PT Shirt’s Insane Clown Posse

  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.

  1. COC Sanity
    Versions: 1) Sanity w/ Hatchetmen on sleeves  $80+
    2) OG Sanity w/out Hatchetmen  $60+
    3) Sanity w/ Hatchetman on Back  $$+
    4) Sanity w/out Hatchetmen (Reprint)  $30+
    Color: White
    Comments:One of the first shirts ICP ever printed. The versions with the hatchetman on the sleeve have nothing on the back, while the regular version has “Sanity” written vertically down the back. You can tell the reissues from OGs by the tag. The Originals have Fruit of the Loom and Hanes tags, while the Reissues have something different, like Gildan. The reissues were sold at The Gathering 2000, and again in 2006. The oldest and rarest version has the Black/White COC Face on the front, and a large Red hatchetman on the back. These were sold at their first live show in 1991 at the Ritz (opening for Esham), and they also have small FOTL Tags.
  2. COC Insanity
    Versions: 1) OG Insanity  $60+
    2) Insanity w/ Hatchetman on Back  $$+
    3) Insanity (Reprint)  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments:One of the first shirts ICP ever printed. Unlike the Sanity, I do not believe there is an Insanity shirt with Hatchetman on the sleeve. Although rumor now has it that there were versions with the Large Hatchetman on the back, but these were strictly for the crew. Both versions available to the public have “Insanity” written vertically down the back. Reprints of this were printed up for the Gathering 2000, and then again in 2006. The Originals have Fruit of the Loom and Hanes tags, while the Reissues have something different.
  3. COC “Chaos”  $$+
    Colors: White; Black; Blue
    Comments:This shirt is presumed to be a Crew shirt. The front has a COC face that is tilted to the side. If you have the Mutilation Mix CD, there is an Old School picture of J with this shirt on. There also have been speculations of different designs of the COC Face, but regardless, this shirt is very very rare.
  4. Carnival of Carnage
    Versions: 1) White COC w/ Blue/Pink Logo  $$+
    2) Black COC  $20
    3) Black COC w/ Long Sleeves  $30
    4) Red COC  $20
    5) Blue COC  $20
    6) Black COC w/ Pink/Blue Clown  $30+
    Comments: These are the same shirts that have been around since COC came out, and they continue to be produced and sold. The long sleeve shirt is slightly rarer, but there isn’t a huge demand for it in the trading market. The first one, the white (I think they were white; correct me if I am wrong please) COC with the Pink and Blue Clown is the rarest of them all, by far. It was sold at Rock of Ages right after COC was released. The Pic and the lettering on the back are exactly like that of the COC Poster. At the Gathering 2001, these Pink/Blue shirts were released on a Black shirt, and were easily one of the most popular shirts sold. I’ve also seen a long sleeve purple one. Insane!
  5. OG J/Shaggy
    Versions: 1) White “The Southwest Juggla” (J)  $$+
    2) Black “2Dope” (Shaggy)  $$+
    Comments: These are two of the first shirts sold by Psychopathic. They were sold in local record store Rock of Ages in 1992/1993, right around the time of Carnival of Carnage dropping. Someone wore one of these to a recent in-store and Shaggy went on and on about how old school that was. Hopefully the pictures will tell a slightly better story then we can here.
  6. Beverly Kills
    Versions: 1) Beverly Kills  $50+
    2) Beverly Kills (Reprint)  $25+
    Color: White
    Comments:The original was one of the most sought after shirts a few years ago. But with the surge of Reprints for the Comic Conventions of 2000, the demand for them has dropped off slightly. The OGs have a Fruit of the Loom tag, while the reprints have Gildan tags I believe. There also used to be a rumor of a Black BK shirt, but this has yet to materialize.
  7. Ringmaster
    Versions: 1) Black; White  $25
    2) Black w/ Long Sleeves  $30+
    3) Purple Reprint  $20+
    4) Gold  $25+
    5) Black w/ Long Sleeves 2004  $20+
    Comments: I believe there are also different versions of each of these, such as long vs short sleeves, some having “ICP” on the front while others do not, and the OG ones having more glitter on them then the newer ones. The purple ones were sold at The Gathering 2000. These were actually reprints of an earlier shirt, a few more down the list. The Gold shirts were sold at the Gathering 2001, and sold out very quickly. The White ones were reprinted in early 2003 for the Shangri-La Tour, but I have heard that the face was smaller, and “less glittery,” and lacked the ICP underneath, as you can see here. In 2003, the Black Ringmaster was once again reprinted for sale in Hot Topic, and in 2004, we have a long sleeve version as well, as shown above.
  8. Ringmaster Crew Shirt
    Colors: Black/Orange; Black/Red
    Comments:This shirt has a Ringmaster on the front, but says “Psychopathic Records Crew” on the back. You can see Rich wearing this in the Shockumentary when he is signing for the Faygo shipment. Rumor has it that this was used by Crew at Hallowicked 94.. perhaps the Orange for that, and the Red for other times? One may never know. I have also heard that there is a version in Gold, with the word “Crew” on each sleeve, and the crew members name on the back.
  9. Ringmaster Poster
    Versions: 1) OG Ringmaster Poster shirt  $60+
    2) Reprinted RM Poster Shirt  $30+
    Color: White
    Comments:This has a picture of the Ringmaster poster on it (in front of the house), hence the name of the shirt. A few were reprinted in the last few years. The newer ones will have a Gildan tag, while OGs should have a Fruit of the Loom tag. Also, look at the pictures. Knowing where the pictures came from, the first is 100% an OG and the 2nd is 100% a reprint. Now look at the actual print on the shirt. Notice how the OG stops right after J’s hands, while the reprint keeps going, so yo ucan see his shirt open at the bottom. This was a very good call by long time PTer *Note* – I have heard where this is NOT the case for all of them, which is kinda weird. So use the TAG as the 100% factor if it is OG or not.
  10. OG Purple Ringmaster  $$++
    Color: Purple
    Comments:As you can see, this is a Purple Ringmaster shirt, with “Fuck Off Bitch Boy” on the back. Also, as you can see, J and Shaggy are wearing them during a show. Now, I am not sure if they were even sold to the public, which would make them even rarer and more impossible to find if they were just for crew. Regardless, if this was reprinted as is, I think it would be one of the most popular shirts Psychopathic could put out.
  11. Terror Wheel  $25+
    Colors: Maroon; Green
    Comments:Again, a few of each of these was reprinted, I believe, and that brought down the rarity and value sfrom what they once were. Still a popular shirt, but just not “worth as much,” if you will
  12. Purple Pimps
    Versions: 1) J w/ writing on back  $50+
    2) Shaggy w/ writing on back  $50+
    3) J w/out writing on back  $55+
    4) Shaggy w/out writing on back  $55+
    5) J w/ writing on back (Reprint)  $30+
    6) Shaggy w/ writing on back (Reprint)  $30+
    Color: Purple
    Comments:Very popular shirts when they first were sold, and still today. Some were printed with writing on the back, and some without. It is believed that the ones without writing were sold at the first Hallowicked show, thus rarer and older than the others. They were reprinted for the Gathering 2000, but in small quantities and with a smaller picture on them than the OGs, much like the Xmas RiddleBox shirts sold there. They were also reprinted for the 2001 Gathering, again in small quantities, but I am not sure if the graphic is smaller than the OG.
  13. Mr Rotten Treats  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt was sold at the 2nd Hallowicked Shows in Royal Oak, MI in 1995. A very sought-after shirt among collectors, as it was the first shirt sold especially for a Hallowicked show. Notice at the bottom of the back picture, it only has TWO dates, showing it is from 1995, and not the 1999 Reprint. Also, the FACE has a stubble on the chin, if you will… while the reprint does not. Without the 99 version, this may have been the most sought after Hallowicked shirt.
  14. Fuck Off
    Colors: 1) White Fuck Off  $30+
    2) Black Fuck Off  $25+
    3) Red Fuck Off $25+
    Comments: The White version of this shirt is the older of the two, with the black shirts surfacing about 4 years later. Both are still pretty popular, and fairly rare, although reprints are constantly resurfacing, sometimes with small variations, and with the most recent being in September of 2006. I have heard that there are different versions that have “Fuck” and “Fxck” with the X’ed version being the newer of the two. I cannot confirm this, but I am just throwing it out there for possibility. The Red version came out at the Gathering 2001, and was actually rereleased in 2004.
  15. RiddleBox – Full Body  $$+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This is the only shirt that has the full body of the RiddleBox, as opposed to just his head, as you can see in the next few shirts. Anyways, it is gathered that this shirt was given out and worn before the CD came out, as to promote it. Not very many out there, so if you get one, it is a find. Now here comes some “What if?” for you. In one of the old catalogs, they sold a RiddleBox shirt that appears to have a full body, but with the “regular” back, as those below have. My theory is that this was just a graphic they made for the catalog, but they decided to print shirts with just the face. But hey, it’s just my theory. Maybe there are different versions of the Full Body. We’ll never know… or when you find one, we will.
  16. RiddleBox
    Versions: 1) Black  $20
    2) Black w/ White Border around Face  $25+
    3) White/Tan  $25+
    4) Black w/ Purple writing $20+
    5) Jade  $30+
    Comments:The black version is the same old one that has been around since 1995, and can be found anywhere. The white version has been sold at the Gathering 2000, and recent Comic Conventions, so they are rare, but there isn’t a very high demand for them. The #2 version is just like the regular version except the face on the front has a white border. It was only available through the Jive catalog inside the OG RiddleBox tapes/CDs. The “Jade” version came out at the Gathering 2001, and is just a light green shirt, almost a teal, if you will.
  17. Riddlebox Poster aka “Wicked Clownz” aka “Chicken Huntin”
    Versions:  1) RB Poster w/ Wicked Clownz on the back  $40
    2) RB Poster w/ ICP on the back  $55+
    3) RB Poster Reprint  $25+
    Color: White
    Comments:Like its Ringmaster counterpart, this shirt has a picture of the RiddleBox poster on the front of it. Again, like the RM Poster shirt, is a common item on most trader’s “Want Lists.” I have recently gotten word that these have been reprinted twice. The OGs, like most older ICP shirts were Fruit of the Loom. They were then sold during 1998 with Anvil tags, and they were sold at the Comic Cons with the newer Gildan tag.
  18. Hallowicked RiddleBox  $85+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was sold during the Hallowicked 1996 tour, and features RiddleBox design, with a Hallowicked twist to it. Truly one of the most sought after shirts by collectors today.
  19. Hallowicked RiddleBox Crew  $$+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was on eBay and fetched a nice amount of money. That was one of very few I have ever seen around; with one other being in the Shirts Lot at the Gathering 2001 Auctions.
  20. Xmas RiddleBox
    Versions: 1) Original  $50+
    2) Reissue  $25
    Color: Black
    Comments:The Originals were sold at shows in 1995/1996 I believe. The reprints were sold at the Gathering, and have a much smaller front design of the Christmas-style Riddle Box, along with much smaller letters on the back. Do not be fooled into thinking you have an original.
  21. Superballs
    Versions: 1) White SuperBalls  $25+
    2) Blue SuperBalls  $25+
    Comments:  Ain’t no bitch too fat… for this shirt. Again, a very popular shirt among the Juggalos, probably because of the swearing, or the big cartoon nut sac on the front. This shirt was reprinted for the conventions, and even as recently as the Hells Pit Tour of 2004, so value and rarity has dropped off slightly. The Blue version debuted at the Gathering 2001, and has been reprinted as recently as 2006.
  22. Great Milenko Hollywood Promos
    Versions: 1) w/ JWYTTWD picture  $75+
    2) w/ “ICP” underneath GM pic  $35+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Both of these were put put by Hollywood to advertise Milenko’s release, so naturally they are collecter’s items. #1 comes with White or Blue (also red I believe) lettering on the back, with the White being slightly rarer. I’m not sure of the origin of #1, but I do know first hand about #2. In certain stores (Record Town in my area) on the day Milenko was first released, all of the employees had to wear these shirts. Like all promo items, most employees probably threw them out, or sent them back to Hollywood.
  23. Great Milenko
    Versions: 1) Black; Green; Kelley Green; Purple #1; Purple #2  $20
    2) Black w/ Long Sleeves  $25
    3) Blue w/ Red Face  $30+
    4) Blue w/ Gold Face  $30+
    5) Grey w/ Red Face  $20+
    Comments: Just to note, the colors above refer to the color of the SHIRT, and not of the Milenko face itself. Anyways, God knows how many different ugly ass colors they made into Milenko shirts. These are hardly rare, but if anything, the colored ones are harder to find than the Black ones. There are also some variations. Some have ICP under the Milenko face; some do not. (See herefor Purple variation.)  Also, some have writing on the back, while others are blank. I have even heard of a Glow in the Dark version of the Red Face on the black shirt. Now, the blue one (#3) was actually rarer than the other colors, as only a few known people have these, although I believe they were sold at some Comic Cons. The Blue/Gold combo was released at the Gathering 2001, and has become pretty sought after. On the Shangri-La tour of 2003, the Grey shirt popped up for some strange reason.
  24. Wicked Duo  $20
    Colors: Black; GreenComments: Released when Milenko dropped, this was one of the first true Mall Shirts, since this is when ICP just started to get nationwide. Now, somewhere along the line, these popped up in a dark green. Hard to see in a lot of poor pictures, but this pictureshows the difference clearly
  25. House of Horrors tour
    Versions: 1) Black J w/ Dates  $35+
