PT Shirt’s Violent Wear

  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.

  1. 100% Violent  $25+
    Color: Black/Yellow
    Comments: In January of 2004, the long-rumored “Violent Wear” debuted on the Web Store. All of these shirts were designed by Joseph Bruce, Violent J himself. They are also embroidered, thus the little extra money. Also notice the small Hatchetman on the back, and the patch on the bottom front. This one tells everyone that you are “100% Violent.” Ah yes. This was also offered in a combo pack with a black/yellow knit hat.
  2. I Killed Somebody  $25+
    Color: Black/White
    Comments: Another of the Debut Trio, this embroidered number tells the world that “I’ve Killed Somebody.” Not exactly the kind of shirt you wear to grandma’s house for supper. This was also offered in a combo pack with a black/white knit hat, sporting the “Violent Wear” Logo.
  3. Murder  $25+
    Color: Black/Red
    Comments: I hope shirts in the future from this line have better names, or give me something more to talk about. How much can I say about one word? This one says “Murder.” Yup. And yes, this also was offered in a Combo, like 3 Tacos and a large Pepsi… except this came with a Black/Red knit hat. Why it would be warm enough to wear a tshirt, but cold enough to need a knit hat, I will never know!
  4. Redrum  $30+
    Color: Red
    Comments: In February of 2004, this item came onto (as well as a combo pack with a knit hat.) It’s the first one of this line to really be “for” someone, for as you can see it’s an Esham shirt, by the Esham logo on the back above the Hatchetman.
  5. Violent Wear Logo  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments: It didn’t take long for this one. Also in February, this shirt debuted with… oh yeah, a side of Knit Hat. It simply sports the Violent Wear logo in all its glory, with a small Hatchetman on the back.
  6. Serial Killas  $30+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: They were hyping this one for awhile, and it finally came onto in March of 2004. As you can see, it has the faces of numerous famous murderers like Dahmer, Gacy.. and Shaggy. Also notice the back says “Shaggy” with the Hatchetman. And as always, this came in a combo with a knit hat.
  7. ICP Crop Circles  $40+
    Colors: Wheat; Black
    Comments: ICP’s upcoming EP “The Calm” has some crop circles on its cover, so hey… VWear busts out some shirts with this new ICP logo dealie. 40 dollars got you the shirt in March of 2005, and as before, they were offered with Crop Circle knit hats.
  8. Embroidered Makeup  $45+
    Versions: Violent J; Shaggy 2Dope
    Comments: Notice a trend in price? Yeah, these bad boys were 45 bones when they appeared on HGear in March of 2005. And hey, you can get the combo pack with a knit hat featuring the same graphic.
  9. Crooked Preacha Killa  $45+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Hey, at least the price didn’t jump again with these. These CPKs came out in April of 2005, and yeah, they came in a combo pack.
  10. Psychopathic Artist Transfers  $35+
    Versions: ICP; Twiztid; Blaze; ABK; Psychopathic Records
    Comments: The big pictures on the shirt is a pretty big trend in the rap world lately, or so it seems because I always see Diddy with one of B.I.G. So hey, Violent Wear is on it, with these shirts for ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, ABK, and the entire Psychopathic roster. Also notice they all have something different on the back, and they also have the VWear patch on the bottom front.
  11. Days of the Week  $30+
    Versions: Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday; Friday
    Comments: September of 2006 brings us some new Violent Wear. A logn time ago, J talked about making shirts for every day of the week. Well, here they are, all in different colors. Now… I have no idea what the stories on each of them are, so you may have to buck up and get them all to figure it out.


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