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  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the hoodie.

  1. Twiztid Mostasteless Letters  $65-80+
    Colors: Black w/ Green; Black w/ Silver; Red w/ Black; Green w/ Black
    Comments: I would call this Twiztid’s first “official” hoodie, representing their first CD. In December 2002, the Red version came out on the Web Store, and in eptember of 2006 came the Green version, both for $65. Being as these were more recent and more widely sold, they are lower on the value spectrum than the early versions.
  2. Twiztid Freek Show Angel  $80+
    Color: Black
    Comments: I have heard these were ONLY sold at the Detroit show. I’ve also heard that they were sold in certain stores. Who knows. Regardless, they were not sold in many places. As you can see, they have the Freek Show Letters/Faces on the front, and the Angel on the back.
  3. Twiztid Freek Show Letters  $70+
    Color: Black w/ Green
    Comments: This hoodie came out around in the era of the Freek Show, again promoting their latest CD. The picture we have is with green lettering, but there may possibly be more.
  4. Twiztid Freek Show Faces  $100+
    Colors: Black w/ Green; Black w/ Red
    Comments: These were available at the Gathering 2001. I don’t believe they sold out, but it doesn’t seem that many people have them, thus the slight increase in value.
  5. Twiztid Black/White Letters (Gathering Auction)  $$+
    Color: Black w/ White/Black
    Comments: This hoodie was part of a lot (with 4 jerseys) at the Gathering 2001 Autions that went for $800. George, my boy who won it, had to sell everything off seperately, so this may be floating around by itself in the trading world. I have also heard of someone else having this hoodie, so there is another one for you to look for.
  6. Twiztid Batman  $65+
    Colors: Grey; Black; Blue
    Comments: The grey version came out at the same time as the similar hockey jersey, and was one of the more popular of the Hoodies craze. The black version came out in October of 2003 on with “I Wanna Be Batman” on the ass, where as the grey version just had the Hatchetman. In September of 2006, the Blue version debuted, with nothing on the ass
  7. Twiztid “New” Freek Show Letters  $80+
    Color: Blue w/Orange
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Hatchet Rising Tour, and was also briefly on the Web Store, as the “Twiztid – Detroit Tigers colors” Hoodie. The picture does not show it, but like the last few, these have an Orange Hatchetman on the back bottom.
  8. Mirror Mirror “Promo” Hoodie  $$++
    Color: Red
    Comments: On a few of the Mirror Mirror promo shots used on shirts, in the booket, etc., you may have seen Monoxide wearing this hoodie. Word has it that it was the only one made, and it was Madrox’s, but it didn’t fit him so he gave it to Mono, and it moved from there into the hands of a trader, straight from the Monoxide Child after a show. Good stuff.
  9. Twiztid’s Eastside  $60+
    Color: Grey w/ Blue
    Comments: These hoodies debuted on the Mirror Mirror Tour. I have also heard they have White w/ Blue and Grey w/ Red. but I have seen nothing to support this. I’ver also heard that some sold on tour did NOT have the Twiztid patch on the sleeve, but I don’t think people are clamoring to own both versions, so value/rarity is about the same.
  10. Twiztid Bitch  $65+
    Color: White
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Mirror Mirror tour, for all of you Twiztid Bitches out there. It made its way to the Web Store in Sept. 2002.
  11. Twiztid Block Letters  $65+
    Colors: Black w/ Red; Dark Grey w/ Red
    Comments: This hoodie was for sale on the Mirror Mirror Tour, but then jumped onto the Web Store. Now, we have gotten reports that eary in the tour (the first half a dozen shows or so) these were GREY, had no Hatchetmen on the sleeves, and the HatchetGear logo on the back. Then, suddenly they switched to the Black version that appeared on the Web Store. Then we hear that this Grey version was on the last few dates of the tour. Weird. Regardless, you can see by the pictures that they are slightly different, as well as a good comparison to a Grey Eastside and a Black hoodie behind it. So, in theory, the Grey version should be rarer, for without being on the Web Store, it was harder to find.
  12. Twiztid Hallowicked 2002  $70+
    Color: Orange
    Comments: Here is your Hallowicked exclusive, the Twiztid Hoodie. It is orange with “Twiztid” on the front, and “Hallowicked” on the back. They sold out both nights, quickly. But then comes the Web Store in mid-November, selling these hoodies.
  13. Twiztid Xmas 2002  $70+
    Color: Green
    Comments: This seasonal hoodie came onto the Web Store in mid-November 2002. Perhaps this is the start of the Twiztid Christmas merch this season.
  14. Twiztid Curlicue  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Seriously… how many different logos can they make for Twiztid hoodies? Anyways, this one came out in January of 2003, and maybe.. MAYBE this will be the logo they stick with. Or, we’ll see another logo here real soon.
  15. Majik Records  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Majik Records came to be in May of 2003, as the home for the Samhein Witch Killaz, and this hoodie appeared on their web store.
  16. “Green Life Forces Energies”  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie follows in the line of the other Twiztid Weed merch, as we get the GLFE Hoodie. Like the other stuff, this came on the Web Store in May of 2003.
