PT Jersey’s Psychopathic

  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • Having Anything Signed Recks The Value For Resale.

  1. Psychopathic Records Hockey
    Versions: 1) Red/Black/White Jonco Psychopathic  $150+
    2) 2nd Red/Black/White Jonco Psychopathic  $150+
    3) Red/Black/White K1 Psychopathic  $110+
    4) All Black Psychopathic  $100+
    5) Red “New Style” (Large Hatchetman)  $100+
    6) Red “New Style” (Small Hatchetman)  $100+
    7) Black/Red “New Style” Psychopathic  $100+
    8) Red/Black Psychopathic  $100+
    Comments: The OG Joncos were the first version, therefore they are older, rarer, and more sought after, although they haven’t caught nearly as much as they once did in the open market. Psychopathic also changed companies to make their jerseys (from Jonco to K1/Sportsrock), so there are different versions that way too, with some people only wanting certain ones. #3 is the popular K1 version, but they also sold this with a Sportsrock tag a little later in the production. It is the exact same otherwise, I do believe. The newer styles followed the RiddleBox and Ringmaster versions onto the Web Store, and everyone was able to enjoy them. The last version as a “1” on the back, although I am unsure exactly when it came out, although I assume 2005-2006.
  2. Psychopathic Records Football
    Versions: 1) Black Psychopathic w/ Large Hatchetman  $100+
    2) Black Psychopathic w/ Small Hatchetman  $90+
    3) Red Psychopathic w/ Large Hatchetman  $100+
    4) Red Psychopathic w/ Small Hatchetman  $90+
    5) White Psychopathic  $110+
    Comments: The Black football jerseys were introduced at the Gathering 2000. Soon after, the Red version was also available on the Web Store and at shows, Comic Cons, etc. As with a lot of jerseys of this time, they were rereleased with small hatchetman on the sleeves, and for some reason, these usually tend to go for a little less. The White version debuted a bit after the other two, and seems to be a bit harder to find, popular, and thus more valuable.
  3. Psychopathic Records Dazzle
    Versions: 1) Red Psychopathic  $100+
    2) Black Psychopathic  $100+
    Comments: The “dazzle jerseys” are smooth and Red or Black w/ a Red Hatchetman on them, and white strips underneath the arms down to the waist. These debuted during Twiztid’s Rock the Dead tour, and were more popular than I had imagined they would be. Also of note, there have been sightings of the Red Dazzles with white hatchetmen on the sleeves, as well as black ones, and even a Red on Red jersey. All are equally as rare/valuable.
  4. Psychopathic Records Baseball
    Versions: 1) Red Mesh/Smooth  $110+/80+
    2) Black Mesh/Smooth  $110+/80+
    3) Grey Mesh/Smooth  $110+/80+
    Comments: The Red Mesh baseball jersey debuted at the Gathering 2000, and the other colors soon followed during Twiztid’s Rock the Dead tour. Originally, they were made by Majestic, but soon there were version that did not have the Majestic logo on the front or sleeve. Then the Smooth jersey replaced the Mesh, making the mesh ones rarer and more desirable quickly (hence the change in value above). However, in mid-2001, jerseys started to surface with “01” on the back, including on the Web Store. Theoretically, this should make the 00’s more valuable, but there is not a much larger demand for them.
  5. Psychopathic Records Basketball
    Versions: 1) Red Psychopathic  $60+
    2) Black Psychopathic  $60+
    Comments: Psychopathic added the basketball jersey for all you skinny juggalos… and you fat ones who doesn’t give a fuck. These are smooth much like the Dazzle jersey material, not mesh like a majority of the other jerseys
  6. Major League Psycho
    Versions: 1) Baseball Black w/ Red Lettering  $40+
    2) Baseball Black w/ Yellow Lettering  $40+
    3) Baseball w/ Red & CREW on back  $75+
    4) Baseball Red w/ Black Lettering  $40+
    5) Baseball White w/ Red Lettering  $65+
    Comments: These were originally only sold at conventions. Not many people own these, for reasons unknown. Perhaps it is because they are cotton, and not mesh like the other jerseys. The Crew version was worn by crew members, obviously, during shows. The last Red version was sold at the Gathering 2001. Come 2003, all 3 came back to the Web Store at a greatly reduced price. The White version came out at the Gathering of 2006. A red version was also available, although I do not know if it is any different than the first version.
