There are rumors of a COC Hoodie that a trader has, but I have heard conflicting reports if it is real or not. If we get pictures or a story behind it, we will post it. Also, I have heard there is ONE set each of COC, RM, and RBox hoodies/sweatpants, that Psychopathic had made, then auctioned off or gave as a prize or something. Just some things to look out for.

  1. RiddleBox  $100+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie was ONLY available, to the best of my knowledge, in the original RiddleBox cd/tape booklets (the ones with the order forms). It just has the small RiddleBox face off-centered on the chest (size shown here, as compared to a quarter). Not many are floating around today in the Trading World, so they are pretty rare.
  2. Great Milenko
    Versions: 1) Small Milenko  $120+
    2) Large Milenko  $70+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The first Milenko hoodie, I believe were only for the Crew. Like the RiddleBox ones, they have a small Milenko face off-center on the chest, but these have a larger Milenko on the back (see picture). If you have a picture of the front, or any other info, as always, let us know. The second one has the larger Milenko face like the t-shirts (only comes with a red face, I assume).
  3. House of Horrors
    Versions: 1) HOH Faces  $70+
    2) HOH “Letters”  $70+
    Color: Black
    Comments: These were the first hoodies to be readily accessable to the public, as I believe they were sold in music stores and such after Milenko came out. But, nowadays, they are becoming more rare and sought after.
  4. Juggalo Funhouse/Hokus Pokus  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Now, I always thought this was bootleg, but enough people have it, so I guess it is legit. I believe it has the Cartoon of ICP and “Insane Clown Posse” on the front, but as usual, I could be wrong on that. I also thought they made this in a regular sweatshirt and not a Hoodie… but yeah, I dunno.
  5. Wicked Clowns  $70+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie came out in the Jeckel era, and is just like the AJB WC shirt. I believe this was available in malls and such, and not just at shows.
  6. “Broken Letters”  $85+
    Colors: Black w/ Silver; Black w/ Red
    Comments: These were sold at the AJB In-Stores. They have the “Insane Clown Posse” letters logo that was used very frequently during the AJB Era. The Red lettering is slightly rarer than the Silver.
  7. Insane Clown Posse (Coney Island Logo)  $50+
    Colors: Black w/ Red, Black w/ Blue
    Comments: Again, these were sold at the AJB In-Stores and beyond (and were brought back onto the Web Store in Sept. of 2002 for 30 bucks), and again, I always thought these were bootleg. They simply say “Insane Clown Posse,” one word under the other in plain, skinny font. I thought they had Black w/ Green font, and Twiztid ones also, but I could be wrong.
  8. “Psychopathic Records”  $70+
    Colors: Black w/ Red; Black w/ Silver
    Comments: When these came out, I thought they were bootleg as hell. But I guess they are real. Pretty simple with the Hatchetman and “Psychopathic Records” on the front. I thought they had other colors for the lettering, but I am not sure.
  9. Twiztid Mostasteless Letters  $80+
    Colors: Black w/ Green; Black w/ Silver; Red w/ Black
    Comments: I would call this Twiztid’s first “official” hoodie, representing their first CD. In December 2002, the Red version came out, for some weird reason, on the Web Store for 65 bucks, so that is less valuable than the others.
  10. Psychopathic Hatchetman  $65+
    Color: Black w/ Red
    Comments: These started the boom of hoodies that Psychopathic put out, and they did it with the basic hatchetman. I do not recall if other colors came with this. Anyways, it also started another trend of hoodies being SMALL. The XXL of these fit like a XL, if you’re lucky, so that is kinda beat. To keep the timeline straight… I believe these came out around mid-2000. Also note, these has NO Hatchetman on the back like the newer ones do, so yo ucan tell the older ones from the newer ones.
  11. Twiztid Freek Show Angel  $100+
    Color: Black
    Comments: I have heard these were ONLY sold at the Detroit show, but could be wrong. Regardless, they were not sold in many places. As yo ucan see, they have the Freek Show Letters/Faces on the front, and the Angel on the back. If you have better pics, feel free to hook us up.