    2) Black J w/out Dates $20
    3) Black Shaggy w/ Dates  $35+
    4) Black Shaggy w/out Dates  $20
    5) Grey J/Shaggy w/ Dates  $35+
    6) Black J/Shaggy w/ Dates  $35+
    7) Black J/Shaggy w/out Dates  $20
    8) Grey J/Shaggy w/out Dates  $20
    Comments: The shirts with dates were sold at shows along the tour. The ones without dates are, what will commonly be used on this page, Mall Shirts. Simply, this means at one time you could get these at any music store, Spensers, etc. in the mall, thus not rare at all. There were also some Glow in the Dark versions, and some with smaller pictures and lettering ,all of which are not much rarer/more sought after than the others. There are also a few variations with the dates, some ending on the Boston date, other missing some date, and so on.
  26. Hallowicked Milenko 1997  $65+
    Versions: 1) Black Detroit
    2) Orange Detroit
    3) Black Toledo
    Comments: These were sold at the 1997 Hallowicked shows, with a special Great Milenko Halloween-style art on the front, and the City/Date on the back. These are fairly rare (and so far not reprinted), and are quickly becoming fairly sought after.
  27. Juggalo Funhouse
    Versions: 1) JFH w/ Dates to Sept 27  $30+
    2) JFH w/ Dates to Oct 24  $20
    3) JFH w/out dates  $20
    4) Long Sleeve JFH w/out dates  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: We finally picked up a picture of the second leg of the tour. If you have any other variations, let us know. The ones without dates are Mall Shirts, and just have the “Hokus Pokus” cartoony print on the front.
  28. Xmas 1998  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This is a newer Holdiay t-shirt from Psychopathic Records. It has the picture from the Xmas 97 Single on it, with the famous Seasons Greeting on the back — Merry Fuckin Christmas, Bitch. These were sold on numerous tours and conventions, and now can be found on ICP’s Web Store.
  29. Hallowicked Milenko 1998  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt was sold during the Hallowicked 1998 Tour, ending in St Louis for 10/31. This shirt sports a different front than the 97 shirt, with a little more purple in it. These have been reprinted for the conventions, so the rarity/value has been driven down considerably.
  30. “The 5th is Coming Soon”  $50+
    Versions: 1) Jack Jeckel
    2) Jake Jeckel
    Comments:This is a Crew shirt that has the “full body” of the AJB juggling fireballs, and is pretty rare. Recently, we were sent a picture of one of Jake, as opposed to all the Jacks I have seen previously. So there you go. There is also rumor of a “split face juggling” crew shirt, although we have no pictures/proof of this
  31. Split Face AJB Promo  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt was used to promote the release of the Amazing Jeckel Brothers. I am not sure who these were given to, or how many exist. But they are fairly rare, and would greatly add to your collection if you can find one.
  32. Amazing Jeckel Brothers
    Versions: 1) Black Jack/Jake w/ ICP on back  $20+
    2) Black Jack/Jake w/AJB on back  $20
    3) Black Jack/Jake “Juggling Fireballs”  $25+
    4) Red Jack/Jake “Juggling Fireballs”  $25+
    5) Red Jack/Jake  $25+
    Comments:The first Black ones came out around the same time as the CD came out in 1999. I am not sure when the Black Full Body shirts started to come out, but both Red types were available at the Gathering 2001.
  33. Firehouse  $20
    Color: Black
    Comments: This has the Firehouse poster pic on the front, and Amazing Jeckel Brothers on the back in flaming letters.
  34. Amazing Jeckel Brothers Tour
    Versions: 1) Black Juggling Jake  $35+
    2) Black with Black/White poster pic  $30+
    Comments:Word has it that the #1 version was only sold at the first handful of shows. Then, they switched to the other version. Now, I do know that there were bootleg shirts being sold outside the show similar to the first version. Did Psychopathic ditch them and still try to make money off of them, or just coincidence? I do not know for sure.
  35. Wicked Clowns From Outer Space Tour  $25+
    Versions: 1) WCFOS Tour w/ Sept 30 – November 28
    2) WCFOS Tour w/ Sept 30 – Dec 15
    3) WCFOS Tour w/ Jan 8 – Feb 6
    4) WCFOS Tour w/ Sept 30 – March 14
    5) WCFOS Tour w/ All Dates – Sept 30 – End
    Color: Black
    Comments:There is more than one version of the Dates shirt, because they toured for so many legs on this tour, that they added all of the dates in one form or another. These were also at the Psychopathic Online Store, among other places, and there may be more versions than we have posted. None are really that much rarer/more sought after than the others.
  36. WCFOS “On Stage”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt is, as they say, a mall shirt, as it shows ICP on stage during a WCFOS Show.
  37. Mr Rotten Treats 1999  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments: To all of the Juggalos surprise, the 1999 shirt was another Mr Rotten Treats, with the dates “October 29, 30, 31” added to the bottom of the back. They sold out on the first night, much to the disappointment of those who came on the other two nights. They were reprinted though, for conventions and the Gathering I believe.
  38. South Park  $20
    Versions: 1) South Park J
    2) South Park Shaggy
    Color: Black
    Comments: Not rare. Mall Shirts, flat out.
  39. “Claws”  $20
    Versions: 1) Violent J
    2) Shaggy
    Color: Black
    Comments: Not rare. Mall Shirts. Every little kid that ever heard AJB has one.
  40. AJB “Wicked Clowns”
    Versions: 1) Black w/ Black/White Poster pic  $20
    2) Black w/ Subway Poster pic  $20
    Comments:These are in the series of Wicked Clown shirts, and as the last ones, are mall shirts. I’ve also heard of this “Subway” picture on a shirt with a blank back, but I doubt that is rarer or more sought after, but it’s something to keep an eye out for.
  41. Bloody Letters  $20
    Color: Black
    Comments:These all black shirts just have “Insane Clown Posse” across the chest in a bloody font. You can find these at Hot Topic, and the like.
  42. Hallowicked 2000
    Versions: 1) J/Shaggy Pumpkins  $25+
    2) ICP/Twiztid  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Both of these were available at Hallowicked 2000. The first one was for sale at the merchandise booth, and became widely availble on the Web Store. The second was available only in The Box, and only in size XL. This shirt was also in a Lot at the Gathering 2001 Auctions as a Hallowicked 2000 Crew shirt.
  43. Bizzar/Bizaar  $20
    Versions: 1) Bizzar Front
    2) Bizaar Front
    3) J/Shaggy Front
    4) Long sleeved ICP/Swirl Logo
    5) J/Shaggy “Insane Clown Posse”
    Color: Black
    Comments: The first two have the design of their CD on the front, while the 3rd has a pic of J and Shaggy that is in the CD Booklet I believe. All three have Insane Clown Posse on the back. The 4th isn’t really a B/B Shirt, but it has a red swirl behind the ICP Logo, so it fits here. We always get emails about the last one, so here it is. The story goes that this was a misprint, and 50 were made, and sold at a handful of Comic Cons. Due to the small number available, these obviously could command a little more than the 20 bucks the others would.
  44. Bizzar/Bizaar Tour
    Versions: 1) Nov 29 – Dec 17, 2000  $30+
    2) Nov 29 – Feb 4, 2001  $25+
    3) Nov 29 – March 3  $25+
    4) Nov 29 – March 16  $25+
    5) Nov 29 – June 12  $25+
    Comments: These were sold during the B/B tour. The first leg of the tour lasted until roughly the new year, then new shirts were made for the rest of the tour, with all of the date previous also on them. Gotta love random new “legs” of ICP tours.
  45. Butcher Shirt  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt was released on the Psychopathic Web Store. It has ICP on the front, and the outline of a hatchetman on the back.
  46. ICP “Radiant Red”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was recently released on the Psychopathic Web Store, and may work its way to Malls or Shows very soon. It has “Insane Clown Posse” written across the front. I have also heard they have Blue versions as opposed to red. I would say these are worth about the same.
  47. “2000” (3D) Design  $20
    Versions: 1) Carnival of Carnage 2000
    2) Ringmaster 2000
    3) RiddleBox 2000
    4) RiddleBox Question Mark 2000
    5) Great Milenko 2000
    6) Puzzle 2000
    7) Jeckel Brothers 2000
    Comments: These all are “newer” updated looks to the Jokers Cards. They are not rare, and could be found at shows and stores like Hot Topic. Now even the Web Store carries some of these, to squash the rumor that they were not official Psy. shirts.
  48. Bass-Ment Cuts  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments:These were first sold at the Gathering 2001. They were sought after for a while, until they showed up at Comic Cons, and eventually the Web Store, even as recently as a 2006 reprint.
  49. Dog Beats  $25+
    Color: White
    Comments:These were sold at the Gathering 2001. Like above, these were pretty rare until they popped up at Comic Cons and the Web Store a few times..
  50. Tour History / Coming To Your Town
    Versions: 1) Black Tour History  $25+
    2) White Tour History  $25+
    3) Black Tour History 2002  $20+
    Comments:These were first sold in Black at the Gathering 2001. They were fairly popular, even though there were numerous misspellings on the back. On the Hatchet Rising Tour, they sold White versions, with the spellings corrected. Now, at the Gathering 2002, new Black ones were sold, with the Hatchet Rising Tour added to the back.
  51. Pendulum  $25+
    Versions: 1) ICP Comic
    2) Ringmaster Comic
    Color: Black
    Comments:These were released at the Gathering 2001, and they portray ICP and the Ringmaster, respectively, from the Pendulum comic books. There is also a Twiztid shirt in the Twiztid section. Both of these have been available at Comic Cons also.
  52. Long Sleeve “5 Jokers Cards”  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt was released at Hot Topic. As you can see by the pic, it has Insane Clown Posse across the front and all of the Jokers Cards down one sleeve.
  53. Hatchet Rising Tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:These are the shirts for the biggest Psychopathic tour to date. I do not believe that there are more than one version with different dates like they usually do.
  54. Hallowicked 2001  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This Hallowicked 2001 shirt is just like the poster, with a picture of ICP, then smaller ones of Lotus, Twiztid and Blaze. They hit the Web Store pretty quickly, so the rarity was never really a big deal.
  55. RiddleBox Grafitti  $20
    Colors: Black; Navy Blue
    Comments:This shirt debuted on the Psychopathic Web Store in early 2002 in Black. These shirts are also, as they say, Mall Shirts, and they were available in Dark Blue for a short time, so you may see those floating around as well.
  56. Embroidered Joker Cards $32
    Versions: 1) Black COC
    2) Black Ringmaster
    3) Black RiddleBox
    4) Black Milenko
    5) Black Jeckel Brothers
    6) Red Fuck Off!
    7) Blue COC
    8) Gold Ringmaster
    9) Purple RiddleBox
    10) Grey Milenko
    11) Red Jeckel Brothers
    12) Black Wraith: Shangri-La
    13) Blue Wraith: Shangri-La
    Comments:These Hatchet Gear shirts became available on the Web Store. They all sport a small embroidered Jokers Card face in the middle front, and the Hatchet Gear Logo on the upper back. The colored Jokers Cards came out at the Gathering 2002, and then moved to the Web Store. The Red Fuck Off was in the Mystery Box at the Gathering 2002 Auctions, and I figured this is the catagory it best fit. althoughthat would be much rarer and more valuable than the rest.
  57. Amazing Jeckel Brothers 2002  $20+
    Versions: 1) Jack Jeckel 2002
    2) AJB 2002
    3) Jake Jeckel 2002
    Color: Black
    Comments:These shirts came out in mid-2002 in local malls near you, so everyone can own a piece of the Jeckel Brothers.
  58. ICP 5 Joker Cards  $20
    Color: Black
    Comments:Another in the long line of the Mall Shirts, and it made its way to the Web Store in August 2002.
  59. ICP Collage/Ten Years of Chopping  $20+
    Versions: 1) Black “Ten Years”
    2) White ICP
    Comments:This shirt debuted at the Zug Izland show at Freedom Hill and was a popular seller, and soon came out on the Web Store. One could assume these were intended to be Gathering shirts like the Twiztid ones, but they got delayed for whatever reason. In March of 2003 on the Shangri-La tour, the White ones debuted. As you can see, they are slightly different, but basically the same idea.
  60. The Wraith Crew  $$+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt is for Psychopathic crew, obviously. I am not sure if this is what is being used for the Street Team, or just the regular Psychopathic employees. Regardless, it’s fairly rare.
  61. The Wraith: Shangri-La  $20+
    Versions: 1) Blue Shangri-La
    2) Black Shangri-La
    3) Black Shangri-La Long Sleeve
    4) Red Shangri-La
    5) Blue/White Shangri-La
    Comments:These are the first shirts produced with the image of the Wraith, and they debuted on the Web Store in early September 2002. The long sleeve version came onto the Web Store in late November of 2002. The Red version supposedly popped up on the Shangri-La Tour in early 2003, although I have yet to see it. The Blue/White Wraith on the black shirt appeared on the Web Store in July of 2003.
  62. The Era of the Sixth  $20+
    Versions: 1) “Straight” ICP
    2) “Stacked” ICP
    Comments: The #1 version shirt dropped on the Web Store, and then to Spenser’s in malls across the world. Almost the same as the regular shirt, but focusing more on the “era of the sixth,” hence the name of the shirt. The #2 version quickly came to Hot Topic, and as you can see, the “Insane Clown Posse” on the front is different. We got word from PTer, Kagah, that this was done because Hot Topic thought the horns on The Wraith were “too demonic” in nature. If you notice, the Stacked letters replace the horns. Pretty interesting.
  63. Ringmaster 2002  $20
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt crept into the Malls in September of 2002. More new Joker Card designs, with more to come.
  64. Hallowicked 2002  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt was sold at Hallowicked 2002, and sold fairly well. It’s not exactly the RiddleBox Hallowicked shirt in terms of being sought after, but what is?
  65. The Wraith: Shangri-La – ICP “Sun Picture”  $20
