PT Shirt’s Blaze

  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.

    1. Back From the Dead
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze’s first shirt dropped
      during Twiztid’s Rock the Dead tour, and sports the album cover on the front
      and “Back From the Dead” w/ three bullet holes on the back.
    2. Blaze Flaming Logo
      Versions: 1) Red/Yellow
      2) Blue/Yellow
      Comments: These two shirts debuted on
      the Bizzar Bizaar Tour, and were also sold on the Freek Show Tour, promoting
      Blaze’s “1 Less G” album.
    3. Blaze Full Body
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt was first available
      at the Gathering 2001, and was sold online and at shows thereafter.
    4. Blaze Bloody Fingers/EastSide
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt also debuted at the
      Gathering 2001, and was sold online and at shows.
    5. Blaze “Casket”
      Color: Black
      Comments: This was the first shirt released
      after the release of Blaze’s new CD. It started to be sold at Comic Cons,
      and then became a staple of the Web Store.
    6. Blaze/ABK “1 Less G”
      Versions: 1) Blaze/ABK
      2) Blaze/ABK
      w/ Blood
      Comments: #1 would be Blaze’s first Mall
      shirt, and the first piece of merch with Anybody Killa on it. It was available
      at Hot Topic. #2, I have heard, was available at Spenser’s Gifts. There is
      nothing on the back, and the picture on the front is much bigger, and it shows
    7. Blaze Mirror Mirror Tour
      Versions: 1) First
      Leg (March 8 – April 21, 2002)
      2) Second
      Leg (March 8 – June 30, 2002)
      Comments: Blaze’s first tour shirt. And
      it’s a sweet one at that. And per usual, we had two different shirts because
      of an extended run of dates.
    8. Blaze Ya Dead Homie
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt also debuted on the
      Mirror Mirror Tour, but it never made it to the Web Store or other places
      where many people could pick it up.
    9. Blaze and ABK  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt debuted on the Web
      Store in mid-2002, but never made it to the MM Tour I don’t believe.
    10. Blaze Gravestone
      Color: Black
      Comments: Your Dead Homie is back, and
      better than ever. This shirt debuted on the web store in November of 2002,
      and then appeared on his solo tour.
    11. Blaze Raiders Logo  $20+
      Color: Grey;
      Comments: It’s about time they incorporated
      the Raider Nation logo with Big Blaze. This shirt debuted at the first show
      of his solo tour in February of 2003, while the White version debuted at the
      Gathering 2003.
    12. Blaze Raiders Embroidered
      Color: Grey
      Comments: This shirt also debuted on Blaze’s
      solo tour, and carried over to his tour with Esham and Bone. Eventually, it
      made its way to the Web Store for all to enjoy.
    13. Blaze Tour  $20+
      Color: Black
      Dates: February 19 – March 15, 2003
      Comments: Blaze gets his own tour, and
      boom.. he gets his own tour shirt. All long overdue, if I might add. Anyways,
      odd about this shirt is that it doesn’t have all of the dates, as it cuts
      off the last few.. and it wasn’t available right away on tour. Regardless,
      it’s still the Blaze Tour shirt.
    14. Blaze Clock
      Versions: 1) Yellow
      Clock Logo
      2) Black
      Clock Logo
      3) Blue
      Clock Logo
      Comments: The Clock has been a part of
      Blaze’s persona for quite a while, and now it is immortalized on its own shirt.
      The yellow shirt debuted at the Gathering 2003, sold out real quick, and has
      not been sold since. Blaze came back for Fright Fest 2003, and the Black version
      of this shirt came with him. I have heard it glows in the dark, so get your
      Blaze Dance on in the dark. The Blue version debuted out on tour in 2006,
      and then came to the Web Store.
    15. Blaze “RIP”  $25+
      Color: Black
      Comments: The Gathering 2003 brought a
      close to Blaze Ya Dead Homie as we know him, and this shirt drives the point
      home. It’s a tombstone with “Blaze ya Dead Homie: RIP 2003” on it. Sad indeed.
      This also sold out fairly quickly.
    16. Blaze Action Figure
      Color: Red
      Comments: Blaze Blaze… always coming
      out with the hotness. This shirt was sold at the Fright Fest of 2003, and
      features Blaze Ya Dead Homie as he would be in action figure form. The back
      simply reads, “Don’t Fuck Wit The Dead.” Epic.
    17. Deadfolx  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: We’re into the era of Colton
      Grundy here, and this is one of the first shirts from Tha Undying. It debuted
      on in February of 2004, and as you can see, there is a graphic
      on the sleeve. Nifty.
    18. Colton Grundy “Coffin”
      Color: Black
      Comments: Another of the gimmick-changing
