PT Jersey’s Soopa Villainz

  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • Having Anything Signed Recks The Value For Resale.

  1. Soopa Villains Crew  $$+
    Versions: 1) White/Black SV
    2) Red/Black SV
    3) White/Carolina Blue SV
    4) Yellow/Black Violent J
    Comments: Throughout the whole Gathering 2003 weekend, both J and Shaggy were wearing these SV Football jerseys. No word on how many of each were made, if Esham has any with his name, or if they will ever be for sale. Also note that the Red and White ones had the 1 on the back, while the White/Carolina Blue ones do not. During the Green Book Tour, ABK was wearing a Red jersey, with just the 1 and no name on the back, so those too may be out there. The Yellow number was at the GOTJ 2004 Auction/Raffle. No story about why it was made, etc., but who needs stories?
  2. Soopa Villainz Baseball  $100+
    Comments: This baseball jersey came out at the Gathering 2005, right before the SV cd debuted. It doesn’t seem like there are many of these out there, and it doesn’t appear to be sold anywhere else.
  3. Soopa Villainz #1
    Versions: 1) Basketball SV Logo  $75+
    2) Hockey SV Logo  $100+
    Comments: August of 2005 brought us the long-awaited SV album, as well as these jerseys. I’m sure we’ll get a slew of color schemes, but so far, we’re holding steady with the red and black like the Wolfpack.
  4. Soopa Villainz Football #1
    Colors: Black; Red; Gold; White; Blue
    Comments: The black/red combo first came out with the previously mentioned hockey and basketball jerseys. But once the CD dropped, we got four new colors, for each of the Villainz. Yessir.


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