  12. Twiztid Freek Show Letters  $70+
    Color: Black w/ Green
    Comments: This hoodie came out around in the era of the Freek Show, again promoting their latest CD. The picture we have is with green lettering, but there may possibly be more.
  13. Twiztid Freek Show Faces  $100+
    Colors: Black w/ Green; Black w/ Red
    Comments: These were available at the Gathering 2001. I don’t believe they sold out, but it doesn’t seem that many people have them, thus the slight increase in value.
  14. Twiztid Black/White Letters (Gathering Auction)  $$+
    Color: Black w/ White/Black
    Comments: This hoodie was part of a lot (with 4 jerseys) at the Gathering 2001 Autions that went for $800. George, my boy who won it, had to sell everything off seperately, so this may be floating around by itself in the trading world.
  15. Dark Lotus  $60+
    Colors: Black; Burgandy
    Comments: And then comes the mass production of hoodies, starting right about here. You can get these on the Web Store, Hot Hits, and most shows.
  16. Juggalo/Juggalette
    Versions: 1) Juggalo  $70+
    2) Juggalette  $70+
    3) Juggalo Shield  $65+
    4) Black Juggalette “Hardcore”  $65+
    5) Red Juggalette “Hardcore”  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The first two versions were first available around mid-2001. In November of 2002, the Juggalo Shield, and Hardcore Juggalette logos came to the Web Store.
  17. “New” Psychopathic Hatchetman  $60+
    Colors: Red w/ Black; Black w/ Ice; Light Blue w/ Dark Blue
    Comments: These go back to the classic Hatchetman front, but there is a difference. Like the last few Hoodies on this list, these have a small Hatchetman on the back bottom. And, again, you can get these on the Web Store, etc etc. I have also heard there is a Blue Hoodies with a White Hatchetman, and some don’t have the outline around the Hatchetman. I’ve also heard of some having a square “Psychopathic Wear” patch on the back instead of a Hatchetman. I would say these are rarer, because you can’t get them as easily, but for value, they are probably not much more.
  18. “COC 2000”  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: And then come the Mall Hoodies. This came out right around the same time as the shirt just like it, and can be found in your local mall.
  19. Twiztid Batman  $70+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: This came out right before the similar jersey I believe, and is one of the more popular of the recent hoodies craze. One recentlt went on ebay for over 100 bucks, so we shall see if these become that sought after.
  20. Twiztid “New” Freek Show Letters  $80+
    Color: Blue w/Orange
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Hatchet Rising Tour, and was also briefly on the Web Store, as the “Twiztid – Detroit Tigers colors” Hoodie. The picture does not show it, but like the last few, these have an Orange Hatchetman on the back bottom.
  21. Hallowicked 2001  $100+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was only available at the Blaze Hallowicked afterparty/show. Although I did hear of them being sold at the next Comic Con. BEWARE that some fakes were sold on ebay. The real ones have an embroidered patch, while the fakes are “painted on” like a T-shirt, and the Hatchetman looks like he’s on crack.
  22. Bizzar Bizaar  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Add this to the list of Mall Hoodies.
  23. ICP Butcher Letters  $60+
    Color: Blue
    Comments: These hoodies were released on the Web Store, and have the same “Butcher” letter design as the jerseys like them.
  24. Blaze Ya Dead Homie  $75+
    Colors: Black w/ Red Hatchetman; Black w/ Yellow Hatchetman; Black w/ No Hatchetman
    Comments: The Blaze hoodie debuted on the Hatchet Rising tour, with the new “flaming logo.” They had a yellow Hatchetman on the back at first, but they soon had red ones. Since neither can easily be found now, and the new new Logo Hoodies are on the Web Store now, these are roughly equal in rarity. I also got an email saying that there are versions with NO Hatchetman on the back, but instead, the HatchetGear Logo. Interesting indeed.
  25. ICP “Burning Card”  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another of your favorite Mall Hoodies, found on eBay or at most local music stores near you.
  26. Psychopahic “Felt Hatchetman”  $65+
    Colors: Black; White; Green
    Comments: These were the first pieces of clothing to represent the Hatchet Gear logo, and are still available on the Web Store. The hatchetmen on the front and back are made of suede, while the “Psychopathic” and “Records” patches are felt.
