PT Hoodies Psychopathic

  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the hoodie.

  1. “Psychopathic Records”  $70+
    Colors: Black w/ Red; Black w/ Silver
    Comments: When these came out, I thought they were bootleg as hell. But I guess they are real. Pretty simple with the Hatchetman and “Psychopathic Records” on the front. I thought they had other colors for the lettering, but I am not sure.
  2. Psychopathic Hatchetman  $65+
    Color: Black w/ Red
    Comments: These started the boom of hoodies that Psychopathic put out, and they did it with the basic hatchetman. I do not recall if other colors came with this. Anyways, it also started another trend of hoodies being SMALL. The XXL of these fit like a XL, if you’re lucky, so that is kinda beat. To keep the timeline straight… I believe these came out around mid-2000. Also note, these has NO Hatchetman on the back like the newer ones do, so you can tell the older ones from the newer ones.
  3. Dark Lotus  $60+
    Colors: Black; Burgandy
    Comments: And then comes the mass production of hoodies, starting right about here. You were able get these on the Web Store, Hot Hits, and most shows. There is also a Prototype Lotus Hoodie that has popped up. Story goes that after a show, HRT I think, Tom Dub gave this to someone. So there it is.
  4. Juggalo/Juggalette
    Versions: 1) Juggalo  $70+
    2) Juggalette  $70+
    3) Juggalo Shield  $65+
    4) Black Juggalette “Hardcore”  $65+
    5) Red Juggalette “Hardcore”  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The first two versions were first available around mid-2001. In November of 2002, the Juggalo Shield, and Hardcore Juggalette logos came to the Web Store.
  5. “New” Psychopathic Hatchetman  $60+
    Colors: Red w/ Black; Black w/ Ice; Light Blue w/ Dark Blue
    Comments: These go back to the classic Hatchetman front, but there is a difference. Like the last few Hoodies on this list, these have a small Hatchetman on the back bottom. And, again, you can get these on the Web Store, etc etc. I have also heard there is a Blue Hoodies with a White Hatchetman, and some don’t have the outline around the Hatchetman. I’ve also heard of some having a square “Psychopathic Wear” patch on the back instead of a Hatchetman. I would say these are rarer, because you can’t get them as easily, but for value, they are probably not much more.
  6. Psychopahic “Felt Hatchetman”  $65+
    Colors: Black; White; Green
    Comments: These were the first pieces of clothing to represent the Hatchet Gear logo, and are still available on the Web Store. The hatchetmen on the front and back are made of suede, while the “Psychopathic” and “Records” patches are felt.
  7. Psychopathic Zip-Up  $70+
    Colors: Black; Grey
    Comments: This is a first, and an only so far, for Psychopathic – the zip-up hoodie. When these were first sold on the Web Store, the tag said they were made by Psychopathic Wear. Things changed, and then everything became Hatchet Gear. So if you have one of the Psy. Wear versions, this would be considerably rarer, and possibly more valuable. If you have any more info on this, hit us up.
  8. Hatchet Gear  $65+
    Colors: Black; Red
    Comments: The HatchetGear brand was started for the 10 year anniversary of Psychopathic. And with this hoodie, we have a hoodie promoting this new clothing line.
  9. “Sabu-Man”  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Psychopathic Web Store in early 2002, and has Sabu on the front, spike in hand. Also, the Sabu Logo is on the sleeve instead of the usual HatchetGear Logo.
  10. Hatchetman 2002  $65+
    Color: Black w/ Red/White
    Comments: This hoodie has the standard Hatchetman on the front, and the small HatchetGear patch on the bottom back. But, this one has a Psychopathc patch and an 02 on the sleeve. These can be found on the Web Store.
  11. Psychopathic ’02  $$+
    Color: Black w/ Red
    Comments: I am not sure where this hoodie was available, or in what numbers. As you can see, it has “Psychopathic” across the front, and the 02 deal on the sleeve. It also has the HatchetGear patch on the back, and notice the Hatchetman on the pocket, unlike any other hoodie. If you have any info on this, please let us know.
  12. PuBu/Big Money Hustlas  $65+
    Color: Grey/Yellow
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Big Money Hustlas tour, and then made its way to the Web Store.
  13. Dark Lotus Halloween  $$+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie was included in the Lotus Lot at the Gathering 2002 Auctions. Who knows why it was never made in full production for Hallowicked 2002, but it most liekly would have been a hot seller.
