PT Hoodies Anybody Killa

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    1. Anybody Killa Skull  $65+
      Color: Red; Dark Grey; Black
      Comments: This hoodie was available on the Mirror Mirror Tour. The red one soon made its way to the Web Store. Now, during the Shangri-La Tour, they had Black ones, as seen above. Now, I believe these were also sold earlier with the Grey ones on the MM Tour, for people often confuse Dark Grey and Black hoodies. Although these newer ones have Hatchetman on the sleeves, as you can see, and I am not sure what the OGs were like.
    2. ABK Braids Logo  $65+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Debuting on the Shangri-La Tour in February 2003, this hoodie debuted on the Web Store soon thereafter. Now, I’ve also been informed that there was a similar hoodie sold on the Green Book Tour, with a Hatchetman on each sleeve. I was told there were about 50 of these made, and they were sold at a handful of shows. So hey, be on the look out for that.
    3. ABK Braids Logo – Silk-Screened  $55+
      Colors: Grey; Red
      Comments: This hoodie popped up in late October of 2003. Notice the slight update to the “Braids” logo, as well as a funky design on the back. Also, these were cheaper than usual, because the images were silk-screened, not sewn on. In December of 2004, the Red version popped up, and although it is not the same as the other, they are both silk screened, and we can’t have too many “ABK Braids Logo” merch all apart from each other.
    4. ABK Braids Logo 2005  $55+
      Color: Grey
      Comments: And I make fun of Twiztid reusing the same logos over and over. Can we get something that isn’t the “Braids Logo”? This one came out in October of 2005, with slightly different designs than the 18 that came before it. Rock on.
    5. Anybody Fuckin’ Killa  $55+
      Color: Red
      Comments: I know these were never sold on the webstore but I’ve been told that ABK was selling these after he left Psy on his own tour. I guess he’s squeezing every last penny out of his Psychopathic career, hell he’s still using the “Hatchet Warrior” gimmick so why not sell his old merch? You can tell it’s an offical Psychopathic hoodie by the Hatchetman on the neck.
    6. Killa Skull  $60+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This debuted on the webstore in April 2007 and marks ABK’s first hoodie back on Psychopathic. This is different from the first ABK hoodies because the skull graphic is missing the “Anybody” word placing it into the new “Killa” line of merch.


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