    Versions: 1) Sun Picture: Wraith on Back
    2) Sun Picture: Blank Back
    Comments:This shirt was sold at the Wraith CD Release parties in early November, and it has a picture of ICP on the front, with a small Wraith on the back. It quickly found its way to the Web Store, and Spenser’s Gifts as well. Again, Hot Topic couldn’t deal with the horns, so the versions of this you find in their stores have a blank back.
  66. The Wraith: 6 In 1  $20+
    Versions: 1) 6 In 1 w/ Back
    2) Black w/ Blank Back
    3) Red w/ Blank Back
    Comments:This shirt was sold at the Wraith CD Release parties, and then the Web Store. It has The Wraith “dealing” all of the other 5 Cards, with all names and years of release on the back. The Blank Backed shirts popped up a little later, never for sale, and we can only assume they were some sort of prototype.
  67. ICP Surgery  $20
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt was sold at the Wraith CD Release parties and the Web Store, showing the graphic that debuted weeks before The Wraith dropped. This also made its way to Hot Topic, so that everyone in the world has a chance to own it.
  68. The Wraith: Merry Xmas  $20
    Color: Black
    Comments:This holiday shirt is a semi-regular tradition from Psychopathic, and this year, it features The Wraith. It debuted on the Web Store in late November 2002, and was also sold at the Diamonds Raining Tour.
  69. Diamonds Raining Tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt is for the pre-Wraith tour, from mid-December 2002, featuring ICP, Esham, and ABK, as they came through the midwest for a few epic shows.
  70. The Wraith: Shangri-La Tour
    Versions: 1) First Leg: ICP; J; Shaggy  $25+
    2) Second Leg: ICP; J; Shaggy  $20+
    3) Australian Leg  $20+
    4) European Leg  $20+
    Comments:New tour, new makeup, new shirts! The first line of shirt only ran up to early March, and then the next wave of shirts came in. This second leg was the kind that jumped on the Web Store in early May. I have heard that there are different versions for all of these, where the back letterings are “thin” or “bold,” but that’s getting a little crazy for our purposes. In May of 2003, ICP hit the land down under, and these shirts popped up. It is curious why they didn’t use the same front as the US part of the tour. After the Wicked Wonka Tour, ICP hit Europe with a leg of the Wraith Tour, and of course we get a new shirt. I believe I’ve seen these where the back lettering is both White and Yellow. Who knows anymore…
  71. The Wraith: Shangri-La Hand  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt popped up in Hot Topic’s around the country in mid-February 2003. As you can see, it has the Wraith hand, and Stacked ICP over it (to cover/replace the Horns, as talked about earlier). Pretty simple, yet effective.
  72. Shangri-La Faces
    Versions: 1) Yellow Faces: Shaggy; Violent J  $80+
    2) Blue Faces: Shaggy; Violent J  $80+
    3) Blue Faces w/ Names: Shaggy; Violent J  $20+
    Comments:On the Shangri-La Tour of 2003, ICP wore these Embroidered shirts on a pretty consistant basis, with J wearing the Shaggy shirt, and Shaggy wearing the J. A few floated out and have been around, but were never sold to the public. Now, come the Gathering 2003, and ol #3 pops up for sale. Obvious differences are that these have something on the back, and are NOT embroidered like the first ones were.
  73. Wizard of the Hood  $20+
    Versions: 1) Wizard of the Hood
    2) WOTH: Violent J
    3) WOTH w/ Tracks
    Comments:Violent J’s EP of Wizard of the Hood popped off at the Gathering 2003, and with it comes this shirt. Featuring the colorful drawing by Shaggy, this shirt was available on the Web Store shortly before the Gathering. Shortly after the Gathering, these started to surface in Spencer’s Gifts stores across the country, in the form of #2. Now, come the Wicked Wonka Tour, there is 3rd installment to this saga. You notice the “Wizard” letters logo with the picture behind it in a brown shade, as well as the track listing on the back.
  74. ICP Autographs  $20+
    Color: Yellow
    Comments:A lot of people get their shirts autographed. Well, this shirt already does that for you, as the back has the printed signatures of J and Shaggy already there. This shirt debuted on the second day of the Gathering 2003, and soon came to the Web Store.
  75. Insane Clown Posse: The Wraith Logo  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt debuted at the Gathering 2003, and quickly jumped to the Web Store. It’s pretty simple, just sporting the new logo and font from the Wraith era.
  76. ICP “Big Bag”  $20+
    Color: Orange
    Comments:This shirt debuted on the Web Store in August of 2003. With the back repping “Violent Wear,” one can only wonder if more similar shirts shall follow.
  77. Carnival of Carnage 2003  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This long sleeve shirt debuted in Hot Topics across America in the summer of 2003. Notice how the one sleeve says “The First Jokers Card” while the other has a graphic of the COC face. One can only assume they will do this with all of the Joker Cards.
  78. Wicked Wonka Tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:ICP set off on their big tour of late 2003 with Bone, Tech N9ne, and KMK, and they hit up every city from here to there, and everyone in between. And with every tour comes a tour shirt. There is also a different version floating around, with The Wraith on the front, and some old pictures of ICP with a list of cities. I dunno if this is really official, or prototype, or one of those deals you buy from the guy in the parking lot for 5 bucks.
  79. The Wraith: Hallowicked 2003  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt debuted on the Wicked Wonka Tour, and then made its way to the Web Store. This was not THE Hallowicked shirt, as you will see that one a little further down.
  80. The Wraith: Hells Pit – Coming 2004  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments:The era of Shangri-La is close to its close, and this shirt forecasts the second half of The Wraith. It debuted on the Wicked Wonka Tour, and it is destined to become a favorite of many.
  81. Cartoon Faces 2003  $20+
    Versions: 1) Shaggy 2 Dope
    2) Violent J
    Comments:So many shirts with their faces on them, so few names. Regardless, we have another set of matching J and Shaggy Faces shirts here, and they debuted on the Wicked Wonka Tour. I can only assume we shall see these on the Web Store in the near future.
  82. ICP “Triangle Logo”  $20+
    Color: Blue
    Comments:Another new logo. Go figure. This one.. is in the shape of a triangle. So the management here at PT had a meeting, and decided to dub this.. the Triangle Logo Shirt. I hope everyone can agree on this. We shall see if we get any more Triangle Logo merch in the future.
  83. Red/Yellow “Insane Clown Posse” Block Logo  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted during the Wicked Wonka Tour of 2003, and finally came onto the Web Store in November of 2003. A wifebeatervariation was also sold around the same time but with a blue logo.
  84. Hallowicked 2003  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hallowicked came and went, and all I got was this lousy tshirt. Well, it’s not lousy.. that was just a joke. Anyways, this shirt was sold at the Devils Night and Hallween shows of the Wicked Wonka Tour, and is sure to be popular for years on end, like all Hallowicked merch.
  85. Jokers Cards “Graffiti”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Here we have Hot Topic’s latest attempt at a Psychopathic shirt. It’s a collage of all the Joker cards, with “ICP” on the back. Yup, that’s it.
  86. ICP “Picture” 2003  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This long sleeved shirt debuted on the Web Store in November of 2003. As you see, it has a picture of the Insane Clown Posse on the front, and all 6 Joker Cards down the sleeves.
  87. Santa’s Wicked Helpers  $20+
    Color: Green
    Comments:December of 2003, brought this this holiday treat. As you can see, it has a few ICP Faces design, with the Holiday Hatchetman on the back.
  88. ICP/Great Milenko 2004  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:We should have a Hot Topic section, seriously. Adding random Joker Cards here and there is ridiculous. Anyways, this little mall number came out in January of 2004, and it features the mighty and powerful Great Milenko. Yup.
  89. 2004 “New Style/Color” Joker Cards  $20
    Versions: 1) Red Carnival of Carnage
    2) Black Ringmaster
    3) Purple RiddleBox
    4) Grey Great Milenko
    5) Gold AJB
    Comments:Very late March of 2004 brings these shirts to As you can see, we just have the classic Joker Card shirt, but in some updated color combos. Make note that the print on the back of the AJB shirt is at the bottom, not the shoulders. You may also notice that there has already been a grey/red Milenko shirt. These seem to be a darker shade of grey — ash, perhaps. Also, I am curious why there is no Wraith shirt. Do you know why? Cause I’d sure like to know.
  90. ICP Marquee  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:More Hot Topic shirts. This one features all of the Joker Cards on a marquee, hense the name. Nothing on the back, I do not believe.
  91. ICP Doomsday  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Ah yes, another Hot Topic shirt with all of the Joker Cards. This one came out in June of 2004, and “features a doomsday inspired Insane Clown Posse front screen. Check out the clown mushroom cloud in the background! Run for your lives!” I love the descriptions.
  92. “Ringmaster Hatchetman”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Yes, another Hot Topic shirt. For some reason, it has all of the Joker Cards, yet they call it the “Ringmaster Hatchetman” shirt. What the hell do I know?
  93. The Wraith: Hells Pit  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:So begins the Era of Hells Pit. This shirt debuted at the Gathering 2004.
  94. Hells Pit “Hand”  $20/25+
    Versions: 1) Black “Hand”
    2) Tie-Dyed “Hand”
    3) Red “Hand”
    Comments:I am sure there will be many, many shirts with The Hand, so.. we’re trying to group them together for as long as we can. The first one was at the Gathering, and good times were had. The second one appeared on shortly after with it’s unique design. We shall see if we get any more tie-dyed gimmicks in the future. I’d enjoy a Moon Glorious in Purple Hippy-style. Anyways, the red one was on the Web Store in August of 2004.
  95. Hells Pit “Lyrics”  $20+
    Versions: 1) Red Wraith
    2) Red/Yellow Wraith
    Comments:The Gathering. 2004. This shirt. Oh yes. You will notice the Wraith and “ICP” on this shirt, but also notice the “clippings” on both front and back, all of which contain small snips of lyrics to the forthcoming 6th Jokers Card. Now, for the Hells Pit Tour of October of 2004, they reprinted the shirt, but notice the slight variations of the actual Wraith. Interesting…
  96. Hells Pit: “Slipcase Cover”  $20
    Colors: Black; Red; Orange; Yellow
    Comments:More Gathering shirts supporting Hells Pit, although they quickly moved to The Yellow one debuted in October of 2004. These all feature cartoon pictures of ICP, with a new “flaming logo” on the back. This graphic was used for the Slipcase of the CD, hence the name.
  97. ICP Flaming Logo 2004  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:There seem to be a lot of “Flaming Logos” for Psychopathic, but hey, what else can we call them? This one came out at the Gathering of the Juggalos of the Double-0-4.
  98. Most Hated Band  $20+
    Colors: Black; Red
    Comments:They embrace being the most hated band in the world, and this shirt says it all. It was sold at the GOTJ 2004, and was a very popular item.
  99. 12 Years; 6 Joker Cards  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt came out in August of 2004 on Twelve Years… Six Joker Cards… yep.
  100. That Wicked Shit  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt debuted in the month of August, in the year 2004. It’s pretty plain, but it gets the point across in the promotion of Hells Pit.
  101. ICP Standing  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Again with August of 2004. This shirt has ICP… standing. The name really says more than we can in words.
  102. Knuckle Sandwich  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Now they’re just getting lazy with the names. I guess J is punching in the picture, so it’s the Knuckle Sandwich shirt. Can’t have two “Standing” shirts, I guess. But anyways, this also came out in August of 2004 to promote the second Wraith.
  103. “Trippin”  $20+
    Versions: 1) Grey Shaggy 2Dope
    2) Blue Violent J
    Comments:These shirts came out in August of 2004 on Shaggy’s came first, then J’s. Trippy.
  104. Hells Pit: Football Style  $20+
    Colors: Yellow; Black
    Comments:This shirt debuted in the month of August, 2004. As you may noitice, it is much like that of a jersey, hence the name. Clever gimmick that they have used in the past with some success. The Black version debuted on the Hells Pit Tour in October of 2004.
  105. Hells Pit: That Wicked Shit  $20+
    Colors: Black; Yellow; Red; Black/White; Charcoal
    Comments:Hells Pit is that wicked shit, and this shirt tells you so! These came out in September of 2004, right after Hells Pit debuted. Some things to note — the black/white one is made of “puffy ink” to give it the 3D effect. Also, you notice the charcoal has a different back, just in case you don’t enjoy wearing profanity on your back. I think it’s a solid choice.
  106. Hells Pit: In Flames  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hells Pit coming out, and you know that Hot Topic needs in on the action. This is a pretty basic shirt, very simple picture, but you get the idea. I am surprised there is nothing on the back, but maybe there is! I dunno… either way, the Mall Juggalos rejoice.
  107. Hallowicked 2004  $20+
    Versions: 1) Orange Wraith
    2) Black Pumpkin
    3) Orange Camo Hatchetman
    Comments: Hallowicked came early for Detroiters in 2004. There was a Hells Pit Tour Party in late September in Detroit, and the first two were sold there. Then they, along with the Camo version, were then sold at the Oct 30th and 31st shows of the tour, as well as the Hallowicked Afterparty, the few shows after, and eventually, the Web Store. There were also two Girlie Hallowicked shirts, Orange and Camo.
  108. Hells Pit Tour  $20+
    Colors: Red; Black
    Comments:Hells Pit Tour = Hells Pit Tour Shirt! This shirt was actually first available right before the tour on I bet you didn’t know that.