  14. Psychopathic Prototype  $$+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie was auctioned off in the Psychopathic Lot at the Gathering 2002. As you can see, it has the unique design of ‘Psycho’ on one sleeve and ‘Pathic’ on the other. Very interesting.
  15. Psychopathic Flame Logo  $65+
    Colors: Black; Red
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the web store in November of 2002 (the red in December), right after a knit hat came out with the same logo. Good combo for the cold weather.
  16. Dark Carnival Games  $65+
    Color: Green
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Web Store in late November 2002, for all of the Mortons Listalos to enjoy during the cold winter months. The “DCG” on the hood is an interesting feature, and we shall see if that is added to all new Psychopathic hoodies in the future.
  17. Camo Hatchetman  $65+
    Colors: Black w/ Green; Black w/ Blue
    Comments: The tshirts came earlier, and now the Camo Hatchetman has found his way onto a hoodie. The picture may not be clear, but on the Green one, there is an ’03 on one sleeve, and the new Fire Psy Logo on the other. Yet, when the Blue one comes out, it’s gone. Crazy.
  18. Psychopathic “Star” Logo  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie was sold on the Wicked Wonka Tour, and soon made its way to the Web Store. Yet another item to throw the Star logo on. Also notice the return of the “Hatchet Gear” on the ass.
  19. Psychopathic “Circle Hatchetman”  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Web Store in October of 2003, as a part of Psychopathic’s Fall Line. Again, we see a new logo style that has seen its way onto other merch as of late.
  20. Psychopathic “Bowtie” Logo  $65+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: Another new logo, another new hoodie debuting in October of the ’03. This Psychopathic Hoodie has the logo in the shape of a Bowtie… hence the name. Also notice the Hatchetman on the hood, and nothing on the back.
  21. Psychopathic “Bulletholes”  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Web Store in October of 2003… go figure. It features the Hatchetman, with a knife slash and some bulletholes. On this hoodie, notice the “The Label That Runs Beneath the Fuckin Streets” on the bottom. Also, this hoodie is silk-screened, so it’s a little cheaper than other hoodies.
  22. Psychopathic “Hatchetman Outline”  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: It’s hard to give all these hoodies different names when they just have a Hatchetman on them. Anyways, this also debuted on the Wicked Wonka Tour, and then came to the Web Store. It is a black hoodie… with a blue hatchetman with a red outline. Pretty self explanitory. I also heard there was a Red Hoodie with a Black Hatchetman/White Outline. We shall see.
  23. Psychopathic “Olde English” Logo  $65+
    Color: Red
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Web Store in mid-October of 2003. Gotta love another new style logo. As always, we shall wait for this to pop up on something else. Also note the Psy. Flame logo on the sleeve, and nothing on the back.
  24. Psychopathic “Heavy Metal”  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The date was the middle of November. The year was 2003. The web store was The items? Many hoodies. This was just one. As you can see, it has a new font for the “Psychopathic,” with nothing on the sleeves or back.
  25. Solar Eclipse Hatchetman  $50+
    Color: Blue
    Comments: This hoodie surfaced in November of 2003, and it features a crazy Hatchetman on the front, and “Psychopathic Records” on the back. Both are screen printed, thus the $50 price tag.
  26. Psychopathic “ICP Tag”  $50+
    Color: Red
    Comments: Another mid-November 2003 hoodie to keep the Juggalos warm during the cold winter. This screen printed hoodie features a Hatchetman, with ICP “tagged” across it, as well as “Psychopathic” down both arms (I assume).
  27. Psychopathic Zip-Up 2003  $70+
    Color: Black w/ Blue
    Comments: Psychopathic released some zip-up hoodies a few years back, and the ywere pretty popular. Come November of 2003, we get a new version of this idea, with this black hoodie. It has “Psychopathic” across the front and a small HatchetGear patch on the back. I could forsure see this in different colors in the future.
  28. Juggalette Zip-Up  $70+
    Colors: Grey/Black; White/Black
    Comments: This girlie hoodie debuted on the Web Store in mid-November of 2003. As you can see, we have a small logo on the front, and the larger Juggalette logo on the back. They called it the “4 Logo,” I assume because it’s the same as the “4 Life” shirts. Who knows. Anyways, the White version came in January of 2004, with some slight differences, as you are able to see.
  29. Juggalo “4 Logo”  $65+
    Color: Red
    Comments: This hoodie came out on the Web Store during Thanksgiving weekend of 2003. Again, I believe they call it the “4 Logo” because it is like that of the “4 Life” shirts. Notice that this is a stitched hoodie, not the cheap screen print job, as well as the nifty hatchetman on the hood.