      shirts, this shirt rose from the ashes of in the second month
      of 2004. I’ve heard of these having and not having the “Blaze” on the sleeve,
      so take that for what it is worth.
    19. Colton Grundy Logo
      Color: Black
      Comments:The second wave of Colton merch
      on brought this shirt. As you can see, it has the new Grundy
      logo on the front, and the old Blaze logo stretched across the bottom back.
    20. Grundy Tha Undying
      Color: Black
      Comments: Whoa, is this what Blaze is
      looking like nowadays? Real weird. Anyways, this shirt also debuted on
      in February of 2004, and was enjoyed by all little Grundyalos worldwide.
    21. “Bad Man Down”
      Color: Black
      Comments: You simply cannot keep a bad
      man down. You also can’t keep Your Dead Homie down for very long. This shirt
      debuted on (not TwiztidShop, which is odd) in late March of
    22. Trucker Hat
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze sporting the white trash
      look here. This shirt appeared on in April of 2004, and is
      the latest in the long line of new Colton merch.
    23. Rise From Your Grave
      Color: Grey
      Comments: This shirt is very similar to
      the red Fright Fest 2003 Action Figure shirt. Notice that the back graphic
      is along the bottom of the back, not between the shoulderblades.
    24. Talez From the 40 oz
      Color: Red
      Comments: This newest Blaze shirt debuted
      on in April of 2004 to promote the Colton Grundy CD.
    25. Tribal Logo  $20+
      Colors: Black;
      Comments: This shirt debuted on the Dark
      Lotus Tour, of which Blaze was on, obviously, and then made its way onto the
      Web Store. The front is the new style logo, while the back is the infamous
      Hurricane Hatchetman. At the Gathering 2004, the Green/Grey version debuted,
      and all Blaze fans were happy.
    26. Blaze ’04  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt debuted at the Gathering
      of the Grundy-alos 2004. It features a large picture of Blaze, like that of
      the one on his Alleyway Poster. and the Blaze 04 on the back.
    27. “Scream”  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt debuted in October
      of 2004, right before Blaze’s new CD debuted. He’s screaming, thus the name.
      Good deal.
    28. Colton Grundy
      Ya Dead Homie
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt also debuted on
      before his CD came out. This is one of those cases where they kind of mix
      up the Blaze and the Grundy gimmicks into one item. They’re just trying to
      confuse you… don’t let it work!.
    29. “I’m Dead”  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze is dead, and hey, this
      shirt tell you. It came out right before Colton Grundy Tha Undying debuted
      in October of 2004, and it’s been a hot seller since.
    30. The G  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze is a G, and you will be
      too, if you wear this shirt. It debuted on the Web Store in late-October of
      2004, with matching knit hat and jersey.
    31. Get Shook  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This black shirt appeared at
      FrightFest in Mass., and I can only assume it was on the rest of the tour
      as well. It also then popped up on in December.
    32. Blaze: Tha Undying
      Color: Red
      Comments: This hot red shirt also came
      out at FrightFizle, and again, as above, was sold throughout the Bootleg Banner
      Tour, and then on the Web Store.
    33. Dead Pimp  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze is dead, and a pimp, so
      the shirt is a natural winner. It came out on the Web Store in December of
      2004, and the design was drawn by one of the winners of the Blaze Art Contest
      on Blaze’s website.
    34. Grave Crawlin
      Color: Black
      Comments: Another graphic submitted to
      Blaze’s art contest makes it to a shirt in December of 2004. Note the older
      logo on the back, making a strong comeback.
    35. Crossed Shovels
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze fans are pretty happy
      (and broke) with the slew of new merch in the ’04. This shirt brings us a
      few new logos, and we all rejoice.
    36. Blaze Ya Dead Santa
      Color: Black
      Comments: Pure genius. Put Blaze in a
      Santa suit, and this is what you get. Quite the holiday classic to top off
      your Year of the Grundy.
    37. Madman  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: March of 2005 brought us this
      new Blaze shirt, months after his CD dropped. We can never have too much Blaze
      merch, so no one is complaining.
    38. Shotgun Shotgun
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt also came out in
      March of 2005. Interesting note that this logo was designed by “The Threat”
      Anth0ny Rivera of the PT Message Board. Good job!
