PT Jersey’s Dark Lotus

  • The Green is rarity of the item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • Having Anything Signed Recks The Value For Resale.

  1. Burgandy Dark Lotus
    Versions: 1) Football Burgandy Dark Lotus
    2) Baseball Dark Lotus Rare
    Comments: These are the first clothing items released promoting Dark Lotus. This burgandy football jersey was available at the Web Store, tours, Comic Cons, etc. The baseball jersey was then added to the Web Store soon thereafter.
  2. Silver Hybrid Dark Lotus
    Comments: They called this a Hockey Jersey, but it’s more of a hockey/BMX hybrid, if you will, as it is smooth and shiny. Anyways, this jersey debuted around the time of the Hatchet Rising Tour, which was Dark Lotus’s first major tour across the country.
  3. Prototype Dark Lotus Very Rare
    Comments: This prototype Hockey jersey was auctioned off as part of a Dark Lotus Lot at the Gathering 2002. Similar to the one above in design, btu this was an actual mesh hockey jersey, as opposed to the smooth material.
  4. Dark Lotus Football “Crew”
    Versions: 1) Football Black/Burgandy Dark Lotus Very Rare
    2) Football Black Dark Lotus w/ No Name Very Rare
    3) Football White Dark Lotus Very Rare
    Comments: During the Lotus Instore tour, and at the Hatchet Rising shows, each member had a Black Football Lotus jersey, with burgandy trim and their name on the back. A few have gotten around. Members of Lotus threw them out into the crowd after most shows; There was a Blaze one on the auctions; Madrox gave away a Shaggy one at in Instore; Blaze even gave one to someone after a show in the hotel. I would have to say that I have seen mostly ABK and Blaze ones around/online/on eBay. J is the rarest by far, although there are still a few of his floating around.
    Probably because he didn’t want to strip down on stage and throw it into the crowd. But regardless, there are a handful of each person out there (minus ones that get torn in the crowd). Rumor has it that some were sold with no name on the back. I find this to be 100% false, but one was in the Lotus Lot at the Gathering 2002 Auctions. I know of one or two other ones like this out there as well. Fast forward to the Gathering 2003, the first night, the members of Dark Lotus sported the new White jerseys. Rumor has it that only 1 or 2 of each person were made here. While cool, these are fairly easy to bootleg, so be VERY careful if you find someone with one.
  5. White #2 Dark Lotus Football
    Comments: March of 2004, and these came to the Web Store. They are very similar to the ones worn onstage at the 2003 Gathering. However, most importantly, notice the different number on the back. Even with this, a crafty someone could bootleg this to make it look like an OG Crew one, so be careful when buying those. Also of note, the sleeves on these are much longer than on most Psychopathic football jerseys.
  6. Dark Lotus Hockey Jersey
    Comments: These jerseys also came out in March of 2004, right before the new Dark Lotus album was set to drop. Again, notice the 2 on the back, for the second album, obviously.
  7. Dark Lotus “6”
    Comments: These football jerseys debuted on the Dark Lotus Tour of 2004. As you can see, they are pretty plain, with a 6 on the front and back, a small hatchetman below the neck, and Lotus Crosses on the sleeves. These were also sold at the Gathering 2004, but the back has a “Lotus” nameplate. Oddness indeed.
  8. Dark Lotus Basketball “2”
    Comments: These basketball jerseys were only available, I believe, at the Gathering 2004, and I have not seen nor heard from then since. Very strange nowadays for something to go unsold on, which is why this is a little more valuable than similar jerseys.
  9. Dark Lotus Baseball “Crew”  Very Rare
    Comments: Gathering of the Juggalos 2005. Another year, another set of Crew Jerseys for the Lotus. This year we have black/white baseball jerseys (pullover, not button-up), and they are all unique with names and numbers. We have: Killa 6, 2Dope 7, Monoxide 8, Blaze 9, J 10 (shown above), and Madrox 11. To the best of anyone’s knowledge, there was only one of each made. Also to note, the Shaggy one got destroyed, so finding that in one piece may prove very difficult.
  10. Dark Lotus Burgandy And Silver
    Versions: 1) Hockey Burgandy/Silver Dark Lotus
    2) Football Burgandy/Silver Dark Lotus
    Comments: Usually we get new Lotus merch when a new CD is coming out but out of nowhere in late March HatchetGear delivers us a new Lotus hockey jersey, with the football following in late May 2007. I don’t quite understand the “1” on the back though.
  11. Dark Lotus Red & Royal Blue Hockey
    Comments: These were originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made it’s way to the webstore. Theres that 1 again on the back.
  12. Dark Lotus Burgandy & White Hockey
    Comments: Big year for new Lotus merch with this hockey being just one in a long line of new merch. Similar to the other hockey released mere months before it this made a big bang on the webstore in September 2007.
  13. Dark Lotus Blossom Logo
    Versions: 1) Football Black Blossom Logo
    2) Football Blue Blossom Logo
    3) Basketball Blossom Logo
    Comments: These 3 feature the “Blossom Logo” some of you might remember from some of the merch from the first Lotus album. The first 2 footballs debuted on the webstore first in April 2008 with the basketball following a month or so later.


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