PT Shirt’s Psychopathic Wrestling

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  1. Stranglemania  $70+
    Color: White
    Comments: The only way to obtain this shirt was to send Psychopathic Records an old wrestling action figure back in 1996/97. They got so many requests for shirts, that they didn’t have enough shirts for all the figures they got. Also, these were only made in size XL.
  2. N.A.W. Crew  $$+
    Versions: 1) N.A.W. Silver Shield
    2) N.A.W. Red Letters
    Comments: The first version was a part of the Psychopathic Crew Shirt lot at the Gathering 2001. I have seen another floating around also, so it is possible to run across this in the Trading World. The Red Lettered version I have only seen one of. For those who do not know, NAW was a backyard fed that Psychopathic members had, that eventually started to run real shows out of their warehouse.
  3. Hellfire Wrestling
    Versions: 1) Hellfire – Psy. Sports  $40+
    2) Hellfire – Crew  $60+
    Comments: These were sold exclusively at the Hellfire Wrestling show in Detroit on 12/27/98. The tour never got off the ground, so these shirts were only at that one show, so only about 1000 people had a chance to buy them. They were also sold at Hot Hits for a short time in 1999/2000, so that brought the value down slightly. Also notice the rarer Crew shirt, for… the crew, obviously.
  4. Original JCW
    Versions: 1) JCW w/ “Wrestling is Fake…”  $40+
    2) JCW w/ nothing on the back  $25
    3) JCW Crew  $60+
    Comments: “Wrestling is Fake. Juggalos are real” is what the #1 shirt says on the back, Only sold at the first JCW show in Detroit at St Andrews Hall, this shirt was only available to a small amount of fans. Now, they were reprinted, but in the form with nothing on the back. There is also a Crew shirt, with the same front, and simply CREW on the back.
  5. JCW Tour  $30+
    Versions: 1) White w/ Red front and Dates
    2) Black w/ OG JCW & Red Dates
    3) Black w/ OG JCW & Blue Dates
    4) Black w/ Grey/Blue Front & Dates
    5) Grey w/ Harley front w/ Dates
    6) Grey w/ Harley front w/out Dates
    7) Black w/ AJB front
    Comments: During the JCW Tour, different shirts were available at different shows, so some of these may be rarer than others. The AJB one has the last five shows on the tour. Now, if you recall, the last few dates were originally the FIRST few dates that got postponed. So this may have been for their first dates; I am not sure, but the shirt is obviously rarer/more valuable than the others. I’ve also heard the back letter of these come in White and Silver. Also, the Harley Logo without dates was never sold at shows I don’t believe, and are harder to find than the one with dates.
  6. JCW’s Psychopathic Stars  $25+
    Versions: 1) Evil Dead
    2) Billy Bill
    3) Big Flame
    4) Rude Boy
    5) Tom Dub
    6) 2 Tuff Tony
    7) Youth Gone Wild
    Comments: During the JCW Tour, different shirts were available at different shows, thus the higher rarity/value than you may expect. I’m not sure if Tony’s shirt was sold at shows or not, but I have seen a few around with the slogan “Psychopathic’s Secret Weapon” so I assume they were sold somewhere. If anything, the Big Flame shirt is the most rare out of all of these, because no one wanted to buy it! The others, though, were also sold at the Gathering 2000. The Youth Gone Wild (Patrick and Tom Dub) debuted at the Gathering 2001 only on the 3rd day. I have also heard that at the Hartford JCW, there were 2 Man Man Pondo shirts available. They were not, however, Psychopathic shirts, as MMP probably had his own gimmick table, looking to make enough cash for the drive home.
  7. Vampiro JCW
    Versions: 1) Red “Vampiro Loves You All”  $25+
    2) Black w/ Bleeding JCW Logo  $50+
    3) Red “Raise the Dead”  $25+
    4) White “Vampiro Loves You All”  $25+
    5) Black “Raise the Dead”  $25+
    Comments: Like the other JCW Shirts, the first two were only sold at a very few number of shows — only the Philly show and another I believe, so these are rarer/worth more (although the Red “Loves You All” was also sold at the Gathering 2001). The White version debuted at the Gathering 2001. The Juggalotus shirt was only available at Comic Cons, I believe, in 2001.
  8. Vampiro/ICP “Blood and Faygo…”  $25+
    Color: White
    Comments: I always thought this shirt was slightly bootleg, with it’s Chaos-like cartoons on the front and “Blood and Faygo are thicker than Water” on the back, but enough people have them to give it a spot on the list. It’s fairly rare, but not a lot of demand for it, so it’s value isn’t very high. I have heard they actually sold these at some JCW shows, but I have no proof of that.
  9. Sabu  $32+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt came out on the Psychopathic Web Store, sporting the Sabu Logo on the front. It is embroidered, but not Hatchet Gear, thus the higher price.
  10. JCW 2003 Taping  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Sunday, March the 16th, of 2003. JCW invaded Columbus, Ohio, to have a JCW Video taping. And boom, they had a shirt! This popped up on the Web Store soon thereafter.
  11. JCW Superstars 2003
    Versions: 1) Tom Dub  $20+
    2) Rude Boy  $20+
    Comments: These were also sold at the JCW taping in Columbus, and they also popped up on the Web Store. We shall see if we get a whole wave of JCW stars on shirts this time around. I’m pulling for a Lenny Lane shirt, myself.
  12. The Mushroom Boys  $25+
    Color: White
    Comments: The Headhunters are a famous tag team within the ranks of pro wrestling, but to ICP fans, they are the Mushroom Boys. They appeared at JCW for the Gathering 2006, and these shirts were made. It’s been awhile since anything JCW has come out, so maybe this will jumpstart the movement.
  13. JCW Belt  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Hot Topic shirt featuring a JCW logo and a belt made to fool people to think you’re wearing it. This was also sold at the 2007 Gathering. Also notice the hatchetman covering the “shit” in “Championshit”.
  14. JCW “I Want To See Blood”  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments: This shirt was sold at The Gathering 2007, but only at the merch booth near the JCW ring, NOT at the main booth. I also think this may have been sold at the Hallowicked afterparty in 2007, but I am unsure. It seems like something that could come in numerous colors as well, so we’ll keep an eye out for that.
  15. Juggalo World Order  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Consisting of ICP, Scott Hall, Corporal Robinson and Nosawa the jWo is the next big thing in Juggalo Championshit Wrestling. Originally these were thrown out by the box load at the Hallowicked 2007 afterparty but were later made available on the webstore.


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