  30. NBA Logo  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The NBA Logo is a hot little deal in the world nowadays, and Psychopathic jumped on it. This hoodie came onto the Web Store in mid-January of 2004, along with a matching knit hat and shirt.
  31. Ring of Fire  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This screen printed hoodie debuted on the Web Store in January of 2004. Notice the Hatcheman almost jumping out at you, as well as the graphic on the back bottom, so strangers can openly oogle your ass.
  32. Hatchetman & Joker Cards  $70+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The chilly month of January 2004 brought this hoodie to the Web Store. We have the Hatchetman in the middle, surrounded by six smaller patches of the Joker Cards, which look to be straight off of the embroidered shirts. I am saddened that only one Jeckel made it to the dance… why not have ones with the other one? It only seems fair.
  33. Dark Lotus – Glow in the Dark  $55+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The new Lotus merch started to come around in February of 2004. This hoodie is screen printed, and both front and back graphics glow in the dark like a radioactive ape.
  34. Soopa Villians  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie was sold at the Gathering 2004. Odd because I did not see many of these at all, but perhaps that is because no one would actually wear a hoodie in 85 degree heat. Nevertheless, they were there, and perhaps they will be coming to a HatchetGear near you.
  35. That Wicked Shit  $65+
    Color: Red
    Comments: Psychopathic Records brings you that wicked shit… the music, and the merch. This hoodie debuted in October of 2004, follwing in the historic line of TWS Merch.
  36. Psychopathic Hatchetman (2004)  $65+
    Colosr: Red; Black; Grey
    Comments: Simple, yet effective. When all else fails, you put a Hatchetman on a hoodie and watch it sell. This is one of the “new” style hoodies, which is what you can use to tell the difference between it and earlier Hatchetman hoodies. In 2005, we get a very similar Grey hoodie, although it doesn’t have the Hatchetman on the neck. I have also heard of some Black ones w/out the Hatchetman on the neck. New versions, mix up, different brand of hoodie?… the world will never know.
  37. Psy “Double Hatchets”  $55+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie debuted in October of 2004 on It is screen printed, thus the slightly cheaper price. Also note the Hatchetman on the hood, which is always an interesting touch.
  38. Olde English  $55+
    Versions: Red Juggalette; Grey Juggalo
    Comments: Like most new gimmicks, the Olde English deal has made its way around, and here we have it again. Some warm hoodies for all the Juggalos and Juggalettes appeared in December of 2004.
  39. Psy “Flame Circle”  $55+
    Colors: Black; Red
    Comments: The cold weather is on its way out, but the hoodies keep coming in. This Black hoodie came into our lives in February of 2005, and the Red followed in May.
  40. Juggalette “Bridge” Logo  $55+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This screen printed hoodie came out in March of 2005, and it features the “Bridge” logo for the ladies to wear.
  41. Soopa Villainz 2005  $65+
    Color: Red
    Comments: October 2005 brings us this SV hoodie via the Web Store. I can only assume we’re looking at a few more colors in the future, but I always say that.
  42. Juggalo/Juggalette Axe Logo  $55+
    Versions: Juggalo; Juggalette; Juggalette Zip Up
    Comments: October 2005 again, and we have some his and hers hoodies for you and that special someone in your life. In September of 2006, they break out the Axe Logo again in a zip-up form for you ladies out there.
  43. Lightning  $55+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another hoodie, oh yeah.. October of 2005. This one features the ever-popular Hatchetman, with some lightning designs about it.
  44. Hatchet Logo  $55+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: This screened hoodie also came out in October of 2005, and it features a new “Hatchet” logo, along with the bleeding Hatchetman logo on the back.
  45. Hatchetman Splatter  $55+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie came out at Hot Topic at the end of summer 2006. Pretty simple graphic. Hatchetman? Check. Blood splatter? Check. Homosexual model? Check.
  46. Juggalo/Juggalette 2006  $65+
    Versions: Juggalo; Juggalette
    Comments: These matching Juggalo and Juggalette hoodies came out in September of 2006 on Keeping it nice and simple here.
  47. Psychopathic Mall Zip-Up  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This Zip-Up hoodie popped up on internet sites but not really anywhere else. I’m leaning towards it being real due to the Insane Clown Posse Tag but if this isn’t the case let us know.