  27. Zug Izland  $65+
    Colors: Red; Black; Black w/ Red
    Comments: The first two became available at the Big Baller Xmas party in December of 2001. They quickly came to the Web Store, were also on the Mirror Mirror Tour. Fast foward to February of 2003, and the Black/Red one debuted on the Web Store.
  28. Psychopathic Zip-Up  $70+
    Colors: Black; Grey
    Comments: This is a first, and an only so far, for Psychopathic – the zip-up hoodie. When these were first sold on the Web Store, the tag said they were made by Psychopathic Wear. Things changed, and then everything became Hatchet Gear. So if you have one of the Psy. Wear versions, this would be considerably rarer, and possibly more valuable. If you have any more info on this, hit us up.
  29. Hatchet Gear  $65+
    Colors: Black; Red
    Comments: The HatchetGear brand was started for the 10 year anniversary of Psychopathic. And with this hoodie, we have a hoodie promoting this new clothing line.
  30. Blaze “Flaming Logo”  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another “new” new Logo for Blaze. This is still available on the Web Store.
  31. Mirror Mirror “Promo” Hoodie  $$++
    Color: Red
    Comments: On a few of the Mirror Mirror promo shots used on shirts, in the booket, etc., you may have seen Monoxide wearing this hoodie. Well, this popped up on ebay, with dude saying he got it from Mono after a show. No clue how many were made, how many they have given out like this, or what have you, but it is cool nonetheless.
  32. Twiztid’s Eastside  $60+
    Color: Grey w/ Blue
    Comments: These hoodies debuted on the Mirror Mirror Tour. I have also heard they have White w/ Blue and Grey w/ Red. I also don’t know if the pic we have is really Grey or if it’s more of a green. If you have pictures of other colors or info, please let us know.
  33. Twiztid Bitch  $65+
    Color: White
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Mirror Mirror tour, for all of you Twiztid Bitches out there. It made its way to the Web Store in Sept. 2002.
  34. “Sabu-Man”  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Psychopathic Web Store in early 2002, and has Sabu on the front, spike in hand. Also, the Sabu Logo is on the sleeve instead of the usual HatchetGear Logo.
  35. Hatchetman 2002  $65+
    Color: Black w/ Red/White
    Comments: This hoodie has the standard Hatchetman on the front, and the small HatchetGear patch on the bottom back. But, this one has a Psychopathc patch and an 02 on the sleeve. These can be found on the Web Store.
  36. Psychopathic ’02  $$+
    Color: Black w/ Red
    Comments: I am not sure where this hoodie was available, or in what numbers. As you can see, it has “Psychopathic” across the front, and the 02 deal on the sleeve. It also has the HatchetGear patch on the back, and notice the Hatchetman on the pocket, unlike any other hoodie. If you have any info on this, please let us know.
  37. Twiztid Block Letters  $65+
    Color: Black w/ Red; Grey w/ Red
    Comments: This hoodie was for sale on the Mirror Mirror Tour, but then jumped onto the Web Store. Now, we have gotten reports that eary in the tour (the first half a dozen shows or so) these were GREY, had no Hatchetmen on the sleeves, and the HatchetGear logo on the back. Then, suddenly they switched to the Black version that appeared on the Web Store. This means that the Grey version is slightly rarer and more valuable, I would say. If you have any pictures or info on this, let us know.
  38. Anybody Killa Skull  $65+
    Color: Red; Dark Grey; Black
    Comments: This hoodie was available on the Mirror Mirror Tour. The red one soon made its way to the Web Store. Now, during the Shangri-La Tour, they had Black ones, as seen above. Now, I believe these were also sold earlier with the Grey ones on the MM Tour, for people often confuse Dark Grey and Black hoodies. Although these newer ones have Hatchetman on the sleeves, as you can see, and I am not sure what the OGs were like.
  39. Amazing Jeckel Brothers 2002 “Dice”  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This is the newest Mall Hoodie, recently made available at Hot Topic. New hoodies in the middle of the summer. Interesting concept.
  40. PuBu/Big Money Hustlas  $65+
    Color: Grey/Yellow
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Big Money Hustlas tour, and then made its way to the Web Store.
