PT Jersey’s Boondox

  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • Having Anything Signed Recks The Value For Resale.

  1. Boondox Logo  $110+
    Versions: 1) Baseball Tan/Green Boondox Logo
    2) Football Blue/Brown Boondox Logo
    Comments: We are going to have a lot of “Boondox Logo” merch until he starts getting more graphics and such, so stick with us.The baseball jersey came out sometime in the early summer of 2006 to follow up Boondox’s debut CD, while the football jersey came out on the Tombstone Terror Tour.
  2. <Boondox “Face Logo”
    Versions: 1) Football Gold Face Logo  $90+
    2) Hockey Gold Face Logo  $110+
    3) Baseball Blue Face Logo  $100+
    4) Hockey Black And White Face Logo  $110+
    5) Football Black And Gold Face Logo  $100+
    6) Basketball Black And White Face Logo  $65+
    7) Football Red Face Logo  $90+
    Comments: Boondox-amania is running wild, so we have some jerseys to give to the masses. These all feature the “Face” logo, which is so widely popular.
  3. Boondox Website Contest Face Jersey  $$++
    Versions: 1) Football Blue Face Logo
    2) Football Red Face Logo
    Comments: Before the Punkinhed EP was released Boondox held a contest on his website where the person who got the most internet publicity for the CD via message board/web site/etc spamming would win a one of a kind Boondox jersey. I guess 2 girls won it or something, that I’m not entirely sure on. But theres a Blue with Grey Trim and a Red with Black trim. The front features the popular face paint logo with just a simple Boondox name plate on the back.
  4. Crow Moon Football  $90+
    Comments: Featuring a new scarecrow logo on the front with a Boondox nameplate and the number 1 on the back (although by this time his second album had already been released). This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made it’s way to the webstore. The exact color of the trim is described as “Vegas Gold” cause Boondox is a high roller.


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