  7. Juggalo(s)
    Versions: 1) Baseball White Juggalo  $90+
    2) Baseball Black Juggalo  $90+
    3) Baseball Blue Juggalos  $100+
    4) Baseball Black Juggalos  $100+
    Comments: The original baseball jerseys are made by Majestic, who makes real MLB jerseys, so these are high quality. Although, I have heard early white versions were not Majestic. I don’t think they are any more valuable though. These are also getting a little harder to come by as time goes on. In mid-2002 came the Blue and Black Baseball jerseys. Notice how these are similar, except for the number on the back. Now in 2007 Hatchet Gear reissues the original white and black but with “17” on the back and other obvious differences .
  8. Juggalette
    Versions: 1) Pullover Juggalette  $90+
    2) Basketball Juggalette Flower Logo  $65+
    3) Baseball Juggalette Flower Logo  $100+
    4) Baseball Juggalette Hardcore Logo  $100+
    5) Hockey Juggalette Hardcore Logo  $100+
    6) BMX Juggalette Hardcore Logo  $60+
    Comments: Ah yes, mark it down.. we’re slowly expanding to the Juggalettes’ Gear. The Pull Over jersey debuted in 2001, but doesn’t seem to be a big seller. The Baseball jerseys were sold at the Gathering 2002 (the Hardcore Logo version is Black/Red). Soon after, the Basketball jersey debuted on the Web Store. In November 2002, the Hockey jersey debuted with its Juggalo counterpart, while the BMX appeared in September of 2003.
  9. Psychopathic BMX  $60+
    Versions: 1) BMX Psychopathic  $60
    2) BMX New Style Psychopathic  $60+
    3) BMX Flaming Hatchetman  $60+
    4) BMX White Psychopathic  $$+
    5) BMX White Psy. “Rude Boy”  $$+
    Comments: The BMX jerseys are almost a tight, smooth version of hockey jerseys, simply put. This was one of the first available, sold on the Web Store as well as at shows and Comic Cons. Then came the new style and flaming hatchetman in mid-2002. Soon after, the White versions popped up on eBay and such, with the claim that they were prototypes, never produced. Along with that came a Rude Boy one, that I believe was given to someone at a Gathering as a prize for something. Regardless, these are very small in number, but generally not very valuable or sought-after. There is also a Red version of the Psy. BMX jersey, but I am not sure where it was sold, how many are out there, etc.
  10. OG JCW  $$++
    Comments: One of the rarer jerseys out there. J wore it once or twice during one of ICP’s WCW Stints. They caused a little commotion, but then the jersey never came out. During the JCW at the Gathering 2002, Tom Dub threw one into the crowd, so SOMEONE had one finally. Real sweet.
  11. Morton’s List  $100+
    Comments: At the Gathering 2001, there were 3 of these made. Two were being worn by Nathan and Jumpsteady, while the 3rd was on a dummy at the Morton’s List booth. They were then sold on Milenko500, and eventually made their way to the Web Store in November 2002 in limited sizes. We had heard they would make then with 13, 30, and 360 on the back, but that never came to be.
  12. Psychopathic Rydas  $110+
    Comments: These were first sold during the Dark Lotus Instore dates, then the Hatchet Rising Tour. Over time, these have become fairly sought after.
  13. Psychopathic Records Hooded Jerseys  $90
    Colors: Red; Orange; Blue; Green; Purple
    Comments: These jerseys debuted on the Psychopathic Web Store around the turn of the new year of 2002. Coming in 5 colors, these new style of jerseys are light and smooth like that of the basketball or dazzle jerseys, yet they are long sleeved and have hoods like a sweatshirt.
