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  1. Doctor Esham
    Versions: 1) Esham w/ Circle Hatchetman  $20+
    2) Esham w/ Fire Logo  $20+
    Comments: The first shirt debuted at Hallowicked 2002, and soon made its way to the Web Store. A few weeks later on the Raining Diamonds tour, the shirt resurfaced with the new Psy. logo on the back. Now, if you ordered it from the Web Store who knows what you got. But this was Esham’s first Psychopathic shirt, so you probably want at least one of the versions if you are an Esham mark.
  2. Acid Rain  $20
    Color: Black
    Comments: Esham’s first Mall Shirt. This started popping up in Hot Topic at the beginning of March of 2003.
  3. Acid Rain Tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The Acid Rain tour rolled out of Detroit in April of 2003, with Zug Izland, and from it came this here shirt. It’s pretty basic, having a picture of both artists on the front, and the 4 dates on the back.
  4. “Disco Sucks”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted on the Acid Rain Tour, and it featured Esham with his “Disco Sucks” hat.
  5. Esham the Boogieman  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt also debuted on the Acid Rain tour, and was also available through the Take Me Home tour, and then the Web Store.
  6. Esham “Three One 3”  $20+
    Colors: Red; Blue
    Comments: The red shirt debuted on the Acid Rain tour, and it proved to be a favorite among the fans. Working with the matching Throwback jersey and hat also sold, it has the “Retro” Esham lettering across the front, with the “Three One 3” on the back. Instant classic for Esham-alos new and old. They quickly popped on the Web Store, and maintained their popularity.
  7. Esham Angel/Devil Tour Shirts
    Versions: 1) Esham Angel Tour  $20+
    2) Esham Devil Tour  $20+
    Comments: Esham hopped onto the Take Me Home Tour with Bone and Blaze in late April of 2003, and these shirts surfaced. As you notice, the backs are different colors. Very nice indeed. I was also told that they were selling, at the Gathering 2003, shirts with the Devil on the front, but the Fire Hatchetman logo on the back, like seen here.
  8. Esham Scrub Shirt  $25+
    Color: Blue
    Comments: Every once in awhile, Psychopathic busts out with these Scrub shirts. I dunno why.. and it’s weird because I never see anyone with them. But, we have an Esham one here, available on the Take Me Home tour, and then the Web Store.
  9. Esham Work Shirt  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments: And then Esham gets a Work Shirt. This one is different than past Work Shirts, because this one has a zipper instead of it being button up.
  10. Faces of Death Tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: In mid-2003, Esham went off with ABK on the Faces of Death Tour with Ice-T and Body Count. Both Esham and ABK got seperate tour shirts to commemorate this undertaking.
  11. Esham “Flames”  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Why does every Esham shirt have a picture of him on it? Anyways, we have a new shirt here, straight from the Faces of Death Tour, with the new flaming Esham logo. Also of note, the Psychopathic logo on the back is small and right underneath the collar; it is not large like most other shirts.
  12. Woo Woo Woo
    Versions: 1) Woo Woo Woo  $$+
    2) Video Croo  $$+
    3) Woo Woo Woo with WJLB  $30+
    Comments: “Woo Woo Woo” is the lead single off of Repentance, so we have some stuff promoting it. In the fall of 2003, they shot a video for it, and the Crew members had on the “Video Croo” shirts. A very similar shirt also popped up, with just “Woo Woo Woo” on the back, and I believe these are to be given away by the street team. In April of 2004, there were a number of shirts given away at Esham’s Detroit in-store. They were the same Woo Woo Woo shirt, but with local radio station, WJLB’s logo on the bottom of the back.
  13. Repentance Promo  $$+
    Color: Green
    Comments: This shirt is similar to the ones above (the Woo Woo Woo’s) on the front, but the back says “Available 11.18.03,” like the posters. I assume these to be crew shirts as well, but I believe they may be passed out by the street team as well. It has also been brought to my attention that these shirts aren’t EXACTLY like the other, as upon close inspection, the color green is slightly different, some of the logos are different sizes and such on the front, etc. Alas, they are still similar in nature.
  14. Repentance  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted at his big Detroit show in October of 2003, and quickly moved onto the Web Store. It simply has the cover art from the CD on the front, and “Day of Repentance: Your History is Now” on the back. Good stuff.
  15. Day 1: Check Your History
    Versions: 1) Homey Don’t Play  $20+
    2) Boomin Words From Hell  $30+
    Comments: Again, these shirts came out at the big Harpos show, and then stepped over to They represent two of Esham’s earliest works. And no need to confuse these with his Original shirts, so all you hardcore collectors need not worry.
  16. 7 Mile  $30+
    Color: White
    Comments: This long sleeve shirt debuted on the Web Store in November of 2003. As you can see, it has the 7 Mile sign on the front, and the large D on the back.
  17. Three Stripes  $20+
    Color: White
    Comments: This shirt also popped up in Novermber, 2003. Pretty simple, as it has the three Esham logos on the front, and the small HatchetGear logo on the back. Simple is good.
  18. True Stories  $15+
    Color: White
    Comments: April of 2004 brought us a few new Esham shirts, but for some reason there came onto already marked down to 10/12 dollars. Weird. Anyways, this “Boss Up” shirt features E. Diddy with a number of famous bosses, if you will, like Scarface, Tony Soprano, and John Gotti. There is also a nifty matching yellow hat.
  19. Burn 1  $15+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another discounted shirt of 4/04, this shirt features the Esham Logo of the.. winged angel, I guess you would call it, with “Burn 1” on the back. And boom, all of the print on this shirt glows in the dark.
  20. Three Skulls/What Is Evil?  $15+
    Colors: Black; Purple
    Comments: came out with these in April of 2004, and called them the “Three Skulls” shirts, although they are damn near identical to an earlier Esham shirt knows as the “What Is Evil?” shirt, which only came in black I believe. Also, like the original, the eyes on all the skulls front and back glow in the dark. Creepy.
  21. “Rag Stripe”  $20+
    Colors: Red; Grey; Blue; White/Black; White/Blue
    Comments: These long sleeve shirts appeared on the Web Store in April of 2004. Nifty little design here, with the fake Adidas stripes down the sleeves, and the Bandana Esham logo on the front. And only for 20 bucks? What a deal.
  22. A-1 Yola Cover  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This is the first new Esham shirt to A-1 Yola. It was sold on the All Stars Tour in early 2005. As you can see, it has the CD cover on the front, and we are told that it says “Psychopathic Records” on the back.
  23. Cocaine  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt promoting A-1 Yola appeared on HatchetGear in March of 2005 for like 3.9 seconds before it was taken down. Nothing says “Esham” like a shirt with some blow on it. If you get pulled over wearing this shirt, I think you’re waiving your rights to a search of the trunk.


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