  109. ICP “Thorns”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt debuted on the Hells Pit Tour and the Web Store. I must say that I think it’s creepy, borderline scary. I am going to go cry now.
  110. ICP “Beset”  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt also debuted on the Hells Pit Tour and the Web Store. I have… no idea what the name of the shirt refers to. I just report what gives us.
  111. “6 Eras” Set  $25+ [[$175+]]
    Color: Black
    Comments: This set of shirts came out in early November of 2004. It is 7 shirts (and a “Family” Window Cling) all together in one Commemorative Bag.These are limited, and will not be sold separately by Psychopathic. Although who knows if someone will buy them and break them up. In that case, who knows how much individual value will be.
  112. “Merry Xmas” Set  $20+ [[$120+]]
    Color: Black
    Comments:This set came out in mid-November of 2004 on Much like the set above, this set contains 7 shirts, all with a Christmas theme, and it came in a special bag. Who knows what other bag sets they have planned for thr future.
  113. COC “Ringer” Style  $30+
    Color: Grey/Black
    Comments:This shirt debuted on the Web Store in December of 2004, and it features the ever-popular Carnival of Carnage on a grey ringer tee. You’d assume there will be all of the Cards like this…. but you assume a lot of things that don’t come true.
  114. ICP Card Halo  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This long sleeved shirt came out on in December of 2004, and it’s gonna keep a lot of cold Juggalo arms warm this holiday season.
  115. ICP OG Faces  $30+
    Versions: Violent J; Shaggy 2 Dope
    Comments:These long sleeve shirts came out on the Web Store in December of 2004, and they sport the “OG Faces” logo that has been popping up a lot lately. Also notice the hatchetman on the back, and the writing down each sleeve.
  116. Spencer’s Early 2005 Mall Shirts  $20+
    Styles: White COC; Glow RM; Cartoon Clowns; Ice Hatchetman
    Comments:Can you tell how lazy I am about this Mall stuff? Anyways, these shirts came out at Spencers Gifts, and similar mall stores in early 2005. Not exactly the newest of designs, but hey… someone will buy them.
  117. ICP Hells Pit  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Well hey, Hells Pit has only been out for what, almost a year, and Hot Topic gets on the bandwagon in March of 2005. Classy.
  118. ICP Lightning Clown Logo  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:I love the name Hot Topic gave this shirt. Anyways, we have the good old Ringmaster with some lighting, ICP on the back, and everyone at your local mall is happy.
  119. ICP “Wrap Around”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt came onto in April of 2005. As you can see, the graphics “wrap around” the shirt, with “Insane Clown Posse” on one side and a large Hatchetman on the other.
  120. The Calm EP Cover  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:May 2005 is bringing The Calm, but April brought the shirt. The classic Album Cover shirt is always popular with the kiddies.
  121. The Calm: Lightning  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:I don’t see lightning on this shirt, but that’s what they call it, so there it is. April 2005 was the date, HatcherGear was the place.
  122. Reversed Joker Cards  $20+
    Versions: 1) Carnival of Carnage
    2) Ringmaster
    3) RiddleBox
    4) Great Milenko
    5) Jack Jeckel
    6) Jake Jeckel
    7) The Wraith: Shangri-La
    8) The Wraith: Hells Pit
    Comments:You can’t beat the official description here: “No, we didn’t put the t-shirts in the machine backwards. We were just bored with the design so we figured we’d switch it up at least a little.” And people still buy these shirts, ladies and gentlemen.
  123. ICP: 8 In 1  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt snuck in at the end of April 2005 with a unique design. It has ICP down the front, with 8 Joker Card faces on the sides. These were 25 dollars, I assume for the extrra trouble of making the wrap-around print.
  124. Embroidered Crop Circle Logo  $25+
    Styles: Crop Circle; Reversed Crop Circle
    Comments:May of 2005 brings us closer to The Calm, so we get these new shirts. Both with the embroidered Crop Circle logo, but one is on the front with a blank back… and the other is on the back with a Hatchetman front. Oh yeah.
  125. ICP: The Calm  $15+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt came out at Hot Topic around the time The Calm cd arrived. The design is a little unique, as “The Calm” is pretty large, going across the shoulders and almost onto the sleeves.
  126. ICP: Most Hated Band Workshirt  $45+
    Color: Black
    Comments:It takes a lot of work to be the Most Hated Band in the World, so we have this Work Shirt! Yeah, that was incredibly stupid. Anyways, this shirt was a Hot Topic deal, so it’s out there for all to enjoy at your local malls.
  127. Hallowicked 2005  $20+
    Versions: 1) ICP Faces
    2) Wicked Clowns
    3) Cobweb Hatchetman
    4) Hallowicked Work Shirt
    5) Detroit Hallowicked
    Comments:Another year, another Hallowicked, another batch of shirts. Here we have a nice Hatchetman one, one with ICP’s faces and tour dates, and a Wicked Clowns number with the Pumpkin Logo on the back. As with the past few years, these debuted on HatchetGear well before the shows, thus bringing value/rarity down a tad. The Work Shirt was sold all throughout the tour, I believe. Now, the Detroit shirt was only available.. in Detroit on the 31st, so that could possibly be worth more if they don’t throw it on HatchetGear in the near future.
  128. Hatchetman & Jokers Cards  $30+
    Versions: 1) Long Sleeve
    2) Short Sleeve
    Comments:Interesting shirt here in November on It’s a slong sleeve t-shirt, but it has a hood? We’ll see if this becomes a new item for every artist, or if it is a one-time experiment. In April of 2006, the short sleeve (without a hood) came out, and notice the Hatchetman on the sleeve.
  129. Alt. Colors Joker Cards  $20+
    Versions: 1) Forest Green COC
    2) Red Ringmaster
    Comments:December of 2005, Psychopathic sets off on a little Comic Convention Tour, selling their goods to those who may not otherwise have a chance to own some collectibles. These are so-far-Comic Con-exclusives, so we shall see if that stays true, if other Joker Cards will follow for future shows, etc.
  130. “All Over” Joker Cards  $20
    Versions: 1) The Wraith: Shangri-La
    2) RiddleBox
    Comments:These shirts came out at your local Hot Topic, with the “All Over” gimmick, which basically is self explanitory. A large graphic on the front, and in the RB case, I believe it loops over tot he back a little bit.
  131. ICP “All Over Face”  $20+
    Versions: 1) Violent J
    2) Shaggy
    Comments:This shirt is a Hot Topic Exclusive. It features a large picture of each of ICP’s faces, and I believe they have an ICP logo on the sleeve/shoulder area.
  132. ICP Ornaments  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt came out in December of 2005 from Hot Topic, just in time for your holiday celebrations. We have ICP’s faces on the little ornaments, as well as a candy cane-colored logo on the back.
  133. Shaggy Torso  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments:This shirt debuted on in January of 2006 to promote his new CD. The front graphic literally goes from the neck to the very bottom of the shirt, maximizing space.
  134. Shaggy Double Bird  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt also came out in January of 2006. It’s real school and work friendly, with the Double Bird on the front, and the S2D autograph on the back. We’ll see if more colors and such come out.
  135. Fuck The Fuck Off  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt came out in February of 2006, right before the release of the CD. It keeps with the classic form of CD Cover on the front, and track listing on the back.
  136. Shaggy “Film Strips”  $20+
    Colors: Red; Black; Tan
    Comments:The red shirt debuted on the Shaggy 2Dope Instore Tour, then quickly found its way to the Web Store, where it was soon followed by a blank-backed black shirt (which is also at Hot Topic I believe). Then in June of 2006, we get a tan version on the Web Store. Three different shirts; same name. Film strips!
  137. Shaggy “Bones”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Another shirt from the Instore Tour of March 2006, and again then onto for all to enjoy.
  138. Fuck the Fuck Off Tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Shaggy 2Dope set out for his solo tour in March of 2006, and of course, he brought with him a tour shirt. It was also later available on, like most stuff is. There was also a White Girlie Tour shirt, available on tour and on the website.
  139. Shaggy F.T.F.O. Cartoon  $20+
    Colors: Black; Red
    Comments:This shirt was available on the Shaggy Tour of early 2006. It features a stoned-looking Shaggy on the front, in cartoon form, with the CD title on the back. The red version came at the Gathering 2006.
  140. Shaggy “Furry Suit”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:We’ve hit the “Psy. gave up on witty names” wall for Shaggy stuff. This shirt came onto HatchetGear in April of 2006, and it shows Shaggy… in a furry suit. Black back, by the way.
  141. “Wicked Wind”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt debuted in Hot Topic I believe, then was on the Web Store in April of 2006. Maybe they are slighty different, as “mall” and “official” shirts sometime are? Not sure.
  142. “Most Hated Band” Faces  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:You can’t go too long without some “Most Hated Band” gimmicks. This one has ICP’s faces on it, and was availaibe in early April of 2006 on
  143. Shaggy “Skull Cane”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This Shaggy shirt came a little later than the others, but it doesn’t represent the FTFO CD any less. The name is slightly simple and generic, but that should stop you from buying it.
  144. ICP Stencil  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt came out on in late April of 2006, I believe. It’s pretty simple… Insane Clown Posse… Hatchetman… blank back… yup.
  145. ICP Faces Discharge  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Faces Discharge? I have… no idea where that name comes from. I don’t see it, but hey, if you do… more power to you. This shirt also came out on the Web Store, and has a blank back.
  146. All Together Now  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Now here is an interesting design. What appears to be a Hatchetman from afar is really all of the various ICP logos and jokers cards put together. Interesting, indeed.
  147. 2Dope Army  $20+
    Color: Green
    Comments:This shirt was available on the Web Site in June of 2006. It’s Forest Green, and gives you that military feeling.Fuck the fuck off…. sir!
  148. Shaggy 2Dope Autograph  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:More Shaggy merch, still milking that cow we call F.T.F.O., even in June of 2006, when this shirt came out. It’s also “jersey-like” with the name and number on the back.
  149. ICP Strike  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt came out in June of 2006. We have The Wraith and the Calm ICP logo deal with lightning… I dunno, I assume this is a promotion for the next CD, but who knows.
  150. ICP Notebook Paper  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments:This shirt also came out in mid-June 2006. Plain backed, we have a little sketch drawing of ICP on the front.
  151. ICP Marionette  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt debuted at Hot Topic during the summer of 2006. Again, we get a little mix of gimmicks, with the Wraith hand and the Crop Circles logo.
  152. ICP “Large Clown Face”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Another Hot Topic shirt from the summer of 2006. And again, it makes little sense. It’s just a large face with some ICP-related knick-knacks.Yep.
  153. ICP “Red Logo”  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments:This shirt debuted at the Gathering 2006. Pretty simple design, but simple is good.
  154. MCL 4 ICP  $20+
    Color: Orange
    Comments:This shirt also debuted at the Gathering 2006. Again, a simple design, as we are going with the Convict look, and the “MCL4ICP” tag on the left-chest and across the back.
  155. ICP Bloody Faces  $20+
    Versions: 1) Bloody J
    2) Bloody Shaggy
    Comments:These shirts debuted at the Gathering 2006, then they were finally available to the masses in December via There is one for J and one for Shaggy. Oh yes.
  156. Shaggy “Keep It Scrubbin”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt came out in September of 2006 on the Web Store… although maybe it was available earlier on a tour, because it’s an odd time for a shirt promtoing 2Dope’s single, “Keep It Scrubbin,” which came out months before this point.
  157. ICP “Scarface”  $20
    Versions: 1) Black Violent J
    2) Red Shaggy brought you these two shirts in September of 2006. Everyone else is jumping on the Scarface bandwagon, so why not Psychopathic?
  158. ICP “Wicked Clowns” 2006  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt came out in September of 2006 on It has a new little graphic of ICP’s faces.
  159. ICP “Championship Belt”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt also came out in September of 2006 on the web store. They call it the “Championship Belt” although… I don’t see it looking like a title belt. Ah well.
  160. “Big Print” Joker Cards  $35+
    Versions: 1) Carnival of Carnage
    2) Ringmaster
    3) RiddleBox
    4) Great Milenko
    5) Jack Jeckel
    6) Jake Jeckel
    7) The Wraith: Shangri-La
    8) The Wraith: Hells Pit
    Comments:September of 2006, officially jumps into the “Tall Tee” industry. You know those assholes you see that are 6’1, 125, and they have t-shirts down to their knees? This is what these are. All the joker cards in a large, single color print, which is cool, but they are all on Tall Tees, which… I dunno, I’m not a fan of. But maybe you are! That’s America.
  161. Ringer Joker Card Shirts  $25+
    Versions: 1) Carnival of Carnage
    2) Ringmaster
    3) RiddleBox
    4) Great Milenko
    5) Jack Jeckel
    6) The Wraith: Shangri-La
    7) The Wraith: Hells Pit
    Comments:Everyone loves Ringer Tees, and now HatchetGear gives you one for each Jokers Card. Of note, the COC one uses the Pink/Blue logo which is always popular, and notice they are all white excpet the Milneko, which is Grey.