  14. Big Money Hustlas
    Versions: 1) Baseball Big Money Hustlas  $120+
    2) Football Big Money Hustlas  $120+
    3) Basketball Big Money Hustlas $85+
    Comments: These were sold during the BMH Tour. I believe they all sold out, and were never sold elsewhere, so they are fairly valuable/sought after.
  15. Juggalo Shield Logo
    Versions:1) Football Juggalo  $100+
    2) Basketball Juggalo  $65+
    3) Hockey Juggalo  $100+
    4) BMX Juggalo  $65+
    Comments: In the name of changing things up, we got a new Juggalo Shield logo here. The football jersey came onto the Web Store in March of 2002 in Red/Black. In August of the same year, the Basketball jerseys debuted, and they match the shorts that were sold earlier, if you need to match your outfits. The hockey jersey debuted on the Web Store in late November 2002, while the BMX jersey made its way to the Web Store in August of 2003.
  16. Gathering ’02  $120+
    Comments: These blue jerseys were sold at the Gathering 2002. They have the white/blue Gathering logo on the front and the ’02 on the back. Yes, they included the ‘. Crazy. There were also a limited number for sale at the 2003 Gathering, and even fewer popped up on the Web Store soon thereafter.
  17. “New” Style Psychopathic Records 10
    Versions: 1) Baseball Red/Black Psy. 10  $100+
    2) Baseball Orange/Blue Psy. 10  $$+
    3) Football White Psy. 10 $100+
    Comments: The 10 is obviously for the ten years of Psychopathic Records. The Red/Black Baseball was sold at the Gathering 2002, and there may be more colors. If there are, let us know. The “prototype” of this was Orange and Blue, and was one of the items in the Mystery Box at the 2002 Auctions. The White Football jersey was available first at the Zug show at Freedom Hill, and then moved to the Web Store.
  18. Psychopathic Gathering 2002 Auction Lot
    Versions: 1) Psychopathic Long Sleeve Pullover with Hood
    2) Psychopathic Short Sleeve White Baseball Jersey
    3) Psychopathic Red/Black Long Sleeve Jersey w/ Hood
    Comments: These were included in the Psychopathic Lot at the Gathering 2002 Auctions along with a hoodie and a jacket. And they al lwent to fellow PTers, so we can all rejoice.
  19. Leather Psychopathic Jersey  $250+
    Comments: These all leather football jerseys were sported by Zug Izland at the Gathering 2002, as well as other artists, and soon made their way to the Web Store. These are very heavy and hot, so if you sweat like a pig in your wifebeater, think before you buy this.
  20. Hatchet Gear
    Versions: 1) Basketball HatchetGear
    2) Football Blue HatchetGear
    3) Football Grey HatchetGear
    4) Baseball HatchetGear
    Comments: The Blue Football jersey debuted, I believe, at the Gathering 2002, and then quickly made its way to the Web Store. The Basketball jersey debuted on the Web Store at the same time, as did the baseball. The Grey version was sent to people who ordered the Blue Football from the Web Store for awhile, until it showed up by itself.
  21. “New Style” Psychopathic Records Basketball
    Versions: 1) Black/Red/White Psychopathic  $65+
    2) Red/Black Psychopathic  $65+
    3) Black/Blue Psychopathic  $65+
    Comments: In August of 2002, we get this slight variation on the older Psy. basketball jerseys. They have the white on the sides with a Hatchetman like the shorts that were released at the same time… but not in the same colors. Fast forward to August of 2003, we get another new “New Style” jersey. Similar to the.. old New Style, they have the different color on the side. Also note that these have the newer “Flame Logo” on the bottom.
