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  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Poster.
  • Measurements are in approximate Inches (unless otherwise noted) and are read [Wide x High]

  1. Stranglemania   $40+
    Measurements: 24″ x 37″
    Comments: This is just a large cover of the StrangleMania video, and like the posters of this era, is very popular with collectors. If you were at the first StrangleMania Live, you had the chance to snag these for free.
  2. Brotherhood of Justice   $$$+
    Measurements: ??
    Comments: This poster was auctioned to a lucky Juggalo at The Gathering 2000, along with other ICP Wrestling items. A description straight from Psychopathic — “Alex Abbiss himself, out of the love for the Brotherhood of Justice, personally went through the
    trouble to make two of these. One is hanging in his house and the other one was hanging up at Psychopathic for about a year. The Brotherhood is made up of The Deacon (Alex Abbiss), The Preacherman (Jumpsteady), and The Bishop (Stefan Kudek).”
    If you are, or you know the Juggalo who won this, please email us.
  3. Psychopathic Blacklight   $10
    Measurements: 23″ x 34″
    Comments: This is much like the other blacklights, and is not very hard to come across.
  4. Juggalo Championshit Wrestling  $30+
    Measurements: 18″ x 24″
    Comments: I believe these were sold on a very limited basis on the JCW Tour. Tom Dub actually told me that Psychopathic didn’t have one themselves, so that either means they are that rare, or they just sold out before they could grab one.
  5. Big Money Hustlas   $15+
    Measurements: 22″ x 34″
    Comments: Originally only sold at The Gathering 2000, this has turned into a mall poster, and can easily be found.
  6. Gathering of the Juggalos 2000 Promo  $20+
    Measurements: 11″ x 17″
    Comments: These are similar to the color flyer for the Gathering, but these are larger, and have a yellow strip along the bottom, where the date and Psychopathic’s phone number was usually written.
  7. Gathering of the Juggalos 2000   $15+
    Measurements: 24″ x 36″
    Comments: Only sold at the Gathering 2000 at first, this is now available cheap at the Psychopathic Online store among other places on the Net.
  8. JCW Volume 2  $5+
    Measurements: 18″ x 24″
    Comments: This mini-poster was put out to advertise the newest JCW DVD. it then went to the Web Store… and was soon discounted down to 50 cents. Ouch.
  9. Gathering of the Juggalos 2001   $25+
    Measurements: 24″ x 36″
    Comments: Only sold at the Gathering 2001 on the second day, these sold out pretty fast. We will see if it is sold on the web store or not to judge it’s value/rarity into the future.
  10. Dark Lotus “Tales From the Lotus Pod”  $20+
    Measurements: 18″ x 24″
    Comments: This mini-poster looks like a flyer put out for Lotus. A few stores got them to promote Dark Lotus, I assume from the Street Team.
  11. Psychopathic Rydas’ “Ryden Dirtay”  $10+
    Measurements: 18″ x 24″
    Comments: A few stores got these mini-posters to promote Rydas, I assume, from the Street Team. They can also now be found on the Web Store.
  12. Big Money Hustlas 2002 Premiere Theatre Tour Promo  $20+
    Measurements: 11″ x 17″
    Comments: In Spring 2002 Psychopathic took Big Money Hustlas out on the road to movie theatres across the country and these were used to promote the upcoming screenings.
  13. Gathering 2002  $15+
    Measurements: 24″ x 36″
    Comments: This poster was sold at the Gathering, and god dammit, I think it’s one of the sweetest posters Psychopathic has put out in a LONG time. I hope this will be on the Web Store soon.
  14. JCW: August 28, 2003  $10+
    Measurements: 18″ x 24″
    Comments: Some mystery here. In August of 2003, a JCW show was announced to take place in Detroit. However, that got cancelled because of poor ticket sales, I mean… Shaggy had surgery on his hand. Anyways, come November of that same year, these posters started turning up as freebies from orders. We shall see how flooded the market gets with these.
  15. Dark Lotus “Black Rain”  $6+
    Versions: 1) Lotus Football
    2) Lotus Hunters
    3) Lotus Scarecrows
    Measurements: 18″ x 24″; 24″ x 18″
    Comments: Black Rain dropped in April of 2004, and then came these posters, both at the CD Release Party and then the Web Store. They showcase the new looks of the Lotus for all to enjoy. also offered all 3 for $15, as opposed to $6 each.
  16. Psychopathic Family  $6+
    Measurements: 24″ x 36″ (?)
    Comments: It’s really about damn time they did this. I think they dropepd the ball by not having a poster of everyonr from that picture in the Shangri-La Tour Book, but hey… now they have one. Anyways, it came out on in October of 2004.