    39. Splaaah!  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Splaaah! Yeah.. that’s the name
      of the shirt. I don’t make this shit up. It came out in March of 2005 and…
      yeah, I dunno.
    40. The Thug I Be  $40+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Here’s one of those deals that
      is a mystery. I believe… this was sold at a handful of Psy. All Star Tour
      shows, but very very few of them are actually floating around out there. This
      could be one of the hardest Blaze shirts to come across.
    41. Ya Dead Homie 2005
      Color: Black
      Comments: Hot Topic got some Blaze love
      in late May of 2005 with this Dead Homie shirt. Not the most detailed shirt
      ever, but hey… it’s still Blaze.
    42. Flame Logo / Ya Dead Homie 2005  $20+
      Color: Black/Red;
      Comments: What is old is new again. They
      brought back the old Flame logo in June of 2005 for the red/yellow, but added
      the new back. At the Gathering that year, the Blue number debuted.
    43. The Blue Bomber
      Color: Blue
      Comments: This shirt also came out in
      early June of the 05. Other than the Blue on Blueness, I am unsure of where
      the name for this shirt came from.
    44. Grundy Has Returned
      Color: Black
      Comments: Colton Grundy has indeed returned….
      to Hot Topic, where this shirt debuted in late June of 2005.
    45. Chalklines
      Color: Black
      Comments: The Gathering 2005 gave us this
      new Blaze shirt, with no name, so we made it up. I don’t believe it ever made
      it to the Web Store so… Chalklines it is.
    46. Gang Ragz  $$??
      Color: Black
      Comments: We’ve heard about the Gang Ragz
      line, but nothing has come out…. My sources told me that a box of these
      shirts were thrown from the stage at the 2005 Gathering, in Red and Black,
      although I never saw a red one. Fast forward to early 2008 – I get an email
      from a guy who said that he made these in an attempt to sell some designs
      to Psychopathic, and these shirts were given away by him at a Talent Conest
      at the Gathering. So sadly, this is NOT an official PSY release. Chris can
      mark it off his list as he tries to collect every Blaze shirt ever made.
    47. Undying  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Everyone loves Blaze, so it’s
      only natural that he gets the spotlight at Hot Topic. This shirt features
      four little pictures of Blaze on the front, with Tha Undying on the back.
    48. Block  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt came out on Blaze’s
      tour with KMK in late 2005, and then quikly made it to the Web Store.
    49. Revolver  $20+
      Color: Red
      Comments: Another new Blaze shirt from
      the KMK Tour, which quickly found its way onto
    50. Blaze Flannel
      Color: Blue
      Comments: Blaze getting strong in late
      2005, coming with a flannel shirt. It was first available on tour, then on
    51. Blaze “Down the Barrel”
      Color: Black
      Comments: No clue what to call this shirt…
      or even what the hell the deal on the front it. It looks like you’re looking
      down the barrel of a shotgun in the middle there, so… I tried. Anyways,
      this was available on the Shaggy solo tour, but hasn’t popped up elsewhere
    52. Blaze “Half-Face”
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt debuted on
      in June of 2006, assumingly the start of massive promotions for his CD release.
      It features half of his face, hense the name.
    53. Blaze “Colton”
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt came out at Hot Topic..
      I assume in the summer of 2006, but I really don’t know. It’s a Colton Grundy-style
      era deal, with a sloppy mix of graphics… and it’s a few years late. But
      hey, late Blaze is better than no Blaze, right?
    54. Blaze “Star Eye”
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt came out at Hot Topic
      around July of 2006. Now usually HT merch gets made fun of… but I think
      this shirt is pretty hot. It’s hard to go wrong with Big Blaze.
    55. Clockwork Gray /
      Bloody Hands
      Color: Black
      Comments: The first glimpse of some Clockwork
      Gray merch came at the Gathering 2006 with this shirt. It has… an old picture
      on the front, which already throws me off. But you have the back, which is
      clearly new. Bring on the new Blaze!
    56. Deluxe G Edition
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze gets his first two classic
      albums combined into a Deluxe Edition… and we get a shirt from it, which
      debuted at the Gathering 2006. I’m not complaining.
    57. Tombstone Terror
      Color: Black
      Dates: August 2 – September 17, 2006
      Comments: Blaze’s tour; Blaze’s tour shirt!
      Oh yeah! We have a simple design, with the standard dates on the back, and
      we have an instant classic for the Dead Man.
    58. The Many Faces of Blaze