  22. Psychopathic “Flame Logo”
    Versions: 1) Hockey Black/Red Flame Logo  $100+
    2) Hockey Red/Black Flame Logo  $$+
    3) BMX Flame Logo $60+
    Comments: After The Wraith dropped, this new logo for Psychopathic started to emerge, and it was only a matter of time before it showed up on a jersey. The Black jersey dropped in mid-December 2002. Soon after, the Red version started to pop up, although it was never on the Web Store. The BMX jersey came onto the Web Store in May of 2003, and we can only assume this is not the last of this logo on new jerseys.
  23. Psychopathic Throwbacks  $110+
    Versions: 1) Black/White Psychopathic
    2) Red/Black Psychopathic
    Comments: The “throwback” craze hit all across the world, and Psychopathic jumped on it during the summer of 2003. These two jerseys, which are similar to football jerseys, sport unique designs, as well as the 92 on the back.
  24. Psychopathic ’03  $60+
    Comments: This baseball jersey debuted on the Web Store in late-May of 2003. There was a similar Wraith jersey like this put out in 2002, so if you are a fan of the cloth-style jersey, these are for you.
  25. Psychopathic Star Jerseys
    Versions: 1) Baseball Psy. Star “3”  $100+
    2) Football Psy. Star “3”  $100+
    Comments: The Baseball jersey has the new gimmick of the Star on the front that a few other items have sported so far. That came out at the Gathering 2003. The Football came out on the Wicked Wonka Tour, although we are not sure if the back also has a “3” like its baseball counterpart.
  26. “New Style” Psy. Football  $100+
    Comments: This football jersey debuted at the Gathering 2003, and as usual, made its way onto the Web Store. If you are wondering, the only things that make this “new” style are the “3” on the back, and the double-colored trim, which is quite fashionable these days with the kids.
  27. Psychopathic “3” Hockey
    Comments: This Black and Blue Hockey jersey debuted on the Wicked Wonka Tour, and guess where it went from there? Yup.. It’s lonley here by itself, but I couldn’t find anything else to put it with.
  28. Two-Tone Psychopathic  $100+
    Comments: This baseball jersey debuted on the Web Store in August of 2003. It sports a very unique design, as it is half black and half red on the front, with opposite colored Hatchetmen on the sleeves, and stars in the 1 on the back.
  29. Psychopathic “Vee Style”  $100+
    Comments: This hockey jersey debuted on the Web Store in October of 2003. You will notice the “V-shaped” stripes as trim, and the two logos on the back.
  30. Psychopathic “Vintage”  $100+
    Comments: This hockey jersey debuted on the Web Store in October of 2003. What makes it “vintage” you ask? I have no clue. Rumor has it that it is modeled after an old Montreal Canadians jersey. Vintage indeed.
  31. Hallowicked 2003  $100+
    Comments: This hockey jersey was sold at the Devils Night and Halloween show of the Wicked Wonka Tour, as well as the Zug Izland afterparty. This is a very different design from other jerseys, and it was a pretty hot seller at all shows.
  32. Psychopathic “Barbed Wire”  $100+
    Comments: This hockey jersey debuted on the Web Store on Thanksgiving of 2003. As you can see, we have the Hatchetman on the front as well as on the sleeves, and the “4 Life” on the back, not to mention the trim, which is where the name for the jersey comes from.
  33. Psychopathic ’04 Reversable Jersey/Shorts  $65+
    Comments: Here we have a basketball jersey and matching shorts, sold together on Oh, but wait.. the jersey is reversable! Insanity, I tell ya. Also note that these items are screen printed, and not embroidered by any stretch of the imagination.
  34. Psychopathic “Camo Hatchetman”
    Versions: 1) Football Gathering 2004  $120+
    2) Football Camo Hatchetman “6”  $110+
    2) Football Crew Camo Hatchetman  $$+
    Comments: The first Football jersey was sold at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2004. It was the 5th Gathering, thus the number 5. Also notice the mesh is different than previous jerseys; a little thinner or more see-though, if you will. Also, the number/sleeves are just solid colors. Soon thereafter, a Camo Hatchetman jersey with the 6 on the back was on, which seems to be the same quality. Now, rewind a bit, and the Crew has worn Camo Jerseys at a Lotus show, and at wrestling events. These are personalized, and seem to be better quality. Also the patches on the sleeves are also “camo” and not just a solid color.