  41. Dark Lotus Halloween  $$+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie was included in the Lotus Lot at the Gathering 2002 Auctions. Who knows why it was never made in full production for Hallowicked 2002, but it most liekly would have been a hot seller.
  42. Psychopathic Prototype  $$+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie was auctioned off in the Psychopathic Lot at the Gathering 2002. As you can see, it has the unique design of ‘Psycho’ on one sleeve and ‘Pathic’ on the other. Very interesting.
  43. Wraith Fleece  $80+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: This isn’t exactly a hoodie, but it’s a sweatshirt-type deal, so it has a home right here. These debuted on the Web Store in October of 2002, and they represent the era of The Wraith. We shall see if other “fleeces” are made by Psychopathic.
  44. Wraith: Shangri-La  $65+
    Colors: Black; Red; Black w/ Blue
    Comments: October 2002, the cold weather flows in, and so do the new hoodies. These are the first hoodies that come with the “conventional” Psychopathic sizes of M, XL, 3X, and 5X. Hopefully they fit more to size than past hoodies have. The red version dropped in mid-December 2002, and the Blue Wraithed version came in February of 2K3.
  45. Twiztid Hallowicked 2002  $70+
    Color: Orange
    Comments: Here is your Hallowicked exclusive, the Twiztid Hoodie. It is orange with “Twiztid” on the front, and “Hallowicked” on the back. They sold out both nights, quickly. But then comes the Web Store in mid-November, selling these hoodies.
  46. Esham  $65+
    Color: Black w/ Blue
    Comments: Esham’s first hoodie dropped on the Web Store in the chilly month of November 2002. I am sure more colors will soon be available.
  47. Jumpsteady  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Rob Bruce comin through with his first hoodie in November of 2002 from the Web Store. We shall see if we get some more Jump merch soon.
  48. Twiztid Xmas 2002  $70+
    Color: Green
    Comments: This seasonal hoodie came onto the Web Store in mid-November 2002. Perhaps this is the start of the Twiztid Christmas merch this season.
  49. Psychopathic Flame Logo  $65+
    Colors: Black; Red
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the web store in November of 2002 (the red in December), right after a knit hat came out with the same logo. Good combo for the cold weather.
  50. Dark Carnival Games  $65+
    Color: Green
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Web Store in late November 2002, for all of the Mortons Listalos to enjoy during the cold winter months. The “DCG” on the hood is an interesting feature, and we shall see if that is added to all new Psychopathic hoodies in the future.
  51. Blaze  $65+
    Color: Red
    Comments: Blaze has so many hoodies, with so many different logos. Anyways, this one dropped on the Web Store in 2002 with the simple, yet effective “Blaze” logo, which can also be found on his baseball jersey.
  52. Twiztid Curlicue  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Seriously… how many different logos can they make for Twiztid hoodies? Anyways, this one came out in January of 2003, and maybe.. MAYBE this will be the logo they stick with. Or, we’ll see another logo here real soon.
  53. Camo Hatchetman  $65+
    Colors: Black w/ Green; Black w/ Blue
    Comments: The tshirts came earlier, and now the Camo Hatchetman has found his way onto a hoodie. The picture may not be clear, but on the Green one, there is an ’03 on one sleeve, and the new Fire Psy Logo on the other. Yet, when the Blue one comes out, it’s gone. Crazy.
  54. ICP “Carnival Letters”  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Web Store in mid-Jan. 2003. As you may, or may not be able to see, there is a Red Wraith logo on one sleeve, and the new Psy Flaming logo on the other.
  55. Blaze Raiders Logo  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on Blaze’s tour in February 2003, and soon made its way to the Web Store, where so many before it have come for your buying pleasure.
  56. ABK Braids Logo  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Debuting on the Shangri-La Tour in February 2003, this hoodie debuted on the Web Store soon thereafter. Perhaps a similar shirt will surface soon.
  57. ICP “Wraith Faces”  $65+
    Color: Black w/ Blue
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Shangri-La Tour of 2003. It is speculated that there are other shirts and/or hoodies with similar designs, but this is the only one that has been for sale as of yet.


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