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze has had many faces and
      many logos… and they all combine for one shirt. It debuted on the Tombstone
      Terror Tour, and eventually made it’s way to the webstore.
    59. “1 Less G” Face
      Color: Black
      Comments: From many faces… to one. This
      shirt was available on the TT Tour, but it hasn’t been on the webstore or
      anything yet.
    60. Your Grave  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Quite a mystery with this shirt.
      I have been told it was sold at Hot Topic but it was never on the HT website
      or really on ebay either like most mall shirts are. Theres also a matching
      Hoodie with the same graphic.
    61. Hatchet  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Hot Topic shirt featuring a
      new Blaze logo with some axes and blood. Very simple shirt Psychopathic wise.
      The back features the slogan “Throw Your Hatchet In The Air”, but no pictures
    62. RIP  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: 1989 was a very sad year for
      Blaze, but June 2007 was great for us because of this new shirt debut! The
      front features Blaze holding two shovels with “RIP 1989” (the year of his
      death) and the ever popular simple hatchetman on the back. It’s about time
      Blaze got some new shirt love.
    63. Never Goin’ Back
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze is indeed a Real G so
      he won’t be going back to his casket. The front has a picture of Blaze with
      the quote “Never Goin’ Back To My Mutha Fuckin’ Casket” from the 1 Less G
      album with a new logo on the back. This debuted with a bang on Hatchetgear
      in June 2007.
    64. Shout  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: I don’t quite understand why
      it’s called Shout but whatever. This debuted on Hatchetgear in the big merch
      boom of June 2007.A new picture of Blaze on the front and the classic Hatchetman
      on the back. I love it. Don’t get this confused with his other shirt “Scream”
    65. Strange Noize
      Color: Black
      Comments: This isn’t a Psychopathic shirt,
      but Blaze is represented on it so it’s here. This is the offical shirt for
      the Strange Noize Tour, and features all the logos of the acts that played,
      with the dates on the back. I believe this was sold to everyone, and not just
      part of the VIP deal.
    66. Lightining Clock
      Versions: 1) Sleeve
      Graphic Version
      2) Mall Version
      Comments: Theres two different versions
      of this shirt with the first being sold at the Strange Noize tour in the summer
      of 2007 and the second being a mall shirt sold at Hot Topic. The Strange Noize
      tour version has a gear graphic on the sleeve while the mall version doesn’t
      which is the way to tell them apart.Now I know the mall version has a Hatchetman
      in a gear logo on the back but I’m not quite sure about the tour version,
      so if you know hit us up.
    67. It’s Time  $20+
      Color: Grey
      Comments: It’s about fucking time Blaze
      dropped a new album is what I say. Front sports a inner clockwork design with
      the Blaze logo and “It’s Time” on the ass. This was originally sold on the
      Strange Noize tour but found it’s way to the 2007 Gathering and the webstore.
    68. Faces  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Originally sold on the Strange
      Noize tour, the front is basically the Clockwork Gray album cover but with
      the Blaze logo underneath the faces instead of above.
    69. Dead  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Debuting on the Strange Noize
      tour we got a Blaze face looking like he’s been dead since 1989 on the front
      with a demonic looking skull on the back.
    70. Blood Splatter
      Color: Black
      Comments: Debuting on the Strange Noize
      tour we got the old school pantyhose-esque pictures with blood splatter on
      the front with a red hatchetman intertwined with a clock on the back. This
      is sure to make new and old fans alike happy.
    71. Casket Face
      Color: Black
      Comments: Weird design of Blaze’s face
      on a homemad looking casket with RIP above it. This was originally sold at
      the 2007 Gathering but later made it’s way to the webstore. This is a bit
      similar to another Blaze shirt called “Dead” so don’t get them mixed up.
    72. Deranged  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Another old school pantyhose
      look going on here but way creepier. The right image almost looks like the
      original EP cover. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later
      made it’s way to the webstore. I love it.
    73. City Scape  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Front features Blaze posing
      infront of the thing he repesents the best; his city. We also get the small
      red hatchetman on the back. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering
      but later made it’s way to the webstore.
    74. Skinned  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: More Clockwork Gray Blaze merch.
      Front features 2 creepy Blaze pictures with a new Psychopathic Records logo
      on the back. This debuted on the webstore in late September 2007.
    75. Omen  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze looking extra creepy infront
      of some grave plots ala Metallicas Master Of Puppets on the front and the
      Clockwork Gray era Blaze logo on the back. This debuted on the webstore in
      late September 2007.
    76. Buried 6 Feet Deep
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze posing infront of what
      appears to be an apartment complex with “Psychopathic Records” on the front
      with a hatchetman and “Buried 6 Feet Deep” on the back. Blaze is the only
      one who can make wearing a backwards jersey look cool. This debuted on the
      webstore in late September 2007.
    77. Grip  $30+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze busts out his first long
      sleeve shirt for us. Front features a picture of the dead man making a new
      Blaze face with a blue hatchetman on the back. Both sleeves feature a flaming
      Blaze logo for extra flavor. This debuted on the webstore in late September
    78. Denver Halloween 2007
      Color: Black
      Comments: Twiztid were originally supposed
      to play Denver for Fright Fest on halloween night but had to cancel due to
      Monoxides leg injury. Fortunatly for the Denver juggalos Blaze and The ROC
      came to the rescue and peformed instead. Information on this shirt was hard
      to get so I can only guess obtaining this shirt will be difficult as well.
      As of right now we’re not aware of any other new shirts sold at the show but
      if you do please hit us up.
    79. Raise The Dead $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This Blaze shirt which jacks
      Vampiro’s old shirt gimmick was sold at the 2007 Big Ballas Christmas Party
      and so far no where else. Hopefully that changes in the near future.
    80. Clockwork Gray Tour
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze tours are always popular
      among the kids, and 2008 was no different. Your dead homie set out on a tour
      to promote his newest CD, and this shirt is a product of that tour. Enjoy.
    81. Clockwork Grey  $20+
      Color: Grey
      Comments: This was sold on the Clockwork
      Gray tour and so far nowhere else. I call this the “Clockwork Grey” shirt
      because it combines the color of the shirt and the name of the album together.
      Get it? I’m so clever.
    82. Inner Clock
      Color: Black
      Comments: This was sold on the Clockwork
      Gray tour and so far nowhere else, much to the dissapointment of many.
    83. Splatter  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: I’m telling you Psychopathic
      loves to use the “Splatter’ gimmick. This was sold on the Clockwork Gray tour
      and so far nowhere else.
    84. Raiders Logo
      Work Shirt
      Color: Black
      Comments: Blaze finally gets his own work
      shirt featuring the good ol’ raiders logo we’ve all grown to love. This debuted
      on the webstore in April 2008.
    85. I Know  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This was first sold at the 2008
      Hatchet Attacks show and later on the Dark Lotus Opaque Brotherhood Tour.
      Could the next stop be on the webstore?
    86. Double Deranged
      Color: Black
      Comments: Mall shirt very similar to the
      “Deranged” shirt released last year.
    87. Shotgun Grip
      Color: Black
      Comments: This was sold at the 2008 Gathering
      but eventually also sold on the webstore and reverts back to the whole “Shotgun”
    88. Doorway  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This was sold at the 2008 Gathering
      but eventually also sold on the webstore.
    89. Shotgun Revisited
      Color: Red
      Comments: Theres nothing wrong with going
      back to a oldie but goodie when it comes to Blaze shirts. Using a new picture
      and the old Shotgun logo from 2004 we get this soon to be classic. This was
      sold at the 2008 Gathering but eventually also sold on the webstore.
    90. Target
      Versions: 1) Black
      2) Black
      Target Workshirt
      Comments: Taking a page right out of Public
      Enemys handbook comes this great piece available in both a regular t-shirt
      and workshirt that both debuted at the 2008 Gathering, although only the T-Shirt
      made it’s way to the webstore. Now I personally would have called this “Blaze
      Ya Public Enemy” but I’m not the one getting paid to think of the names.
    91. Gang Rags Tour $20+
      Comments: To celebrate the Gang Rags tour,
      we have a new tour shirt. If you have any other shirts from this tour, hit
      us up!




