PT Jersey’s Anybody Killa

  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  •  Having Anything Signed Recks The Value For Resale.

  1. Anybody Killa Football
    Versions: 1) Football Black ABK Skull 01  $110+
    2) Football Black/Red ABK Skull  $100+
    3) Football Black ABK Skull 1  $85+
    Comments: The first all black football jersey debuted on the Mirror Mirror Tour in 2002, but quickly sold the fuck out. The two-toned version debuted at the Gathering 2002, and was one of the hottest sellers of the weekend. During ABK’s tour with KMK in the 03, the second all Black jersey debuted, but as you can see, it has just a 1, as opposed to the original 01 on the back. This one is also missing the small HatchetGear patch on the front that the original had.
  2. Anybody Killa Baseball
    Versions: 1) Baseball OG ABK  $100+
    2) Baseball ABK w/ Black Sleeves  $85+
    Comments: The ABK baseball jersey debuted at the Gathering 2002, and like the football, sold very quickly. But, also like the football, in 2003 they were redone with a slight difference. This time around, you may notice the sleeves are different. Maybe not a big difference to most, but that’s what we are here for.
  3. Anybody Killa Basketball  $65+
    Comments: This basketball jersey debuted on the Web Store, late summer 2002 with the rest of the new basketball jerseys. So now the skinny kids can rep ABK.
  4. ABK Skull Hockey  $100+
    Comments: New style hockey jerseys, and the Hatchet Warrior was in on it. This was first available on the Web Store in late November 2002.
  5. ABK Braids Hockey
    Versions: 1) Hockey Black/Red ABK  $100+
    2) Hockey Black/Blue ABK  $100+
    3) Hockey Red ABK #2  $125+
    Comments: New logo, and it gets thrown on every piece of merch. The Shangri-La Tour in mid-March of 2003 brought us the first version. I have heard there were versions both with and without the tomahawk/pipe logo on the back, so take that for what it is worth. Then comes November of the same year, and we get this Blue version on the Web Store. The Hells Pit Tour comes around in 2004, and we get the red version, with fancy trim and the 2 on the back. Let’s get a new logo for each CD, or else we’ll have jerseys with 37 on the back with the same Braids Logo.
  6. Anybody Killa BMX  $60+
    Comments: This Navy/Carolina Blue BMX jersey debuted on the KMK Tour of mid-may 2003 that ABK opened up on. It then popped onto the Web Store, and everyone had a chance to own it.
  7. Anybody Killa Braids Basketball  $65+
    Comments: This white basketball jersey didn’t debut at the Gathering 2003, but I believe it was for sale the first show of the Faces of Death Tour after the Gathering weekend. Notice the Hatchetman logo on the front that appears on ABK’s cd and website. Rumor had it that there was a version with the regular Hatchetman, but I never saw one.
  8. ABK Braids 2004
    Versions: 1) Football ABK Braids  $100+
    2) Basketball ABK Braids  $80+
    Comments: The Gathering 2004 brought us two ABK jerseys that were never seen again. Both just had a red 2 on the back. I’ve heard of people saying the football has Hatchetmen on the sleeves, and I’ve heard they don’t. Were there both? Who knows…
  9. ABK Braids 2005  $75+
    Comments: The Braids logo has been around awhile here. It came back with a vengance in May of 2005 on this Red and Blue new style football jersey, and for only 75 bones.
  10. ABK Skull Logo 2005  $75+
    Versions: 1) Football White Skull Logo
    2) Basketball Red Skull Logo
    Comments: More ABK merch; same logos; same shitty names and grouping of them on my part. Anyways, June of 2005 brought us this line of Skull Logo jerseys.Notice the differences with the basketball compared to the old Red jersey. I have heard the Football is very thin compared to most jerseys; I am unsure if the same can be said for the Basketball
  11. ABK “Killa”
    Versions: 1) Hockey Red Killa  $110+
    2) Hockey White Killa  $90+
    Comments: Both of these jerseys came out in October of 2005 on the Web Store. Interesting that the red one was $20 more. Different quality? I do not know.
  12. Killa Skull
    Versions: 1) Football Killa Skull  $90+
    2) Basketball Killa Skull  $65+
    Comments: ABK’s first jerseys back on Psychopathic continue the “Killa Skull” line. These debuted on the webstore in April 2008.


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