  35. JCW ’04  $$+
    Colors: Black/White; White/Black; Red/Black
    Comments: Three days of the Gathering 2004, and 3 days of different JCW jerseys worn by ICP. These were personalized, and other stars also had them, such as Terry Funk and Sabu. I am not sure if these were ever worn at other wrestling gigs, but either way, these would be very hard to come by.
  36. That Wicked Shit
    Versions: 1) Basketball That Wicked Shit  $90+
    2) Hockey That Wicked Shit  $120+
    3) Football That Wicked Shit  $120+
    Comments: Hells Pit is that wicked shit, so naturally we get the That Wicked Shit merch. These jerseys debuted on the Web Store and on the HP Tour in early October 2004.
  37. “Train Track” Hatchetman  $125+
    Comments: This hockey jersey debuted on the Web Store in November of 2004. As you can see, the trim is like that of a train track, hence the name. These also have the “6” on the back, and are similar to those jersey below.
  38. Psychopathic Records “6”  $125+
    Colors: Blue/Red; Red/Yellow; Purple/Gold; Red/Black; Gold/Black
    Comments: These hockey jerseys debuted on the Web Store in early November of 2004. They come in a variety of colors, as you can see, so you should easily be able to match them to shoes and hats and such. Also of note, these jerseys have a small patch on the back along the trim with a small Hatchetman.
  39. Hatchet Claus  $110+
    Comments: This football jersey debuted just in time for the Holidays, in December of 2004. It followed similar shirts, a knit hat, and yes, even a window cling, as it carried on the Hatchet Claus theme of 2004.
  40. Juggalette Bridge Logo  $75+
    Comments: This baseball jersey came out in March of 2005 for all of the ladies out there. It’s screen printed, thus the cheaper price.
  41. Psychopathic Football 2005
    Versions: 1) Football Red Hatchetman  $110+
    2) Football Blue Hatchetman  $75+
    Comments: This red football jersey debuted on in March of 2005. The picture doesn’t show what it’s really all about, I don’t think. I believe the shoulders/sleeves and the dazzle/shiny material, while the body is the usual mesh material. Sounds like the two-toned jerseys… but with the same color. I’ve also heard they are a little long, so take that for what it is worth. In May, the Blue version appeared, sans the number on the back, but at a much cheaper price. Just for the number? I don’t know. If you know these are made differently, let us know.
  42. “New Style” Hatchetman  $75+
    Versions: 1) Football Black/Grey Hatchetman
    2) Football Gold/Black Hatchetman
    3) Football Black/Gold Hatchetman
    Comments: Everytime there is something new, it’s the “new style.” Anyways, these have no number on the back, so they are a little cheaper than the usual jerseys. The color on the sleeves also appears to be “painted” on, if you know what I mean, as opposed to being the same fabric as the body of the jersey.
  43. Psychopathic Basketball 2005  $75+
    Comments: This basketball jersey was on the Web Store in May of 2005. It has the 5 on the back to rep the ’05, as you may have figured out.
  44. Psychopathic Hockey 2005
    Versions: 1) Hockey Black/Green/Yellow  $125+
    2) Hockey White/Black/Red  $110+
    3) Hockey Black/Red/White  $135+
    4) Hockey Orange/Black/White  $135+
    Comments: 2005 brings us a few jerseys, none that are really too similar, except that they came out in 2005, and they have no other real distinguishing gimmicks. The first was only available at the Gathering 2005 for some reason, so that could proive to be a harder find. The next two came out in October on the Web Store. Basically the same jersey, but different prices. Awesome. The Orange trimmed one came out at the Detroit Hallowicked concert, so everyone thought it was a HW Jersey. Alas, it was on HatchetGear the next week, so it’s just a Halloween themed jersey, not exactly an exclusive.
