour
    got cut short, but we’ll forget about that. Anyways, like most tours, we get
    the regular passes and the local one-time deals.
  • Gathering 2004Versions: 1) GOTJ
    2) GOTJ
    All Access
    Comments:For the first time since it’s
    creation the Gathering was held in the same place as the year before, of course
    this being the Crystal Forest in Ohio. This year we had individually numbered
    passes so each could be traced back to it’s owner incase someone showed up
    backstage who shouldn’t be there.



  • Hells Pit TourComments:ICP hit the road in the fall
    of 2004 along with ABK, Esham and Mack 10 for the last ever tour for a jokers
    card which of course was Hells Pit Tour. Of course with a tour we get the
    Backstage pass.



  • FrightFest 2004Comments:Twiztid took their Halloween
    acts out on the road for a second year, along with Blaze, and a special HOK
    performance. Per usual, you get a pass. Well, not everyone got a pass, but
    we, the community, got one.
  • Twiztid’s Mystery Show
    Comments:Twiztid like to surprise everyone
    with a Mystery show every year and this was the pass they used for backstage.
    How mysterious!


  • Psychopathic All
    Stars Tour
    Comments:Taking place in Spring 2005
    this was a pretty big deal of a tour. Taking 4 of Psychopathics acts all out
    on the same time led to some good shows. Unfortunatly only one person out
    of them all still tours with the label but thats fine. This was the pass that
    got that lucky person backstage.
  • Gathering 2005Versions: 1) GOTJ
    2) GOTJ
    All Access
    2) GOTJ
    2) GOTJ
    Comments:For the third year in a row
    the Gathering was held at Crystal Forest in Ohio and this was the pass that
    got you everywhere. This was the first year that the multiple pass madness
    really began. They started giving out passes based on the reason you were
    there, which adds up quickly.
  • Twiztid’s Man’s Myth TourComments:In August of 2006 Twiztid went
    on a nationwide tour in support of there Man’s Myth And Mutant Albums, taking
    along ABK, The ROC and PDM. This was the All Access pass that got you everywhere.
  • Hallowicked
    2005 Tour
    Comments:In the Fall of 2005 ICP took
    along PDM, Vanilla Ice and AMB on a short Hallowicked tour and this is what
    got you backstage. Now I can only assume there was just one pass used for
    the whole tour plus the actual Detroit Hallowicked show but if thats not the
    case let us know.
  • Fright Fest 2005Comments:A couple days before Halloween
    Twiztid along with Blaze, The ROC and Wolfpac hit the stage in MA for the
    ever popular Fright Fest Show. The pass features a Friday The 13th-esque image
    that many enjoyed. Props to The ROC for doing the Sabu Point.
  • Fuck the Fuck off Tour Comments:Leading up to GOTJ06, Shaggy
    embarked on his first solo tour and huzzah, here is a new pass.
  • Twiztid’s Guillotine
    Comments:Spring/Summer of 2006 and Twiztid
    hit the road with Bobaflex, Potluck and AMB on a couple dates. Like always
    the powers that be grace us with a All Access Pass. As a tidbit somewhere
    near the end of the tour Monoxide was out with tooth problems so Blaze filled
    in for him for a couple shows.
  • Gathering Of The Juggalos 2006Versions: 1) GOTJ
    All Access
    2) GOTJ
    Comments:The 2006 Gathering took place
    at The Frontier Ranch in Pataskala, Ohio, with lots of mud and rain and 2
    new backstage passes.
  • Blaze’s Tombstone Terror
    Comments:Finally in August 2006 Blaze
    gets to headline his own nation wide tour alongside Boondox and AMB. Like
    most items affiliated with Blaze, this pass is hot.
  • Hallowicked 2006 Tour Versions: 1) All
    2) Hallowicked
    06 Tour Local
    Comments:A first for Hallowicked, the
    event was stretched out to a whole tour from late September until the ultra
    holy October 31st night. The tour featured Boondox, Subnoize Souljaz and Wolfpac,
    with the Halloween show featuring special guests Twiztid and Tech N9ne. The
    pass is double sided with Shaggula on one side and Franken
    on the other.
  • The Tempest Release
    Party Tour
    Comments:Before The Tempest dropped
    in March 07 ICP took Boondox, Wolfpac, Dead By Wednesday and all the stars