  162. Variant Color Joker Cards (2006)  $20+
    Versions: 1) Blue COC
    2) Gold Ringmaster
    3) Red Great Milenko
    4) Black Wraith: Shangri-La
    5) Gold Wraith: Shangri-La
    6) Orange Hells Pit
    Comments:You can never get enough of the Jokers Cards. In 2006, we got some variant colors and styles to the classics. Notice the Pink/Blue COC, which is always popular. Also, you may wonder why the Black Shangri-La is odd… well, as far as I know, they never made one in that style. Similar, but not exact. I would have put them all in with the older colors, but this seems more fun.
  163. Shaggy Custom Joker Cards  $20+
    Versions: 1) Carnival of Carnage
    2) Ringmaster
    3) RiddleBox
    4) Great Milenko
    5) Amazing Jeckel Brothers
    6) The Wraith
    Comments:In early September of 2006, the Web Store brought us these newly drawn Joker Cards shirts, drawn by ICP’s own Shaggy 2Dope. He drew the originals, and I guess he wanted to put a new spin on them. Also new are the “text logos” on the backs.
  164. Clown Royal  $20+
    Color: Purple
    Comments:I think this shirt debuted on the Hallowicked Tour… if it didn’t, it was on HatchetGear very soon after. You have a takeoff on the Crown Royal logo, which you may be familiar with.
  165. Hallowicked 2006  $20+
    Color: Black
    Dates: Sept. 29 – October 31, 2006
    Comments:This shirt debuted on the Hallowicked Tour 2006. It has tour dates on the back, as you would expect.
  166. Hallowicked 2006 Solo Shirts  $20+
    Versions: 1) Violent J
    2) Shaggy
    Comments:Hallowicked 2006 also brought us some solo ICP shirts. They are in their holiday gimmicks, with J as the Frankenstein and Shaggy as the Vampire.
  167. Hallowicked 2006 Detroit  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hallowicked shirts are always in high demand, especially ones that are available in limited quantity. This shirt was only available in Detroit on Oct. 31st, so value should remain higher than the others. There is also a Girlie shirt with the same gimmick.
  168. ICP Hatchet Text  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:The fall of 2006 brings us an interesting shirt via Hot Topic. You have text of ICP’s cd titles and such across a Hatchetman. Plain and simple, but I think it’s a decent idea.
  169. ICP: Shangri-La Portal  $20+
    Color: Black brings us this shirt in November of 2006. I think… it is supposed to be The Wraith in the “portal to Shangri-La.” Interesting. You also have the Crop logo on the back, once again mixing eras.
  170. Milenko Circle  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt came out in November of 2006 on I thought it was also in Hot Topic, but I can’t recall exactly. The graphic comes right up to the neck, as opposed to it being centered in the middle.
  171. What Would Shaggy Do  $35+
    Color: Blue
    Comments:Shaggy Customs branched out in December 2006 to include this foil-print shirt, and then you can learn what Shaggy would do.
  172. ICP “Tag Team”  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments:December of 2006 gives us this shirt via It features ICP on the front… which is why I guess they call it the Tag Team shirt. It’s not really a wrestling pose, but they are a team.
  173. ICP Faces  $20+
    Versions: 1) Violent J
    2) Shaggy
    Comments:These red shirts debuted in late 2006 on the Web Store. It may have come out earlier in the year on tour, but I am unsure. Regardless, there were longsleeved black shirts with these images before, but I believe this is the first time the faces have hit regular tees.
  174. ICP “Dark Carnival”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt came out for the holday season of 2006 on It’s a fairly simple design, with ICP in front of a carnival setting. Seems like something they would have done before, but it’s better late than never.
  175. ICP “Torture Killers”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Here is another December 2006 debut for a shirt on the web store. It uses the newspaper gimmick, the Hatchet Daily News, showing those zany serial killers, the Insane Clown Posse.
  176. 4 Color Great Milenko  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Almost 10 years later and Hot Topic is still busting out Milenko merch. This screen print is actually 4 different overlapping colors (Blue, White, Teal and Orange) to make a nifty looking image. Hot Topic always on top of new designs.
  177. ICP “Mugshots”  $20+
    Versions: 1) Violent J AKA The Neck Cutta
    2)Shaggy 2 Dope AKA The Southwest Strangler
    Comments:These 2 shirts feature mugshots of J and Shaggy on the front and there respective gimmicks on the back. These debuted on Hatchet Gear in January 2007
  178. Killas In The Night  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Debuting in January 07 on, this shirt features ICP on the front and a new ICP logo and Hatchetman on the back. Horrible pictures I know but hey thats how it goes.
  179. Chop  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Another January 2007 Hatchet Gear addition. ICP on the front, Hatchetman logo on the back. It’s called “Chop” because the CHOP in Psychopathic is highlighted on the back, see how that works? Innovative.
  180. ICP “Runnin’ With The Hatchet”  $20+
    Versions: 1) Violent J
    2) Shaggy 2 Dope
    Comments:2 more Jan. 2007 additions. Runnin’ With The Hatchet is a popular slogan so they turned it into individual ICP shirts. The front features J/Shaggy in a retro Andy Warhol type graphic holding Axes with the slogan on the back. Can’t beat that!
  181. ICP “Lightning Tempest”  $20+
    Versions: 1) Black Tempest Front
    2) Red ICP Front
    Comments:A cold February afternoon and Hatchet Gear warms you up with a grip load of new Tempest merch. These debut the new ICP and Tempest logos. I suspect we’ll see lots more variations in the future.
  182. Roller Coaster Tempest  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:The name of this shirt comes from the fact that you will encounter a roller coaster of emotions when you listen to The Tempest. Or maybe because the logo kinda looks like a roller coaster, either way is fine.
  183. ICP “Lightning Letters”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:New ICP logos means new shirts. I have a feeling we’ll see some different colors in the future.
  184. ICP “Cloud Shapes”  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments:February 2007 means new Tempest Merch. Not the best quality picture but we use what Hatchet Gear gives us.
  185. ICP Storm  $20+
    Versions: 1) Violent J Yellow Storm
    2) Shaggy Red Storm
    Comments:New Tempest merch means the ever popular solo shirts. I can’t really tell if these are cartoon drawings or real pictures. Shaggy’s looks cartoon while J’s looks real but I know that won’t stop you from buying them.
  186. ICP “Hatchet Silhouette”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Nothing scarier then a silhouette of clowns with Hatchets. This debuted in Feb 2007 and sports the jacked Harry Potter ICP logo on the back.
  187. ICP “Lightning Box”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Featuring a picture of ICP on the front with a small ICP logo on the back.
  188. ICP “The Power”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Are they channeling the same power as The Ultimate Warrior? Who knows. Another new ICP logo on the back, Will we see this on other merch? Yeah probably not.
  189. ICP “Metal Faces”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Metal and smoke means pure mystery. Another new Feb. 2007 addition. I wish Hatchet Gear would get better pictures of there own stuff.
  190. ICP “St.Patricks Day”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Mall shirt released in Hot Topic for March 2007. I believe theres a picture on the back of a Hatchetman chasing a Leprechaun but as of right now we don’t have a picture.
  191. ICP “Great Milenko Thermal”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt debuted on the Hot Topic website in March. It’s a Thermal shirt, which is I guess to keep you warm for the coming summer.
  192. ICP “6 Jokers Block”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hot Topic is spitting out loads of new merch in March 2007. This shirt features all 6 Jokers Cards on the front and a Hatchetman on the back, so you can rep all the albums without one feeling left out.
  193. ICP “Tempest Faces ”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hot Topic shirt promoting the newest ICP album. On the back is a nifty looking hatchetman without butter, an odd occurance for a Hot Topic shirt.
  194. Faded Riddlebox  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hot Topic shirt featuring a 3D-ish version of the riddlebox on the front and a new ICP logo on the back.
  195. Riddlebox “Comin At Ya”  $20+
    Versions: 1) White
    2) Ash
    Comments:This shirt features 4 images of the Riddlebox printed ontop of each other in Red/Yellow/Blue/Green to produce a 3d type effect. On the lower back it has a Hatchetman with “Psychopathic Comin At Ya”. The white was sold at Hot Topic, while the Ash version was sold on Hatchet Gear
  196. The Tempest Tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This is the offical Tour shirt for The Tempest Tour. Featuring ICP and Twiztid on the front and the dates on the back. Rumor has it that the tour will continue internationally after the US tour ends so we’ll perhaps see another Tour shirt in the future months.
  197. Tempest Tour Crew  $$+Color:BlackComments:These were worn by crew members on the ICP/Twiztid Tempest Tour in the Spring of 2007. Now either there wern’t alot made or nobody wanted to part with them cause I’ve seriously only seen one out there. Maybe we’ll see them pop up sooner or later.
  198. Welcome To The Show  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:A Tempest Tour debut, the front has ICP surrounding a new logo while the back has “Welcome To The Show” with carnival lights. Not much else to say about this one.
  199. High Voltage  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This colorful number was made available on the Tempest Tour and features ICP channeling lightning on the front with the Tempest logo on the back.
  200. ICP “Solo Tempest Quotes”  $20+
    Versions: 1) Violent J
    2) Shaggy 2 Dope
    Comments:Once again we get the solo quote shirts for both members. These debuted on the Tempest Tour and then moved to the webstore.
  201. Welcome To The Carnival  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hot Topic shirt. The image on the front is composed of 3d-esque versions of the joker cards and a banner with the new ICP logo that says “Welcome To The Carnival”. Hot Topic loves 3D Joker Cards.
  202. Choose Your Destiny  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hot Topic shirt which features all the joker cards on the front with a hatchetman in a clock and for some reason The Wraith and Milenko on the back. Sounds good to me.
  203. Glyph  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Webster defines Glyph as a “sculptured figure or relief carving” and what it has to do with this shirt I have no idea. But this was originally sold on The Tempest Tour and eventually found it’s way onto the webstore.
  204. Track  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This was first sold on The Tempest Tour and was then available on the webstore. I wish I had more to talk about for this.
  205. Wicked Wild  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt is wild…wicked wild. This debuted on the Tempest Tour and creeped onto the webstore in June 2007.
  206. Tempest Cover  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Usually with a new album we get the popular album cover shirt, but unlike most this doesn’t have the track listing on the back. Once again sold on The Tempest Tour and eventually found it’s mark on the webstore.
  207. Ringmaster Cursive  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Another Hot Topic shirt. Front features The Ringmaster breaking through while the back has yet another Ringmaster with a quote in cursive writing.
  208. White Wraith  $20+
    Color: White
    Comments:Another Hot Topic “Exclusive”. Pretty much just a simple picture of The Wraith and “Psychopathic Records” beside it in black. No mention of the Insane Clown Posse though.
  209. Milenko Fire  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Another Hot Topic “Exclusive”. The Great Milenko album is hot fire, and this shirt just proves it. Featuring another new ICP logo on the back.
  210. All Over  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Another Hot Topic “Exclusive”. Interesting shirt here. It basically has big ICP logos, Jokers Cards and pictures of J/Shaggy all over the shirt hence which is why it’s called the “All Over” shirt.
  211. ICP Skulls  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Another Hot Topic “Exclusive”. Jokers Cards on the front along with 2 skulls painted up like J and Shaggy with “The Posse Lives” in a banner on the back. How come The Ringmaster and Milenko got excluded from the front? just something to ponder.
  212. ICP Skyline  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This is another Hot Topic shirt found at your local mall. We got a Hells Pit era ICP picture above a city skyline and on the back is the whole hatchetman lightning gimmick thats associated with The Tempest era. Why they’re brought together with a Shangrila logo is beyond me.
  213. Spazmatic  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: During The Tempest Tour of 2007 Psychopathic debuted there very own line of energy drinks called Spazmaticthat were later available on the webstore and I believe Hot Topic. With the drink we get the shirt which is basically just the front of the can. I don’t think this was sold at the Gathering but it was made available on the webstore along with all the rest of the Gathering merch.
  214. Red Spiral  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Basic shirt of ICP posing with some blood and a red spiral with a small hatchetman on the back. I guess it’s better to call this Red Spiral then having 450 “ICP Pose” shirts. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but was later made available on the webstore.
  215. Fresh Carnival  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Another shirt of ICP posing infront of something this time a colorful carnival as opposed to the Dark Carnival. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but was later made available on the webstore. I’m liking J’s sweater though.
