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I just gotta wake it up…

I’m a Freek Show, so I won’t die…

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Traders!  It’s seems like I haven’t updated in so long, Blaze was still alive last time I did.  My apologies.  A new job, and a bunch of other stuff has happened.  This includes the Hallowicked and Fright Fest/Abominationz tours!  Both were very dope.  Updates are coming, shortly.  Some may even hit tonight.  Shoutout to everyone we met up with on tour, especially the big man Al Mighty from Faygoluvers for winning Violent J’s own custom 1 of a kind Hallowicked Death Pop jacket.  Double shout out to TWIZTID!  This year at their GOTJ seminar, they announced that they were effectively rebooting their merch because it got away from what they wanted to be.  Well, on the Abominationz tour, they kept getting shipments of super dope and LIMITED merch all tour!  I can’t wait to see what they do next.  I’m out for now, keep it real, and get ready for the Abominationz tour’s second leg, and the Mighty Death Pop tour!

When the Mighty Death Pop…

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Juuuuuuggggaaaaaaaaaaalooooooooooooooooossss!  What’s good?  Been a while.  Jumping right in, we are now in a new era, for the Mighty Death Pop is upon us!  It dropped at GOTJ this year and everywhere else that following Tuesday.  It’s been almost a week and we’re hearing it may hit #2 or #3!  A TON of news came out of GOTJ, so I’m going to try to paraphrase, and save the biggest news for last.

If you want Blaze in your town, more music, more merch, please EMAIL PSYCHOPATHIC!  He stated at his seminar that asking him repeatedly is dope, but THEY need to get the message.  Psy, we here @PsyTraders want more of Big Blaze.  Always.  You can even tweet @psychopathic with We want MORE @blazeyadead1! #juggalorequest.  Get that shit trending for the dead homie!

Twiztid said their Fright Fest tour will be out WEST this year.  I’d bitch, but living on the East, and better, coast, we’ve been blessed with 2 Fright Fests and Rock N Shock.  Can’t be greedy.  Then, Nov 1st, the Abominationz tour starts.

ICP dropped major news headlines.  I’ll start with the stale news first.  J stated that Corp is no longer a part Psy.  ZERO elaboration on details and I will not speculate here.  The exact quote later tweeted was “Please note that Corporal Robinson (Steve Robinson) is no longer associated with JCW, Psychopathic, or ICP in any way, shape, or form.”  Moving away from the staleness, that American Psycho tour DVD is coming sooner than we think, but we have not been told a date.  Also coming soon, around the holidays, is a box set of the OG 6 cards.  ICP WILL be touring, with Zug Izland!  If you don’t know who Zug is, go hit up our board and buy Cracked Tiles if you can’t find a new copy.  They also announced that there will be themed shows coming soon, starting with a Riddlebox show, performing the album front to back, in the historic St. Andrew’s Hall in November.  Personally, I’m hype, but the mention of a Shangri La show has me seeing diamond rain again.

Lastly, and definitely most importantly, ICP announced that they have our backs.  They are sick and tired of Juggalos being labeled a gang, so they are SUING THE FBI to get us off the list!  Keep your eyes on for more info.

That’s it for now, ninjas.  MDP is in the audio, new merch coming, it’s a fantastic time to dance in the Faygo Rain…

Counterfeit God, back like a vertebrae

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Wow, 2 updates this close together? The moons of Kunga Del Ray must have aligned. I popped in to renew the site and add in the new sampler that was on sale at the Hatchet Attacks show. Possible it’ll be for sale at the Mt. Clemens show tomorrow, we shall see. Shoutout to Spinz for the hookup.

More updates coming very shortly

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Traders, I apologize for the delay in the promised updates.  There is a huge backlog, but thankfully some of the traders on the site are willing to lend a hand in getting us as updated as possible.  There’s some Mighty Death Pop merch up on HatchetGear, as well as a 3 pack that’ll net you a keychain when you order it.  If you ordered the 3 pack at Hatchet Attacks you got a flag, so I don’t know why you get the bone by ordering em online, but hey a keychain is better than nothing, right?  I’m also trying to work out a PT Podcast that we can have guests call in to, likely through Skype, so hit us up if you’re into that.  More details on that when they become available.  Until next time Juggalos, keep it Mighty Death Poppin!

Quick update

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Just a quick update, don’t think this was all I was doing.  I had an incredible wedding to attend yesterday for a friend, and a few things this past week, but I’ll be running through a bunch of updates this week, not all will be posted to this here front page, but know that they’re going up.  Counterfeit will not let you down.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you’ve all come a long way to be here tonight…

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This is Bang, Pow, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!  Not really, but good LORD does that song get me hype as fuck and ready to punt Faygo off the stage.  In reality, this is a NEW layout for us, the start of a new direction.  Please let us know if you see anything that’s broken or anything similar.  Pics coming later tonight of the merch booth from Twiztid last night thanks to our very own MCBobbyK, hit him up on Twitter @MCBobbyK.  Take a look around and let us know what you think!  Email me at  The look may change but rest assured, this is the start of an awesome beginning!  – Counterfeit God




4/15/12 – PT is back from the dead, in case you forgot!

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Ok traders, here goes nothing. Less than ten people can even see this right now, but within about 24 hours, that’ll be changing. Welcome to the PT overhaul. I’m a little overexcited about getting this done and I think it’s about 90% done, except for the archives. It’s WAY easier for us to update everything now, which was kind of what was stopping us, or moreso, me. I’d get sidetracked and I can now update on the fly and go back and fix it later, or throw something into a draft and already have it there when I hit the site when I get back to a computer. I’m legit hype. In Psychopathic news, the Twiztid Khaos and Khronic tour is already underway, and old school PT’er @MCBobbyK is there tweeting up a storm from VIP. Big thanks to him for the pictures that’ll be here later.  Also, ICP has announced a random show on the 28th in Columbus, Ohio, taking place on Violent J’s birthday.  In closing, let us know what you think, and keep in mind we’re still working on getting everything 100%.  The theme may even change a few times, especially if someone makes a real dope one, or I figure out how to.  Until next time, Juggalos!