    of JCW out to these partys to promote the record. ICP didn’t perform but I
    know you had a hell of a time anyways. With the tour we get the pass that
    grants you all access BYATCH!
  • The Tempest TourComments:This pass was used in the Spring
    of 2007 when ICP went out on the road to promote The Tempest record and took
    along Twiztid marking the first time in almost 6 years that the two groups
    toured exclusively with each other.
  • Gathering Of The Juggalos 2007Versions: 1) Crew2) Artist3) Band4) Wrestler5) Sunday
    Comments:Gathering 2007, Cave-In-Rock
    Illinois, Population: You. Of course with the great Gathering we get the great
    Gathering passes and this year we got a number of different ones. First we
    get the all mighty Crew and I can only assume this got you everywhere. Next
    we got the Artist pass which I figure was given out to the main stage performers.
    Also there was a good number of bands/groups performing on the lower stages
    and each got there own pass to impress the chicks with. The wrestlers who
    peformed for JCW and Bloodymania also got to flaunt with there own pass. Also
    popping up was a “Sunday Only” pass for ICP which is weird as I’m curious
    if theres other passes out there for the other days. If you know more then
    we do hit us up.
  • Hallowicked 2007
    Comments:Although not as long as the
    previous year, ICP once again took the Hallowicked show out on a tour in October
    2007 dragging along Necro, Boondox and Motown Rage for the festivities.
  • Toxic TerrorComments:Twiztid took to the road in
    this tour with openers like Project Born, Bizarre, and the Psychopathic Mouth
    of the South, Boondox.
  • Opaque Brotherhood TourComments:Opacity basically means it’s
    time for the Season of the Lotus to be upon us once again. Those of us that
    went to the Lotus show the night before Hatchet Attacks got a sneak preview
    of this tour.
  • Gathering of the Juggalos 2008Versions: 1) All
    2) Crew3) Band4) WrestlerComments:Another year, another fantastic
    Gathering of the Juggalos. Once again, we have reoughly 8-12 different passes.
    If you have unscarred pics, send em on in.
  • Shock Therapy TourComments:Right on the heels of GOTJ
    08 comes this banger of a tour. Featuring Blaze, ABK, Boondox, and AMB, this
    tour had something for everyone.
  • Hallowicked 2008 TourComments:This was a very short 4 date Hallowicked tour, 4 dates
    in fact. We have no pictures of a pass for this tour, and some have said they
    used the Shock Therapy passes for a tour or 2, but if you have info, send
    it in.
  • End of Days TourComments:Twiztid embarked on this tour
    to promote the W.I.C.K.E.D. album, playing it in it’s entirety every night.
    I loved the album and the show did not dissapoint. Note there were a few different
    passes, as this one has SUPPORT on the back
    and this one has WORKING. It’s
    also of a lower quality than recent passes and has NO foil.
  • Gathering of the Juggalos 2009 Versions: 1) All
    2) Band3) Wrestler4) Front
    Comments:If you never got to a GOTJ,
    this one was the one to go to. MC Chris, Gwar, and the Don Mega, Ice Cube
    himself. As per the newer GOTJ’s, they had many passes for ALL your asses,
    including the infamous Front Stage pass.
  • Bang Pow Boom TourVersions: 1) Laminate2) ClothComments:With a Bang, you could say good bye to every thing, but not before
    you got a chance to Zomblie Slide up out your tomb. This is also another lower
    quality pass with no foil, beware of fakes. Out of the blue, we find the cloth
    pass was used. No idea if there was one for each color face/date so let us
    know if you have any info!
  • Slaughterhouse TourVersions: 1) Laminate2) ClothComments:Twiztid hit the road again in 2010 with the Slaughterhouse tour.
    Mixing the setlist up, they did a bunch of older tracks including Nosferatu.
    Following the BPB tour’s lead, 2 passes that don’t match perfectly, but would
    be a great addition to any collector’s collection. Let’s see if this trend
    continues on the Happy Daze tour.
  • Week of Weirdos
    1) Front2) BackComments:Short but sweet tour of Cali. DEFINITELY one of the sweetest passes though.
  • GOTJ 2011
    GOTJ 11 had a pass? You bet your ass.

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