  216. Scribbles  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Simple design of ICP infront of a red hatchetman showing off there arm tattoos. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but was later made available on the webstore.
  217. American Psychopathics  $20+
    Versions: 1) Violent J
    2) Shaggy 2 Dope
    Comments:Basically ICP’s version of the famous American Psycho movie cover, similar to the Scareface shirts released a year before. These were originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but were later made available on the webstore.
  218. 2007 Gimmick Joker Cards  $20+
    Versions: 1) Wicked Carnival Of Carnage
    2) Swamp Grave Riddlebox
    3) Disaster Milenko
    Comments:Once in a while we get the updated Jokers Card shirts and here they are for 2007. These were originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but were later made available on the webstore. Will these just end up being mall shirts? will we ever see the rest of the set? We will have to wait patiently and see.
  219. Violent J’s Beach Boys BBQ Blowout Bash Blast  $$+Color:WhiteComments:This shirt was given out to certain listeners who called into Violent J’s WFuckOff radio show while he was doing a Beach Boys music special. I also heard these were thrown out at the Live BBQ Blast at the 2007 Gathering. Cool concept and I’m sure not alot of people own this making it pretty rare in the era of not so many rare shirts.
  220. Faded Skull  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hot Topic mall shirt depicting the Jokers Cards with a demonic looking skull. This was made available sometime late summer 2007.
  221. Visions Of Chaos  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Jumbled collage of the Jokers Cards on the front and a hatchetman wrapped in barbwire on the back. I’m 99% sure this is a mall shirt but it was also available on the webstore in September 2007.
  222. Wraith Rift  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments:Mall shirt with a 3D version of the Wraith and ICP Wraith logo on the back. I know this was sold on rock merch websites like months ago but either way it was on the webstore for all to enjoy in September 2007.
  223. Yellow Shangri-La Lettering  $20+
    Color: Yellow
    Comments:This is another I’m positive is considered a “mall shirt” but never really saw until it was on the webstore in September 2007. But we have the butter hatchetman on the front and the Wraith era ICP logo sideways down the back..
  224. Join The Family  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments:First we had Scarface, then American Psycho now we got the Godfather parody shirt with ICP encouraging you to join the juggalo family. Now go home and get your fuckin’ shine box. Wait thats the wrong movie. This debuted on the webstore in late September 2007.
  225. Half Faces  $20+
    Versions: 1) Violent J
    2) Shaggy 2 Dope
    Comments:The half face gimmick has worked well in the past so here we have it again for both J and Shaggy. These both debuted on the webstore in late September 2007
  226. ICP “Triple Side”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:We’ve seen the side design shirts before but not like this. The front features a new ICP logo with J and Shaggy on each side wrapping over onto the back. Pretty snazzy. This debuted on the webstore in late September 2007.
  227. Asylum Shadows  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Illustrated depection of ICP in straight jackets laughing like mad men on the front and the facepaint silhouettes and hatchetman on the back. Another in the long list of September 2007 webstore debuts.
  228. Scratched  $20+
    Color: Blue
    Comments:Basic ICP shirt named after Shaggy who is scratching his head like a confused monkey. This debuted on the webstore in September 2007.
  229. ICP Skullies Long Sleeve  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Nice and warm long sleeve shirt with ICP wearing hatchetman “skullies” on the front with Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope on the sleeves and the trusty hatchetman on the back. Anyone else notice that most of the new ICP shirts are illustrations instead of actual photos? Interesting. This debuted on the webstore in September 2007.
  230. Flame Logos Collage  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another Hot Topic shirt depicting the Jeckel brothers with the Hell’s Pit era ICP flame logo and a new ICP logo on the back.
  231. Who’s Going Chicken Huntin’?  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This Hot Topic shirt asks the question that’s on every juggalos mind; Who’s Going Chicken Huntin’? Well you are with this epic shirt. Atleast they put the Ringmaster on the back which is the original album the song was featured on.
  232. Jeckel Brothers Discharge  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Mall shirt with both Jeckel Brothers on the front and back right with a ICP logo and hatchetman on the sleeves.
  233. Hallowicked 2007  $20+
    Color: Black
    Dates: Oct. 15 – October 31, 2007
    Comments:Although not as big as last years ICP once again took the Hallowicked show out on a two week tour and of course with a tour we get the mega popular tour shirt. Usually Hatchet Gear puts the remaining shirts up for cheap after the tour ends but I believe these sold out at the Detroit show making these rarer then previous years.
  234. Creep Theatre Faces  $20+
    Versions: 1) Violent J
    2) Shaggy 2 Dope
    Comments:Originally sold on the 2007 Hallowicked tour but later sold on the webstore, the front images of J and Shaggy were made purposely off center, why I really have no idea.
  235. Wake The Dead  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:New Cartoon ICP faces on the front with Wake The Dead on the back which is taken from the Hell’s Pit track “The Witch”. This was sold on the 2007 Hallowicked tour and so far no where else.
  236. Violent J The Neck Kutta  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Sold on the Hallowicked 2007 tour, this is an odd piece. The front features an axe with blood splatter while the back boats about Violent J being a neck kutta. I’d personally like to see a Shaggy “Southwest Strangala” in the future.
  237. Hallowicked Grim Reapers  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:ICP are featured here as creepy grim reapers with a Hallowicked logo on the back. This was obviously sold at the 2007 Hallowicked tour but later found its way to the webstore.
  238. Hallowicked 2007 Mall  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:The 2007 Hallowicked tour managed to find it’s way into your local Hot Topic stores with this fine piece. Featuring the tour artwork of the ICP skulls this is very similar to a hoodie that was sold on the tour. I’m also not quite sure if this was actually sold on the tour or not.
  239. Hallowicked Killer Clowns  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:New Hallowicked design featuring a red tinted ICP holding axes in the shadow of the moonlight and a red hatchetman on the back. This was sold at the 2007 Hallowicked tour.
  240. Hallowicked 2007 Clowny Faces  $20+
    Color: Orange
    Comments:Nothing says Halloween like an orange shirt. This was sold at the 2007 Hallowicked tour and features ICP’s faces and a new logo on the front and the 2007 Hallowicked logo on the back.
  241. Hallowicked 2007 Detroit  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Another year, another Hallowicked and another Detroit exclusive shirt. This year’s features the Hallowicked Skulls design on the front, the venue on the back with the date on the ass AND Detroit along the side in big orange letters. These sold out before the end of the show so they will be harder for you to find.
  242. 1999 Picture Long Sleeve  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Long sleeved shirt with an old AJB era picture of ICP with red tinted Jokers Cards down the sleeves.
  243. ICP Cards Long Sleeve  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Another long sleeve number to keep you warm with the Jokers Cards on the front and back with JUGGALO down the sleeves.
  244. Juggalo Collage  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Mall shirt with all the Jokers Cards and the always popular Juggalo brand.
  245. ICP Hatchetman Blood Splatter  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Mall shirt found easily online and such.
  246. Member Since 1991  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hot Topic shirt featuring the slogan “Member Since 1991” with The Ringmaster featured on the front which didn’t come out until 1994… but whatever. Black and white Jokers Cards on the back finish off this confusing design.
  247. Ghetto Insanity  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hot Topic shirt with a COC face being made up of the words Insane Clown Posse with “Ghetto Insanity” on the back adding a nice old school touch.
  248. Yellow Paint  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hatchetman? Check. Old ICP logo? Check. Weird Slogan? Check. Splash Of Yellow Paint? Check. All the ingredients for a confusing Hot Topic shirt.
  249. Green Splatter  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:These were sold in music stores and online stores like in early 2008.
  250. Rocking Red  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Mall shirt with all the jokers cards yadda yadda yadda.
  251. Jokers Cards Ribcage  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:The ribcage gimmick is popular with the kids now a days and Hot Topic knows it. Here we have all the Jokers Cards under the ribcage near your heart with “The End Will Consume Us All” on the back. I always thought it was “The End Of Time Will Consume Us All” but what do I know.
  252. Speaker  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hot Topic shirt bringing the “Most Hated Band” gimmick into 2008.
  253. Get Ya Wicked On  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:I have no clue when this first came out but it was on the webstore in Spring 2008 so we’ll go with that.
  254. Glowing Skull  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hot Topic shirt featuring a glowing skull with Jeckel Brothers for eyes and a Hell’s Pit logo on the back.
  255. Joker Card Work Shirts  $45+
    Versions: 1) Red Carnival of Carnage
    2) Ringmaster
    3) RiddleBox
    4) Great Milenko
    Comments:The almighty Jokers Cards finally see there way onto the always popular work shirts although MIA are AJB and The Wraith. These debuted on the webstore in May 2008.
  256. Possesed Faces Work Shirt  $45+
    Color: Red
    Comments:The “Possesed Faces” gimmick makes its long awaited debut on a workshirt with this May 2008 webstore debutee.
  257. Olde English ICP Logo Work Shirt  $45+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Once again May 2008 brings us this workshirt on the webstore featuring the same logo on the front and back.
  258. Wraith Knot  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:I’m pretty sure this is a mall shirt but either way it was also sold on Hatchet Gear in June 2008.
  259. Brick Wall Mall  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Hot Topic shirt featuring another brick wall graphic released in Spring 2008.
  260. Green Squares  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This debuted on the webstore in June 2008 and is basically a collage of pictures of ICP with a green tint, and a green hatchetman on the back. Cool.
  261. Ringmaster Wings  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another Spring 2008 Hot Topic shirt featuring The Ringmaster with some wings and such.
  262. Fantasy Axes  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This debuted on the webstore in July 2008 and features ICP holding medieval type axes.
  263. Let It Rip  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Summer 2008 shirt that was sold at Hot Topic and whatnot.
  264. Electric  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This was sold in the summer of 2008 at Hot Topic stores.
  265. Red Smoke  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Summer 2008 Hot Topic shirt.
  266. Fold Or Die  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Summer 2008 Hot Topic shirt letting us all know The Ringmaster has a gambling problem.
  267. Wraith Gift  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Summer 2008 Hot Topic shirt with the Wraith giving us all the Jokers Cards as a gift.
  268. Six In One  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This was originally sold at the 2008 Gathering but eventually made it’s way to the webstore.
  269. Brick Wall Solo  $20+
    Versions: 1) Violent J
    2) Shaggy 2 Dope
    Comments:Solo ICP shirts with designs of them standing in front of a brick wall which is simple enough. I’m digging the Ringmaster era ICP logos on the back though. These were both sold at the 2008 Gathering and eventually the webstore.
  270. Pile Of Skulls  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Creepy design here with the Terminator 2-esque piles of skulls combined with the new ICP “Squeeze” logo. This was originally sold at the 2008 Gathering but eventually made it’s way to the webstore.
  271. Busts  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:ICP “busts” out here with a new pose and the new “Squeeze” logo. This was originally sold at the 2008 Gathering but eventually made it’s way to the webstore.
  272. Spikes  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments:Another new ICP pose with spike like graphics in the background. This was originally sold at the 2008 Gathering but eventually made it’s way to the webstore.
  273. Skull Neck  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This was originally sold at the 2008 Gathering and mixes the new ICP logo in with the new skull gimmick they’ve been using. This like other ICP shirts at the Gathering eventually found it’s way to the webstore.
  274. Green Lightning  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Hot Topic shirt that was released in September 2008. The logo to me looks like the one used on Monster Energy Drink but I may just be crazy.
  275. Grey Milenko Ringer  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt seems to have never been for “sale”, but was a shirt you could win as a prize for some of the carnival games at the Gathering in 09. That being said, you could also play the game 3 times and still get the shirt even if you lost. We haven’t seen these pop up anywhere else, and only saw XL and 5X sizes so far.
  276. Bang Pow Boom
    Versions: 1) Red


