PT Posters Anybody Killa

  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Poster.
  • Measurements are in approximate Inches (unless otherwise noted) and are read [Wide x High]

    1. Hatchet Warrior Promo   $6+
      Measurements: 18″ x 24″
      Comments: ABK’s comin up in the world, boom, with his first Psychopathic poster, and many more to come. This dropped on the Web Store in late-February 2003 on the Web Store, and I can only assume it is 18″ x 24″. If you find differently, or if new versions pop up, don’t hesitate to email us.
    2. Double Vision   $6+
      Measurements: 18″ x 24″ (?)
      Comments: Another album, another poster. Psychopathic doesn’t really do up the posters anymore, do they? Anyways, this wall decoration was released at the Gathering of the ABK’alos 2004, which was the same time the CD came out. Amazing marketing there.
    3. Road Fools Promo   $6+
      Measurements: 18″ x 24″
      Comments: 2005 brings us ABK’s CD/DVD combo of Road Fools, and in March, brought us this promotional poster.

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