Traders!  It’s seems like I haven’t updated in so long, Blaze was still alive last time I did.  My apologies.  A new job, and a bunch of other stuff has happened.  This includes the Hallowicked and Fright Fest/Abominationz tours!  Both were very dope.  Updates are coming, shortly.  Some may even hit tonight.  Shoutout to everyone we met up with on tour, especially the big man Al Mighty from Faygoluvers for winning Violent J’s own custom 1 of a kind Hallowicked Death Pop jacket.  Double shout out to TWIZTID!  This year at their GOTJ seminar, they announced that they were effectively rebooting their merch because it got away from what they wanted to be.  Well, on the Abominationz tour, they kept getting shipments of super dope and LIMITED merch all tour!  I can’t wait to see what they do next.  I’m out for now, keep it real, and get ready for the Abominationz tour’s second leg, and the Mighty Death Pop tour!