    Comments: These shirts were released along
    with the album that marked the return of the Dark Carnival, Bang! Pow! Boom!
    They came in 3 flavors, we’ll see how many others fly down the pike as time
    passes by..
  277. Hallowicked 2009 Detroit
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was on sale exclusively
    at Hallowicked 2009 in Detroit. As usual, not everyone that wanted one was
    able to get one, and this shirt hasn’t popped up much since then. Sporting
    a Halloween themed Bang Pow Boom graphic, this is sure to be a hit for years
    to go.
  278. ICP’s Oddball Extravaganza
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt was on sale at the Oddball Extravaganza held here in the city of Brotherly Love. The show featured wrestling, comedy, freak shows, a surprise performance from Big Blaze, and a hell of a show from ICP. One odd note, there is only one 5XL of this shirt according to the guys at the merch booth. I bought it for shits and giggles, and ended up selling to another PT’er by the end of the night. Hell of a show, and Philly always loves when the clowns come to town.
  279. Old Shit Tour
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was on sale for the Old Shit Tour, but the tour stopped about 3 dates in and was postponed until a few months later. When the tour picked back up, you could feel they printed over the old ones with the new dates, but they were only $10, so anyone that bitched was an asshole. Seriously, you just got a tour shirt for $10, shut up. Anyway, they started doing sporatic dates into 2011, and we’re seeing ones pop up like this one. We shall see if this trend continues.
  280. Violent J MJ Logo
    Color: Black
    Comments:This shirt popped up at Hatchet Attacks 2011 and was a hot seller, with the HOT MJ Hatchetman on the back. Shaggy had his own Kung Fu variety with a different back, we’re awaiting better pictures of. If I’m not mistaken, both front pictures were used on different shirts in the past.
  281. American Psycho Tour
    Color: Black
    Comments:This was the tour shirt for the American Psycho tour, and it came with the VIP pass, if you were so inclined, except at Hallowicked.
  282. NYC Exclusives
    Versions: 1) White