  45. Juggalo “Old English”  $90+
    Comments: This baseball jersey came out at the Gathering of 2005, I do believe. It is made of the cloth material, with the sewn Hatchetman on the sleeves, but the rest is screened.
  46. Psychopathic Stripes  $110+
    Comments: This Hockey jersey was available in early October of 2005 on It’s pretty colorful here, with red, black, and white stripes all down the jersey, with the 5 on the back. It’s different, I’ll give you that.
  47. Hallowicked 2005
    Versions: 1) Hockey Hallowicked 2005  $110+
    2) Basketball Hallowicked 2005  $85+
    Comments: This Hockey jersey was available in early October of 2005 on the Web Store, as well as at the actual Hallowicked Tour. The basketball jersey was only available on select dates of the Hallowicked Tour, and it sold out very quickly in Detroit. They sold for $50 at the show, but demend could push that if they are not reproduced.
  48. JCW 2005  $$+
    Comments: Another Gathering, and another jersey that was worn during JCW that won’t be mass-produced. This year, J came out with this Blue/Gold JCW jersey when he worked the Battle Royal. I don’t believe anyone else wore one, so this is the only one out there with any name on it, and of course, it is now in the hands of a PT’er.
  49. Psy. Soccer Jersey  $100+
    Comments: April of 2006 brings us this soccer-style jersey. Perhaps if this is popular, you will see all of your favorite Joker Cards and Mostasteless logos on soccer jerseys in the near future.
  50. Psychopathic Rydas “1”  $90+
    Comments: Every once in awhile, we get waves of merch, and 2006 hit us with some Rydas stuff. This red football jersey came out in September of 2006.
  51. Psychopathic Circle Hatchetman 06  $100+
    Versions: 1) Baseball Black “Circle Hatchetman”
    2) Baseball Red “Circle Hatchetman”
    Comments: The “Circle Hatchetman” makes a grand reappearance on these two baseball jerseys, which both were sold on the Web Store in September of 2006. You have your choice of Red or Black, both of which are popular colors of Psy. merchandise.
  52. Psychopathic Hatchetman 2006
    Versions: 1) Hockey White w/ Red/Black  $110+
    2) Hockey Black w/ Red/White  $110+
    3) Hockey Red w/ White Stripe  $110+
    4) Football Red w/ Black  $90+
    5) Football Black w/ Red “1”  $90+
    Comments: Ah, another year… and we have another run of “new” Psychopathic jerseys. These all came out in September of 2006, and they have the 06 on the back… except for the last one, which has a “1” on the back (and was sold on the Tombstoen Terror Tour). I just didn’t have anywhere else to put it here that made sense. I have also heard of a similar football jersey that is Blue, with a Red 1 and Hatchetmen. 2006 is full of new Hatchetman jerseys.
  53. Juggalo 06  $100+
    Comments: The always classic “Juggalo” gear made a return here in September of 2006 in the form of a new baseball jersey.
  54. Psychopathic Lightning Hatchetman  $100+
    Versions: 1) Hockey Lightning Hatchetman
    2) Football Lightning Hatchetman
    3) Basketball Lightning Hatchetman
    Comments: Very interesting piece here. The jersey has an all around design of lighting bolts I’m assuming to represent The Tempest gimmick. The hockey debuted in early 2007 while the Football came about 5 months later. Notice the hockey has a tribal-esque hatchetman design on the back while the football doesn’t. The basketball debuted on the Tempest Tour and boasts a “17” on the back.
  55. Psychopathic Basketball 2007  $60+
    Comments: This appeared on in March of 2007 with the always popular plain Hatchetman on the front with a number 1 on the back. Funny to see them not using 07 on the back.
