PT Jersey’s Blaze

  • The Green is the rarity of the item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • Having Anything Signed Recks The Value For Resale.

  1. Blaze “One Less G in the Hood”
    Versions: 1) Football Blue
    2) Football Gold
    3) Hockey OG Red/Yellow/White/Black
    4) Hockey Red/Yellow/White
    Comments: The Football Jerseys debuted at the Gathering 2001, and were sold for a long time, with both Large and Small Hatchetmen on the sleeves. The Large ones came first, so they generally sell for a little more. As for the hockey jersey, the OG debuted on the last leg of the Bizzar Tour, and it had just a #1 on the back and small Hatchetmen on the sleeves. Then, on the FreekShow Tour, they had similar jerseys with larger Hatchetmen on the sleeves and “Dead Homie 1” on the back.
  2. Blaze “New Logo” Jerseys
    Versions: 1) Hockey Orange/Black
    2) Hockey Black/Orange
    3) Baseball Red/Yellow Blaze
    4) Football Blue/Yellow Blaze
    5) Basketball Black/Gold Blaze
    Comments: The hockey jerseys debuted on Twiztid’s Mirror Mirror Tour, and were a popular item, and the Orange/Black was available later on the Web Store in small quantities. The Red Baseball and two toned Football jerseys debuted at the Gathering 2002. Yeah, it’s weak to put them in the “New Logo” Catagory, but dammit, I didn’t know what else to do. In August of 2002, the Basketball, Baseball and new football jerseys debuted on the Web Store.
  3. Blaze Raiders Logo
    Versions: 1) Football Black Raiders Logo
    2) Hockey Raiders Logo
    3) BMX Raiders Logo
    4) Hockey Black/Silver Radiers Logo
    5) Football Silver Radiers Logo
    6) Baseball Radiers Logo
    7) Football Black Raiders Logo 2008
    8) Basketball Black Raiders Logo
    Comments: In February 2003, Blaze kicked off his own tour, and in came the Raiders logo merch. The BMX made it to the web store, and the other two soon followed for a short time. Fast forward to September of 2006, and the Raiders merch is back, with three new jerseys. Fast forward once again to March 2008 and we get another Black Football but with obvious differences from the original. Now in April 2008 the Raiders logo finally makes it’s way onto a basketball jersey.
  4. “Blaze” Crew Jerseys  $$+
    Comments: I’m pretty sure this is the correct spot chronologically, but if we are wrong, I am sure someone will correct us. I am told that ICP wore these when they were in TNA, which was early 2004. We have proof of these personalized jerseys from Violent J, Shaggy 2Dope, and 2Tuff Tony. I’m not sure if they were worn any other time, who else’s names would be on them (I’d maybe assume Corp. Robinson), etc., but if you have any more info, let us know.
  5. Colton Grundy Logo 
    Comments: This jersey was the first for Blaze Ya Dead Grundy, and it debuted on the Web Store in April of 2004. It appears to be cloth or smooth as opposed to mesh, which usually means it’s cheaper…. but not here, I guess.
  6. Colton Grundy “Steelers” 
    Comments: This was first available during a very small number of Black Rain shows for $80, and I heard those have no name on the back. Fast forward to the Gathering 2004, and we have what is pictured. Notice that the Yellow is “rubbery” and not the same material as the rest of the jersey. I assume both versions are made the exact same, but if you know any different, let us know.
  7. The G 
    Comments: This jersey debuted on the all-new in late October of 2004, to help promote the Colton Grundy CD. I also believe these were sold at FrightFest for a little cheaper, but who knows.
  8. Colton Grundy “Picture” 
    Comments: They are working overtime at Psychopathic, coming up with these names. Anyways, this is the first jersey, I believe, with a photo like this on it. Is that why it’s 125 bucks? Odd price. It came out in February of 2005, and everyone was happy in the land of Blaze.
  9. Blaze Logo “5” 
    Comments: It’s about time Blaze got some basketball jersey respect. This Carolina Blue number debuted on in early June of 2005.
  10. Blaze Logo
    Versions: 1) Basketball Blue w/ Red Blaze Logo
    2) Hockey Blue w/ Yellow Blaze Logo Logo
    Comments: “Blaze Logo”. GREAT name, Psychopathic. Anyways, this Navy w/ Red and White basketball jersey came out in June of 2006 on Soon after, the Hockey Jersey debuted on Blaze’s tour. It’s that weird color, where I can’t tell if it’s blue or green or whatever…
  11. Blaze Clock Logo 
    Comments: The Blaze Clock logo came out many years ago, so it’s about time that it made its way onto a jersey. We’ll see if we get other colors and such in the future.
  12. Clockwork Logo
    Versions: 1) Hockey Clockwork Logo
    2) Football Blue Clockwork Logo
    3) Basketball Clockwork Logo
    4) Football Black Clockwork Logo 
    Comments: These were sold on the Strange Noize tour in the summer of 2007. We got the new Blaze Clockwork Logo on the front and the 89 on the back, obviously to represent the year of his death. In March 2008 the black football debuted on the webstore featuring just “Blaze” on the back.
  13. Blaze Squiggle Logo
    Versions: 1) Hockey Black Squiggle Logo
    2) Football White Squiggle Logo 
    Comments: We get two new jerseys with a new Blaze logo on the front with the 89 number plate on the back marking the year of his death. Awesome. I personally would call this the “Jagged Logo” but HatchetGear called it the “Squiggle Logo” so we’ll go with that. These were originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but made there way to the webstore.
  14. Speed Logo
    Versions: 1) Hockey Speed Logo
    2) Football Blue Speed Logo
    3) Basketball Speed Logo 
    4) Football Black w/Red Speed Logo 
    5) Football Red w/Red Speed Logo 
    Comments: These all incorporate the new Blaze “Speed” logo and were all sold on the Clockwork Gray tour and have yet to pop up anywhere else. In June 2008 the last 2 footballs were sold on the webstore.


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