    Comments:These shirts were exclusive to the NYC and Bamboozle shows in the spring of 2011. The white is a clever ploy on the famous “I heart NY” shirt. If you don’t get it, frankly, you’re an idiot. The black one is similar to one they sold for the ladies a few years back. They were $30 at the shows, and we have yet to see them pop up on the web store.
  283. Hallowicked 2011
    Versions: 1) VIP
    Regular Front

    Regular Back

    Comments: The VIP shirt was for the VIP, obviously, but they sold the overs at the merch booth, and they went quickly. The standard went through the show and was generally dug by everyone, except the guy in the grave. He may not have been such a huge fan.
  284. Mighty Death Pop
    Versions: 1) Black
    2) Red
    3) White

    Comments: First on sale at Hatchet Attacks, these shirts are the OG opportunity to OFFICIALLY represent the era of the Mighty Death Pop. They also quickly made their way to the webstore.
  285. 13th GOTJ Crew Shirt (worn by the staff)


 286.  13th GOTJ Shirt

Black/White/PsychopathicFamily Sold in 2012

 287.  Hollowicked 2012


 288.  Christmas 2012


 289.  New Year’s Eve Ninja 2012


 290.  Juggalo Day 2013


 291.  Hollowicked 2013


 292.  15th GOTJ Shirt

Green/Black/Yellow Sold in 2014

 293.  16th GOTJ CREW WORKSHIRT (worn by the staff)


 294.  16th GOTJ Shirt

Black/Gold/Red/Gear’s Sold In 2015

 295.  Joker Card Girl’s sold in 2015

Carnival of Carnage


Riddle Box

The Great Milenko

Jeckle Brother’s


 296. Riddle Box Tour Shirt’s sold in 2016


Black/2nd Leg

 297.  17th GOTJ Shirt’s

Red/White 17

Black/White/Gold 17



sold at 2016 GOTJ

 298.  Hollowicked 2016






 299.  Juggalo Day 2017

Fat Sweaty Betty

Night Of The Chainsaw

TOL Cover X-Rated


Flaming Head’s ICP






 301.  Voilent J Solo Set sold in 2017



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