  56. Double Hatchets And Skull  $100+
    Versions: 1) Hockey “Double Hatchets And Skull”
    2) Basketball “Double Hatchets And Skull”
    3) Football “Double Hatchets And Skull”
    4) Football “Double Hatchets And Skull #2”
    Comments: These jerseys debuted on the Tempest Tour with ICP and Twiztid. There is also a matching shirt with the Don Of The Underground gimmick attatched to it. The football debuted at the 2007 Hallowicked tour while the 2nd football debuted on the webstore a couple months later. Very interesting design here.
  57. Psychopathic Rydas Crown Logo  $100+
    Versions: 1) Hockey White And Royal Blue Crown Logo  $100+
    2) Hockey Red Crown Logo  $100+
    3) Hockey Red And White Crown Logo  $100+
    4) Football Blue Crown Logo  $90+
    5) Football Red And White Crown Logo  $90+
    6) Football Red Crown Logo  $90+
    7) Basketball Black Crown Logo  $65+
    8) Basketball Red Crown Logo  $65+
    Comments: May 2007 and The Rydas finally get a hockey jersey that debuted on the webstore. You can’t really tell but the colors on the jersey are actually white and royal blue. Fast forward to the 2007 Gathering where the 2nd hockey and football were for sale although they later made it to the webstore. A month later in September 2007 the 3rd hockey debuted on the webstore. Fast forward once again to early spring 2008 and we get the Red and White logo football. Now a month or so later the 3rd football along with the 2 basketballs debut on the webstore. I’m always curious to how come the newer Rydas stuff doesn’t have the Uzi-Man on it.
  58. Team Hatchet Hockey Jersey  $100+
    Comments: Another “exclusive” Hot Topic jersey. We got the Team Hatchet logo on the front with red hatchetmen on the sleeves and Psychopathic on the back with the double hatchets logo. All these Hot Topic jerseys look the exact same to me.
  59. White Psychopathic Records 2007 Football  $100+
    Comments: An updated version of the white Psychopathic football jerseys. These were sold at the 2007 Gathering but quickly made there way to the webstore.
  60. Red & Black Psychopathic Records 2007 Baseball  $110+
    Comments: Another new 2007 update on the baseball jerseys. These were originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made it’s way to the webstore.
  61. Juggalette “Hatchet Heart”
    Versions: 1) Baseball Red Hatchet Heart  $100+
    2) Basketball Red Hatchet Heart  $65+
    Comments: These are interesting as there isn’t alot of jerseys made specifically for women. These were originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made there way to the webstore.
  62. Juggalo “White Wings”
    Versions: 1) Baseball Blue w/ Red/White  $100+
    2) Basketball Blue w/ White Wings  $65+
    3) Hockey White Wings  $110+
    4) Football White Wings  $90+
    5) Basketball Red White Wings  $65+
    6) Football Red White Wings  $90+
    Comments: More in the line of the ever popular Juggalo series. These new logos are a take off on I guess…pilot wings? The first 2 were originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made there way to the webstore. The Hockey debuted on the webstore in late September 2007 with the football following in April 2008. Then in June 2008 we get the red basketball and the red football as well.
  63. Juggalette “Choppin Chick” Hockey  $110+
    Comments: Another interesting piece here. This jersey is actually pink and white to better suite all the feminine ladys out there. This debuted on the webstore in late September 2007. Sweet name too.
  64. Psychopathic “Heavy Metal” Hockey  $110+
    Comments: We’ve seen this logo on a couple of other items as it makes it’s way to a hockey jersey. This debuted on the webstore in late September 2007.
  65. Hallowicked 2007 Basketball  $65+
    Comments: New basketball the Halloween colors of orange and black celebrating the 14th anniversary of Hallowicked. These were available at the Hallowicked after party for $50 but were later sold in May 2008 on the webstore for some reason.
  66. Merry Fuckin’ Xmas 2007 Hockey  $100+
    Comments: Just before Christmas 2007 arrived Hatchet Gear brought us this hockey jersey to celebrate the holidays with.
