PT Misc Clothing Underware

Booty Shorts (Hatchet Gear)

Running Hatchetman Booty Shorts – White

Hatchetgirl Booty Shorts – Black

Booty Shorts (Twiztid Shop)

Black Booty Shorts Pink Twiztid Logo

Property Of Jamie Madrox Booty Shorts

Property Of Monoxide Booty Shorts

Big Hoodoo Thong (Hatchet Gear)

Thong – Big Hoodoo – Black Logo – Red

Thong – Big Hoodoo – Green Logo – Black

ABK Thong (Hatchet Gear)

Thong – ABK – Medicine Bag Logo – White

Psychopathic Records Thong (Hatchet Gear)

Thong – Psychopathic – Crest – Black

ICP Thong (Hatchet Gear)

Thong – ICP – Raised Logo – White

Skull Lungs (Twiztid Shop)

Black Thong White Skull Lungs Logo