  17. Psychopathic All Star Tour  $10+
    Measurements: Approx. 15″ x 20″
    Comments: Early 2005, Jumpsteady, ABK, Blaze, and Esham went out on tour together… and with them they brought posters! And lots of them! They probably had other stuff, but yeah… there was a Tour Poster sold. They have yet to be sold anywhere else.
  18. Psychopathic Door Poster  $18+
    Measurements: 24″ x 60″
    Comments: September of 2006 brought us some “door posters” on Here we we have all of your favorites – ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, AMB, and the Boondox.
  19. Happy Hatchet Holidayz  $18+
    Measurements: 21″ x 54″
    Comments: The door posters seem to be very popular. In December of 2006, brings you a holiday surprise, with all of Psychopathic Records on this large poster.
  20. Gathering Of The Juggalos 2007 Promo  $10+
    Comments: These were given away at the Strange Noize Tour Blaze was on before the actual Gathering took place in the summer of 2007. We don’t get actual Gathering posters anymore so I guess a promo will have to do you for now. As of right now the exact size is unknown but if you do know hit us up.
  21. Lotus “Space-Time” Door Poster  $18+
    Measurements: 24″ x 60″
    Comments: It’s not often we get a Dark Lotus poster.. well actually we’ve only gotten one before this. This door poster has the Space-Time design that was featured on a shirt released earlier this year and the group in the hoods gimmick.
  22. Psychopathic Rydas “Gunpoint” Door Poster  $18+
    Measurements: 24″ x 60″
    Comments: Like Dark Lotus we don’t normally see Rydas posters being printed up. However in Ocotber 2007 Hatchetgear brings us a new door poster celebrating the release of the newest Rydas record Duk Da Fuk Down!.
  23. Psychopathic Records “Mugs” Door Poster  $18+
    Measurements: 24″ x 60″
    Comments: Theres nothing more popular then the whole Psychopathic roster show on one item of merch, in this case a giant door poster. This was on the webstore in October 2007 and features the painted up faces of every member on the label.
  24. JCW: Evansville Invasion  $15+
    Measurements: (?)
    Comments: On Saturday October 6 the superstars of Juggalo Championshit Wrestling invaded The Coliseum in Evansville, IN for a special taping of Slam TV. Shaggy and Boondox were also slated to perform but for whatever reason Shaggy bailed. I’m not 100% sure if these were sold at the event or just promos, either way I havn’t seen many of them floating around.
  25. Psychopathic OE Logo Flag  $18+
    Measurements: 2′ x 3′
    Comments: Debuting on the webstore in October 2007 this is a large flag version of the Psychopathic Old English logo. Perfect for the ceiling of your room in your parents basement.
  26. Psychopathic Records Merry Fuckin’ Xmas Door Poster  $18+
    Measurements: 24″ x 60″
    Comments: Another holiday season brings us another Xmas door poster. This debuted early November 2007 on the webstore and features all the Psychopathic family wishing you a merry fucking christmas.
  27. Psychopathic Records 2008   $10+
    Comments: Similar to the old Psychopathic Blacklight poster released many years ago, this poster features the classic Psy logo. Now either these sold out really fast or they took it down soon after it went on sale because they wern’t on the webstore for very long during the month of March 2008. If you own one and can give us some info hit us up.
  28. Dark Lotus “Opaque Brotherhood”  $10+
    Versions: 1) Dark Lotus “Ghosts”
    2) Dark Lotus “Hoods”
    Measurements: 36″ x 24″ , 24″ x 30″
    Comments: The 3rd Dark Lotus album hit the world in April 2008, but before that these posters were made available on Hatchet Gear to build some hype.
  29. Psychopathic Records – The Crew 2008   $10+
    Measurements: 24″ x 36″
    Comments: This was released on Hatchetgear in the winter of 2008 and features all the main players of the Psychopathic Records roster.
  30. Merry Axe-Mas 2008   $10+
    Measurements: 24″ x 36″”
    Comments: Another holiday season and another Psychopathic Christmas poster. This year features the roster inside a wreath wishing you a very merry axe-mas.
  31. Gathering Of The Juggalos 2009   $10+
    Measurements: 24″ x 30″”
    Comments: The 10th Gathering is a big deal and they’re pumping out the merch to celebrate it. These were available on the webstore 2 months before the 2009 Gathering even took place. Maybe we will see an actual poster sold at the event this year?.
  32. Mike E Clark – Murder Mix Vol 1.   $10+
    Measurements: 22″ x 34″
    Comments: These like the Violent J Shining posters were given away at Hot Topic stores when you bought the Psychopathic Murder Mix Vol 1 CD.

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