PT Shirt’s Soopa Villainz

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  1. Soopa Villians  $20+
    Colors: Burgandy; Black
    Comments: The Soopa Villians are the hot new Psychopathic group on this side of the Samhein Witch Killaz, yet are equally as mysterious. Regardless, these shirts debuted on the Wicked Wonka Tour, and were pretty popular purchases by all attending.
  2. Soopa Villainz  $20+
    Colors: Black w/ Red; Black w/ Blue; Black w/ Silver; Black w/ Gold
    Comments: These shirts debuted in July of 2005, when all the hype and mystery is still surrounding this group. Also notice the glittery print on these shirts. That adds to the mystery.
  3. Soopa Villainz Embroidered Logo  $25+
    Color: Black w/ Red
    Comments: No new shirts come out without the $25 Embroidered version right behind. So, here is your SV deal, complete with hatchetman on the upper back.
  4. SV “Foil” Crew Shirt  $$+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Gathering 2005. Violent J was seen wearing this crew shirt at seminars and such, which is your basic SV Logo shirt, exceptthat the print is made of a “foil” material. These appear to be pretty rare, as not many were seen that weekend.
  5. Who Is…?  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Who is Soopa Villainz indeed. This shirt debuted in August of 2005, right when the SV CD was ready to come out.
  6. Furious  $20+
    Colors: Black; Red
    Comments: Furious is the name of the SV cd, and these shirts have the track listing on the backs. Pretty simple explination for some simple shirts.
  7. Soopa Villainz Solo Shirts  $20+
    Versions: Mr Club; Mr Spade; Mr Heart; Mr Diamond
    Comments: More August 2005 additions, as each member of the Villainz gets their own shirt, and their own color.
  8. Soopa Crew  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The Soopa Crew is coming ‘atcha. Well, not so much anymore, since Esham left Psychopathic. But this shirt is still at Hot Topics all around the universe, and you can own it.


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