  67. Psychopathic Script Logo 2008 Baseball  $100+
    Versions: 1) Baseball “Red Script Logo”
    2) Baseball “Grey Script Logo”
    3) Baseball “Black And White Pinestripe Script Logo”
    Comments: Released in early 2008 these baseball jerseys are basically a revamp of the old Psy baseball jerseys sold many years ago. The major differences are the backs which now sport a “91” patch and the sleeves which have a big hatchetman patch on one side and a small circle hatchetman patch on the other.
  68. Psychopathic Army
    Versions: 1) Baseball Red Psychopathic Army  $90+
    2) Football Black Psychopathic Army  $110+
    3) Basketball Black Psychopathic Army  $65+
    4) Football Red Psychopathic Army  $90+
    5) Hockey Olive Green Juggalo Nation Psychopathic Army  $120+
    Comments: If you want a good way to show people that juggalos don’t follow gang mentality then I’d advise you not to wear these jerseys repping the “Psychopathic Army”. First came the baseball on the webstore followed by the football and then the basketball a couple months later. The 2nd football and hockey came in June 2008. Notice how the 2 footballs have the graphics on the side gimmick.
  69. Personalized JCW
    Versions: 1) Football Violent J  $100+
    2) Football Shaggy 2 Dope  $100+
    3) Basketball Violent J  $65+
    4) Basketball Shaggy 2 Dope  $65+
    5) Football Red JCW Logo  $90+
    Comments: It took 8 years but in March 2008 we finally got some JCW logo jerseys for sale on the webstore. These are extra special with the personalized backs of either Violent J or Shaggy. Psychopathic has done personalized ICP jerseys before but they didn’t look this good. The basketball versions followed in June 2008. The red was released also in late June 2008 and isn’t personalized but I put it here anyways.
  70. Juggalo World Order
    Versions: 1) Football Juggalo World Order  $100+
    2) Basketball Juggalo World Order  $65+
    Comments: The Juggalo World Order is the big gimmick in JCW now a days and with it comes a grip of merch. This football jersey debuted on the webstore along with a matching hoodie in March 2008 for the JCW maniacs out there. The basketball debuted on the webstore in June 2008.
  71. Psychopathic 2008 Basketball  $65+
    Comments: 2008 update on the popular plain Hatchetman basketball jersey, except we got a tribal design on the back for that extra spice.
  72. Juggalette Mudflap Basketball  $65+
    Comments: June 2008 webstore debutee for all the butch juggalettes who like to sport basketball jerseys.
  73. Psycho Bitch Basketball  $65+
    Comments: Another June 2008 webstore debutee for all the butch juggalettes who like to put themselves down for attention.
  74. Psychopathic Rydas “Dumpin’ Logo”
    Versions: 1) Football Black Dumpin’ Logo  $90+
    2) Football Red Dumpin’ Logo  $90+
    3) Basketball Black Dumpin’ Logo  $65+
    4) Basketball Red Dumpin’ Logo  $65+
    Comments: Featuring the Rydas name logo from the Dumpin’ CD, these came in both football and basketball and were available each in either black or red. These all debuted on the webstore in June 2008.
  75. Outline Hatchetmen
    Versions: 1) Football Black Outline Hatchetmen  $90+
    2) Football Red Outline Hatchetmen  $90+
    3) Basketball Black Outline Hatchetmen  $65+
    4) Basketball Red Outline Hatchetmen  $65+
    Comments:Another new interesting design here with the 5 outline hatchetman logos on the front and backwords hatchetman on the back which is pretty weird. These all debuted on the webstore in June 2008.
  76. Psychopathic Hatchetman Hockey 2008  $120+
    Comments: This debuted on the webstore in June 2008. Notice the multi-hatchetman design on the bottom of the jersey, something they used on a couple hockey jerseys about 5 years ago.


Base Ball



Foot Ball





Foot Ball















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