Fright Fest 2013

1). Black/The Undead/Blaze


1). Black/XMAS/Blaze

Blaze Miscellaneous

1). Black/Green/420/Green/Blaze


“I might be dead but…”

1). “I might be dead but…fuck you I’ll be back.”/Face/Skeleton Hand/Blaze

Blaze Ya Dead Homie

1). Black/Blaze Ya Dead Homie/Peace Sign Blaze/Blaze

2). Black/Red/Blaze Head/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

3). Black/Red/Bloody/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

4). White/Red/Eye/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

5). Black/”You Can’t Hurt Me Now!”/White/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

6). Red/Black Splash/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

7). Black/Orange/White/Gun/”Witness the Undying.”/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

8). Red/Black Boxed Letters/Picture on Shirt/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

9). Black/Orange Flames/Green/Front of Shirt/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

10). Black/Front/Cemetery/Walking with the Dead/Blaze

Dawn of the Dead Homie

6). Black/”Dawn of the Dead Homie.”/White/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Major League

1). Black/Major League Zombie/Red, Blue, and White/MLZ/Blaze


1). Black/Pot Leaves/White Blaze Ya Dead Homie/Dead Eyes/Front

Monster Inside

1). “Monster Inside.”/Black/Front/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

New Years Evil 2014

1). Black/Yellow and White Letters/The Agora Cleveland Ohio/New Years Evil/Blaze

Plain Blaze Ya Dead Homie

1). Blue/Black and White Lettering/Skulls/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

2). Red/Black and White Lettering/Skulls/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

3). Green/Black and White Lettering/Skulls/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Blaze Zombie King

1). “Blaze Zombie King.”/2014 Frightfest/Blaze


Blaze Miscellaneous

1). “Who is it?”/Black/White Words/Blaze

2). Blaze Standing/Black/Orange Splatter/Blaze

3). Black/Blaze Face/Red and White Face/Blaze

4). Black/Purple/Green/Casket/Bats/Blaze Ya Dead Homie

The Zombie King

1). “The Zombie King.”/Black/Red Lettering/Tombstone/Blaze

2). Black/Green/Orange Lettering/Fright Fest/Blaze

“Kill em’ All.”

1). Black/”Kill em’ All.”/Blaze Face/Blaze

“He Represent the…”

1). Black/Red Lettering/Blaze

“Straight Outta Detroit.”

1). “Straight Outta Detroit.”/Black/Gray Lettering/Blaze

Tank Top Blaze

1). Black/Face/Blaze

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