  48. Juggalette Hatchet Heart Zip-Up  $65+
    Color: Red
    Comments: This Zip Up hoodie has new hatchetman heart design on the front left breast with a Juggalette on the back holding a axe looking like Lorena Bobbitt. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but made it’s way onto the webstore.
  49. Juggalo White Wings  $65+
    Comments: The popular juggalo gimmick along with the new Psy wings logo found it’s mark onto a hoodie. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but made it’s way onto the webstore.
  50. Psychopathic Squished Logo  $65+
    Comments: Simple hoodie with a new logo on the front and nothing else. The logo to me looks squished together, hence the name. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but made it’s way onto the webstore.
  51. Psychopathic Rydas Crown Logo  $65+
    Versions: Red; Blue
    Comments: The Rydas don’t need your cash but they’ll take it anyways. These were available for you to choose in either Blood Red or Crip Blue depending on what gang your neighborhood is terrorized by. These were originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but made there way onto the webstore.
  52. Grey Dark Lotus Cross  $65+
    Comments: It’s been a couple years but we finally get a new Dark Lotus hoodie. Simple design with only the Lotus cross on the front, but thats all it really needs. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later found it’s way onto the webstore.
  53. Hatchetman Blood Splatter  $50+
    Color: White
    Comments: This is for sure one odd piece of merch but you can’t blame them for trying new things. We have a regular screen printed hatchetman on the front and Psychopathic Records on the back and on the sleeves. But all over the hoodie are blood stains making it look like you either just killed someone or banged your girlfriend while she was on the rag. This is one article of clothing that will definitely get your some stares.
  54. Psychopathic Rydas Gunshot  $45+
    Color: Red
    Comments: Screen printed hoodie with the Rydas Gunshot graphic on the front and Rydas hardcore logo on the back. This came onto the webstore in December 2007.
  55. Psychopathic Logos Zip-Up  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This silk screened zip-up hoodie features the 4 manin artists logos on the front and a large hatchetman on the back with photos of the roster inside. Pretty cool concept.
  56. Oversized Circle Hatchetman  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This silk screened hoodie is simple and to the point. Take a big Hatchetman logo and cover the entire fucking front of the hoodie with it. This debuted on the webstore in November 2007.
  57. Juggalette Mudflap  $45/$65+
    Versions: Red Zip-Up; Red
    Comments: The first Zip-Up version was released on the webstore in December 2007 with the patch version following a couple months later.
  58. Psychopathic Electroid  $45+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Weird screen printed winter 2008 hoodie. Not much else to say.
  59. Psychopathic Flame Logo 2008  $45+
    Versions: Black; Red
    Comments: A 2008 update on the Psychopathic flame design for all the flamers out there.
  60. Dark Lotus Group Picture  $45+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Screen printed hoodie that features a old 2001 Lotus group shot picture on the front and Lotus cross on the back. This was released on the webstore in December 2007.
  61. Dark Lotus Burgandy Zip Up  $50+
    Color: Burgandy
    Comments: Screen printed hoodie with the old school burgandy color bringing the DL into 2008.
  62. Psychopathic Hatchetman 2008  $65+
    Versions: Black; Grey; Red
    Comments: For fans of the old simple stuff, regular red hatchetman on a black hoodie. Excellent. This debuted on the webstore during the winter of 2008. Now skip a couple months over to May and we get the grey and red versions to complete the simple set.
  63. Juggalo World Order  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This along with a matching football jersey debuted on Hatchet Gear in March 2008 to keep all the JCW wrestling fans warm.
  64. JCW Logo  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Plain black hoodie with the classic JCW logo on the front. Perfect for the non-flashy wrestling fan.
  65. Double Hatchets And Skull  $65+
    Color: Red
    Comments: The Skulls and Hatchets gimmick hits a hoodie with this April 2008 webstore addition.
  66. Dark Lotus Blossom Logo  $65+
    Versions: Black; Grey
    Comments: The Dark Lotus Blossom Logo hits it’s mark on 2 hoodies in black and grey released on the webstore in April/May 2008.
  67. Dark Lotus Plain Cross  $65+
    Versions: Black; Grey
    Comments: Plain Lotus cross logo on the front with nothing else, thats pretty much there is to say. The black came first with the grey following a couple months later.
  68. Psycho Bitch  $65+
    Color: Red
    Comments: I guess this is for the crazy psycho bitches out there, or effeminate guys. I usually thought being a Psycho Bitch is a bad thing, but I guess not for Juggalettes.


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