  17. Mostasteless: The Album  $65+
    Color: Black w/ Yellow
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on in mid-September of 2003, and it came in a combo deal with a matching hat for 70 bones. Not a bad deal for reppin a CD that came out 5 years ago. Also note the Hatchetman on the back; something that was missing from all previous items. They also came out and noted that these fit a little small, so beware.
  18. Mostasteless Hoods  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on in September of 2003, again in a combo deal with a hat. And notice the Hatchetman getting bigger as the apron strings get tighter? Real funny.
  19. “We Don’t Die” Tombstone  $65+
    Color: Orange
    Comments: Ah, nothing like pumping out merch for something that came out 2 years ago. This hoodie debuted on in October of 2003, and of course, it references the hit song, “We Don’t Die” from the Freekshow album.
  20. Halloween 2003  $65+
    Color: Orange
    Comments: debuted this seasonal hoodie in mid-October 2003 in preparation for the Halloween season. This is Twiztid’s second Halloween hoodie, and it is sure to become a hot seller.
  21. Twiztid Zip-Up Hoodie  $70+
    Color: Black w/ Red
    Comments: This hoodie popped up on in November of 2003. All of the patches are stitched, and it seems to be very good quality. Also of note, before they put this up for sale, it was up very briefly with Grey patches. So, there is that possibility of those being out there.
  22. Axemas 2003  $55+
    Color: Red
    Comments: This hoodie debuted in December of 2003 on With the holidays approaching, they give you this red and green beauty, with “AxeMas 2003” on the back. It was also rereleased in 2004 on at a reduced rate.
  23. “Choppas” Logo  $60/$45+
    Versions: 1) Black
    2) Red
    Comments: Coming into the ’04, busts out with this hoodie. It jocks the West Coast Choopers logo, as you may know. You also may remember a T-Shirt that was put out with the same gimmick. 4 years later a red version pops up on the webstore.
  24. Bubblin Logo  $65+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: Another early January of 2K4 hoodie on I think it looks like the Wonder Bread logo. Maybe I’m the crazy one. Anyways, like all new merch, we speculate this logo will be on more stuff, and it won’t be, and we’ll look stupid.
  25. “Killaz”  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Late January of 2004 brought us this hoodie. It has the Twiztid logo stitched onthe front, with the Myers/Jason image screen printed on the back.
  26. FrightFest 2004  $60/75+
    Versions: 1) FrightFest Logo
    2) FrightFest Pumpkins
    Comments: There were no exclusive hoodies in 2003, but 2004, Twiztid busted two out. They were both available at the show, as well as for a limited time. And then… both were on – the FrightFest one for 60 and the Pumpkins for 75.
  27. Freek Show Faces (Screen Print)  $55+
    Color: Black w/ Red
    Comments: This hoodie came out in February 2005 on Leave it to Twiztid to continue to pump out merch from a 5 year old CD. But hey, it will sell, so I guess all is well. These are screen printed, thus the 55 dollar price tag.
  28. Spike Logo/Serial Killaz  $55+
    Color: Blue
    Comments: This screen printed hooide came out in the rush of October 2005. ASs you can see, we have one of the 3 dozen Twiztid logos on the front, with the always popular “Serial Killaz” on the back.
  29. Eyeball  $55+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie was also first sold in October of 2005, and it is also screened. Again, a classic Twiztid logo on front, with the Man’s Myth and Mutant eyeball gimmick on the back.
  30. Twiztid M3 Faces  $55+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie was on the Man’s Myth Tour of 2005, and I don’t think it appeared anywhere else.
  31. FrightFest 2005 “Skull”  $70+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie was sold at FrightFest 2005. It has the Skull Logo, which also appeared on a shirt from that show.
  32. Twiztid “M3”  $45+
    Color: Red
    Comments: This hoodie was sold at Hot Topics worldwide in the summer of 2006. As you can see, it has the Mans Myth and Mutant logo on front with the picture of the duo on the back.
  33. Green ID Logo  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: It’s been a while since we’ve seen some new Twiztid hoodies, but in late June 2007 this popped up on Hatchet Gear. It’s a plain black hoodie with the ID Twiztid logo in green/white for that extra flare.
  34. Skull Logo  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The Twiztid skull logo was previously seen on shirts and jerseys and it finally made it’s way onto a hoodie. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but was later sold on the webstore.
  35. T-Bat Logo  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: All black hoodie with just the new T-Bat Twiztid logo on the front. This debuted on HatchetGear in late September 2007.
  36. Serial Killaz 2007  $50+
    Color: Red
    Comments: Screen printed hoodie with a Twiztid logo thats been on a couple things, but the old school Serial Killaz logo from the old shirts on the back. Pretty cool.
  37. Batwiztid  $50/65+
    Versions: 1) Screen Printed Batwiztid Logo
    2) Charcoal Batwiztid Logo
    Comments: #1 came first while #2 followed a few months later, both debuting on the webstore. The screen printed version features the T-Bat logo on the back while the Charcoal Patch version is plain.
  38. Green Mostasteless  $65+
    Versions: 1) Forest Green
    2) Black w/Green Logo
    Comments: The forest green debuted on the webstore in September 2007 while the black debuted in May 2008. Still going back to the old Mostasteless well.
  39. ID Faces  $65+
    Color: Red
    Comments: Plain red hoodie with the Independents Day era Twiztid faces patch on the front.

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