PT Shirt’s Monster Brand

  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.

  1. Voodoo  $30+
    Color: Red; Yellow
    Comments: These shirts debuted on in lats August of 2003, and they are the first to represent the Monster Brand of clothing from Twiztid. These shirts also have a MB patch stitched onto the sleeve, as well as the bottom front of the shirt.
  • Monster Brand Classick 2004  $30+
    Versions: 1) Vampire
    2) Creature
    3) Frankenstein
    Comments: These shirts are of the Monster Brand, so the have the special patches and such… and an extra 10 bucks onto the price. Anyways, the first two were availbe in early October of 2004 on The Frankenstein one was a FrightFest 2004 Exclusive, although it was available for a short time on the Web as well.
  • Monster Brand Maniacs  $30+
    Versions: 1) Maniac
    2) Lunatic
    Comments: Twiztid has the Monster Brand kicking, and we got these two shirts in late 2004. The Maniac represents Jason Vorhees, while the FrightFest Exclusive Lunatic has that William Shatner-mask wearing Michael Myers. Both also have the Monster patches on the front and sleeve, thus the higher price.
  • Nightmare  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted on TwiztidShop in late October, 2004, and it follows in the line of the Monster Brand shirts.


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